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261 Navy

Although he was unwilling to admit it, what Lu Beilin said was the truth.

With his current state, let alone today, he might not be able to leave the sea or water before his tail could become legs again.

It was late at night, and everyone was already exhausted from the battle.

They could not stay here with him forever.

After Lin Qing and the others confirmed that Lu Beifeng was fine, they went to the nearest city with Lu Xiaocha and the others to find a place to rest.

The night was dark…

After Lu Xiaocha and the others left, Lu Beifeng was not sleepy at all.

He simply brought the Blue Frost Sword and flew into the depths of the sea with a swing of his two-meter-long tail.

At this moment, his eyes had also turned the clear blue color of the sea, but there was a hint of cold and sharp ice.

He seemed to be the cruelest hunter in the sea.

Lu Beifeng did not know how far he had swam when he suddenly saw a few huge ships with the symbol of Yunzhou on them.

They were the ships of the Yunzhou Navy.

Were they… patrolling

Lu Beifeng, who had already controlled his tail and could swim skillfully in the sea, thought for a moment and swam over.

boxn ovel.


At this time, in the military ship, the navy was chasing economic criminals and spies who had fled.

However, in such a large area of the sea, they had searched for a long time and still could not find them.

In the middle of the night, many military boats and soldiers were sent out to chase after him.

“Sir, something seems to be approaching our ship.”

“Yes Where”


The crew member pointed at a red dot on the monitoring table.

“It should be in the sea.

At first, I thought it was a sea creature, but the signal I received was a little strange.

It doesnt look like any sea creature we know.”

“Turn on the surveillance cameras in the water.”

It was hard not to be vigilant when something unfamiliar suddenly appeared at such a critical moment.


After some operations, the surveillance video was turned on.

The situation at the bottom of the sea could be seen clearly even in the dark.

In the cold sea, a huge and beautiful silver-blue fishtail flashed.

At that moment, everyone watching the surveillance cameras was stunned.

“What… what was that”

Just as he was about to control the surveillance cameras to search, a face appeared in front of the surveillance cameras.

Of course, Lu Beifeng realized that the surveillance camera at the bottom of the ship was switched on.

He went forward to greet it.

The people of the Lu family were all good-looking to begin with.

After awakening his Naga bloodline, Lu Beifeng looked even better.

He exuded a demonic handsomeness.

The people on the ship also saw the Naga clearly and gasped in shock.

“This… this is the legendary mermaid!”

Everyone was shocked.

They were Marines and had come into contact with many marine creatures, but they had never seen a mermaid in all these years!

The legend was actually true!

However, the officer knew something and had a rough guess.

“Go outside and see if you can communicate with him.”

Lu Beifeng swam out from the bottom of the sea.

As soon as the navy came out of the surveillance room, they looked down at the deck and saw Lu Beifeng.

“Hello, Im Lu Beifeng from the First Military Academy of A University.”

Lu Beifeng gave the marines a standard military salute.

The navy commander also returned the salute.

“Head of the 4th Marine Division, Zheng Yuan.”

Other navy members: Hahahaha…

What was going on!

After confirming his guess, Zheng Yuan laughed out loud.

“This is the first time Ive seen a bloodline ability awakened by a sea creature.

Moreover, comrade, your awakened bloodline is not simple.”

Lu Beifeng smiled.

“I was also very surprised.

I just awakened today.

When I couldnt sleep in the sea and was wandering around, I met your military ship.

I wanted to come over and see if there was anything I could help with.”

Zheng Yuans heart skipped a beat.

“Comrade Lu Beifeng, I do need your help now…”

He told Lu Beifeng about the spies and economic criminals.

Lu Beifeng understood and saluted.

“Ill try my best to find them.

Ill let you know when I do.”

“Bring this communication device with you.

Its waterproof and has a location function.

Comrade Lu Beifeng, keep in touch at all times.”


After taking the communication device, Lu Beifeng dived into the water and disappeared.

His speed was really many times faster than their ship!

Zheng Yuan began to plan on recruiting such a talent under his command.

He was already a military academy student.

The bloodline this child had awakened should be the legendary Naga bloodline.

It was really suitable for the navy!

He turned to look at his subordinates, who were still in a daze.

“What are you all thinking”

“Sir, thats a mermaid!!!”

Zheng Yuan glared at them.


Mermaids are something from fairy tales.

They dont have much lethality.

Comrade Lu Beifengs big tail looks like it can fight.

He must be a Naga!”

What mermaid Was that title worthy of this outstanding student of their military academy That must be an even stronger Naga.

“No, thats not the problem.

Naga… thats really a Naga!”

‘Why arent you excited at all!

Zheng Yuan clicked his tongue.

“Originally, the higher-ups wanted to tell you guys later.

After all, we only managed to snatch three of those spots, so we decided to wait a little longer to avoid shaking the morale of the army.

Now that you guys have seen it, Ill tell you guys.

The Naga you saw just now was a human, someone like us.

You guys heard his introduction just now, right Hes even a military academy student.”

After recovering from the shock of seeing the Naga, everyone remembered his introduction.

“He, he, he… hes really… but how”

Zheng Yuan knew what he wanted to ask, so he told them about the recovery of spiritual energy, the awakening of his bloodline, and the realm gate.

“Because theres only one realm gate that has been discovered so far.

The number of spots that the navy in Province D has snatched is pitifully small.

They were all snatched by those outstanding comrades and sent over in the name of advanced studies.

Therefore, I did not let you know for the time being because Im afraid that young people like you will think about awakening your bloodline all day long and affect the morale of the army.”

“F*ck, isnt this too impressive and awesome Then can we awaken our bloodlines in the future and become like Comrade Lu Beifeng”

Marines liked the sea.

If they could breathe freely in the sea, it would be the most romantic thing for them!

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