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267 Space

“Its a Thunder Beast! A Thunder Beast!”

Some people did not know about the Thunder Beast and asked what it was.

The old professor had already studied many books, so he naturally explained to them.

“Thunder Beasts are mythical beasts born from heavenly lightning.

According to ancient records, every Thunder Beast transforms into a different form.

Some are wolves, some are tigers or leopards, and some can even be deers.

However, they have the same characteristics.

Their fur is purple-black.

It was very difficult for lightning to produce purple-black lightning.

Thunder Beasts were also very rare.

Basically, only after the death of the previous Thunder Beast would the lightning give birth to another Thunder Beast.

Their appearance was often accompanied by lightning rain.

According to some ancient cultivation books, not only could Thunder Beasts control lightning, but they could also collect lightning.

Legend has it that mighty cultivators will be tested by the lightning tribulation when they ascend.

If there are Thunder Beasts, the success rate of their ascension will greatly increase.

Of course, there are very few records of this.

I wonder if its true.”

“It must be fake.”

Lu Xiaocha sat down and supported her chin with her hands.

“Why havent I seen any thunderstorms after following you for so long”

That was true.

Lu Beilin and the others nodded.

“I feel that this must be exaggerated.”

Fu Ye shook his fur after coming out of the inspection machine.

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“Whos next…”

Before he could finish speaking, the old professor felt something fly past him.

Lu Xiaocha, who was thrown into the bloodline inspection machine, was speechless.

The others were speechless as well.

Fu Ye looked at the kid in the machine and wagged his tail a few times, his eyes filled with smugness.

Lu Xiaocha gave him the middle finger.

Fu Ye was speechless.

Who did this little brat learn it from She had become bad!

A certain wolf really had no self-awareness at all.

“Ahem… Then lets examine the little girl first.”

After some operation, the results of Lu Xiaochas bloodline inspection were displayed.

[Name: Lu Xiaocha

Gender: Female

Awakened Bloodline: Legendary bloodline [Hou]

Bloodline Ability: Strength Bonus (Error), Space.]

“Huh Whats going on”

The old professor, who had examined so many bloodline metahumans, fell silent.

Before he could get excited, another Legendary bloodline metahuman appeared.

He was stunned by the last bloodline ability.

The others did not know what was going on either.

After looking at it, Lu Beilin was silent for two seconds before he suddenly said, “Does my sister still need a boost in strength”

Lu Beifeng asked, “Does my sister still need a boost in strength”

Lu Beichen asked, “Does my sister still need a boost in strength”

Lin Qing asked, “Does she still need a boost in strength”

Fu Ye howled.

Alright, although he couldnt speak, the same meaning was expressed in his eyes.

What a joke.

That little monster was the personification of strength.

Did she still need power enhancement

The old professor and the others who were unaware of the situation: “”

What… did they mean What kind of humble brag was this!

Lu Beilin said calmly, “Strength enhancement is completely useless to my sister, so this bloodline awakening ability is completely useless to her.

As for the latter, it should be an additional derivation, right But why is it Space”

After Lu Xiaocha came out, her eyes lit up.

“Space Its really space! Its the thing I wanted the most!”

In the post-apocalyptic world, the people she envied the most were not those with natural-type energy, but those with Space.

How much food could they store there!

Looking at the wordSpace, Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

She immediately wanted to find something to test if she really had Space.

Lu Beilin was speechless.

“… Bloodline abilities can be obtained based on ones inner thoughts”

The old professor: “… Thats out of my knowledge.”

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