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Under the impact of Lu Xiaochas slap, the long black snakes head, which was baring its fangs, swayed and then drooped down.

Even the tip of his tail drooped.

No one but the snake knew how much damage it had taken.


Lu Beilin and Lu Beichen were speechless.

What a day!

“Is it really not edible”

Lu Xiaocha double-checked.

“…Were not eating this.”

He couldnt understand why his sister was so persistent.

Lu Xiaocha agreed regretfully.

In the end, she released thelucky black snake.

As soon as the snake landed, it did not dare to stay any longer and slithered away under the little girls eager gaze.

The black snake thought, Im never coming back here again!


Under the dazed gazes of her two brothers, Lu Xiaocha went on to catch other insects as if nothing had happened.

Fortunately, she only caught relatively normal insects this time.

“Brother, theres a praying mantis here.

Its so small!”


Under the threat of the mantiss open mouth, Lu Beichen helped his sister put it into the small bottle.

“This one isnt small.”

Lu Xiaocha looked at the mantis in the glass bottle and thought of the mutated mantis in the post-apocalyptic world.

It was the size of a tiger and its forelimbs were as sharp as sickles.

It could kill a person with one slash.

The insects and animals of this world were really so small and cute!


Lu Beilin lazily followed behind the two of them.

He really could not understand what was so fun about insects.

Was it because they were twins They actually liked these ugly little bugs.

Moreover, what was wrong with his seemingly obedient and weak sister There must be a soul even fiercer than a tiger living in her body.

Now, in the blink of an eye, his sister was gone again.

Lu Beilin was speechless.

I was just lost in thought for a moment.

Wheres my sister!!!

“Brother, Third Brother, I caught a cicada!”

On a tree, the little girl in sportswear was four meters above the ground.

At this moment, she was standing on a thick branch, holding onto the tree trunk with one hand and holding a squeaking cicada with the other.

Lu Beilin raised his head and held his chest.

“How did you get up there!!!”


Lu Beichen also looked up at the girl on the tree with a stunned expression.

His sister was a better climber than he was!

Lu Xiaocha looked at the people below innocently and put the cicada into a bottle.

“Sister, dont move.

Ill get the butler to bring the ladder immedia-”


Before he could finish, the little girl on the tree placed the bottle in her pocket and jumped down.



The two brothers below widened their eyes and ran over with their arms open, subconsciously wanting to catch her.

But what did they see

They saw amonkey swinging in the tree.

It jumped around with ease and landed smoothly.

Lu Beilin was speechless.

Even he wouldnt dare to do that!

After Lu Xiaocha stood up, she held the bottle and shook it.

The cicada inside made crazy sounds.

The little girl revealed a harmless and cute smile.

“Third Brother, this is for you.”

She placed the cicada in Lu Beilins hands.

Lu Beilin looked at the bottle in his hand, his heart still pounding.

He pursed his lips and stroked his little sisters head.

He said in a sincere voice.

“Sister, lets not do such a dangerous thing without warning, okay Actually… its best not to do it again.”


My heart probably cant take it, he thought.

Lu Xiaocha nodded obediently.

Seeing that it was getting dark, Lu Xiaocha and her two brothers walked home with many bottles and jars.

The little girl said with some regret, “Unfortunately, there are no fireflies here.”

She had released all the fireflies she had caught previously.

“Its okay.

Ill go catch it with you when schools out.”

Lu Beichen patted her head and comforted her.

At this moment, facing the obedient and quiet little girl, they had already forgotten about her brave deed of catching a snake with her bare hands and climbing a tree as easily as a monkey.

Back at the Lu familys home, the husband was drinking coffee and working on his computer, while the wife was drinking birds nest and putting on a face mask.

When Pei Anran saw her sons and daughter return, she hurriedly waved at them.

“Xiaocha, come to Mommy quickly.”

Lu Xiaocha stuffed the two glass bottles he was holding into her third brothers arms and ran over.


She called out to her mother in a soft voice and the woman pulled her down beside her.

“Why is your little face so dirty”

She touched the little girls fair and tender face lovingly.

Her slender fingers wiped away some of the dirt on her face.

“Go wash your face.

Mommy will put a facial mask on you.

A girls skin has to be maintained well from a young age.”

Lu Xiaocha looked at the black stuff on her mothers face. So this thing was a facial mask, she thought.

It looks a bit odd.

She nodded and left with Pei Anran.

Lu Zhan frowned at the things in his sons hands, looking dignified and cold.

“How old are you Why are you still bringing Xiaocha to catch these things for fun!”

Lu Beilin and Lu Beichen knew they were going to take the blame.

“Ahem… Dad, these… were all caught by our sister.”

Lu Zhan was slightly dumbfounded.

He replied calmly, “Oh.”

“Well, children should be more active.

Its good to like insects too.

Its better than you guys playing video games.”


The two brothers were speechless.

What was a double standard This was it!

The insects that were caught were placed in Lu Xiaochas bedroom.

She had released almost all the insects that she had brought back previously.

The little girl had a black facial mask on her face.

She looked at the various little insects on the table and poked at them with her finger.

Pei Anran was a little worried.

“Xiaocha, these bugs are so noisy.

Can you fall asleep”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.


She was already used to it.

Most of the time, there would be all kinds of sounds when she slept in the wild.

There were even the roars of zombies.

As long as it didnt threaten her life, she could fall asleep.

Pei Anran played with her daughter for a while before bringing her to wash her face and apply skincare products.

The little girls skin was especially good, and her face was chubby with some baby fat.

When she applied the products, it felt smooth and tender.

At this moment, she obediently closed her eyes and raised her head slightly.

She really looked like an exquisite porcelain doll when she stayed still.

She was extremely precious to Pei Anran.

Before applying the skincare products, she couldnt help but give her daughters face a peck.

Lu Xiaocha opened her eyes in confusion and looked at her mother.

Her thick curly eyelashes were like a small brush, and her moist eyes were clear and bright, like the most beautiful glass pearl in the world.

“Why is my daughter so cute!”

Pei Anran was extremely satisfied.

She really wanted to show her off to her best friends.

“Okay, baby, go to bed.

Good night.”

Lu Xiaocha also hugged the woman and said, “Goodnight, Mommy.”

Pei Anran left in satisfaction.


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