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“Grandpa Fu Is Fu Ye supposed to be in class Yes, hes at my house…”

F*ck! Fu Ye cursed in his heart.

“Fu Ye!!!”

The phone was on speaker, and an old mans strong voice came through.

Fu Ye was speechless.

“Fine, fine.

Ill go to class now.”


He clicked his tongue and glared at Lu Beilin.

When Lu Xiaocha was not paying attention, he gave him the middle finger.

‘How inhuman of you!

Lu Beilin returned the gesture.


They raised their eyebrows and pursed their lips in silent communication.

After feeding Lu Xiaocha another grape, Fu Ye stood up and clapped his hands, preparing to leave.

“Sister, Ill come look for you again tomorrow.”

Lu Xiaocha tilted her head and thought for a moment.

“Youve returned all the candied fruits to me.”

“… Ill bring you something else,” he said.


As soon as he finished speaking, he realized that the little girls eyes had lit up.

He couldnt help but rub her head and smile.

She was so easy to coax.

He was worried that her gullible personality would make her easily deceived by others.

“Get lost.

Its not like our family cant afford food.”

Fu Ye glanced at Lu Xiaocha.

“My sister likes it, right”

Lu Xiaocha placed her chin on her hands and did not speak.

Her eyes darted around.

Hey, who would complain about having too much Anyway, she didnt mind, and it was free, hehe…


After Fu Ye left, Lu Beilin tied up his sisters beautiful hair.

“Brother has to go to work now.

Do you want to come with me, Xiaocha”

Lu Xiaocha looked at him with her beautiful cat eyes.

“Is there anything delicious there”

Lu Beilin pinched her face, his beautiful peach blossom eyes full of smiles.


Because of that, Lu Xiaocha was easily abducted by Lu Beilin.

When they arrived, Lu Xiaocha looked at the familiar environment and building.

“Its here.

Ive been here before.”

“Oh yes, you and Beichen must have met at my club.”

Then he laughed, his tone tinged with regret.

“Too bad I wasnt here that day.”

Lu Beilin was wearing a fitted suit vest and gold-rimmed glasses.

His light golden hair looked dazzling in the sunlight.

His cold white skin and mixed-blood appearance attracted the attention of the surrounding crowd at any time.

His appearance, figure, and his aura of a noble gentleman attracted some girls.

“Heavens, its Lu Beilin!”

The gentleman seemed to have heard the girls voices.

There was a gentle smile on his lips.

Behind his glasses, his amorous eyes seemed to contain starlight.

Anyone who was stared at by him would feel that they had become his everything.

But in the next second, his slender fingers picked up the palm of the little girl beside him.

At that moment, all the girls were envious and jealous.

However, when they looked at the hands owner, their emotions froze.

That obviously underage girl did not seem old enough to be their love rival.

Although she was very beautiful, her snow-white and delicate skin seemed to glow under the sun, her face so exquisite that words could not describe it, had yet to mature.

Her eyes were clear and innocent, like an elf who lived in the legends.


Its just a child…

Under everyones gaze, Lu Beilin calmly brought his sister into the luxurious clubhouse.

A waiter in a black tuxedo respectfully opened the door for them.

“This is my place.

From now on, you can visit whenever you want.

You can even invite friends.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded obediently.

Soon, the club manager came over with some employees.

The group of people was full of smiles when they saw him.

“Boss, youre back.”

Lu Beilin nodded slightly.

“Send some fruits and snacks to my private room.

Also, add a glass of milk.

Report your work for the next few days directly to the private room.”

The club manager glanced at the girl beside him, and his gaze subconsciously fell on Ah Yue in the crowd.

At this moment, Ah Yue was also looking at Lu Xiaocha.

He was a little excited to see her again, but he did not dare to go forward to greet her.

“Ah Yue.”

Lu Xiaocha, who was standing beside her brother, greeted Ah Yue naturally.

She had a gentle and harmless smile on her face, as if nothing had changed.

Ah Yues heart settled.

Xiaocha was still the same.

Lu Beilin glanced at the young man named Ah Yue and knew that it was because of him that they had discovered his sister.

“Get Ah Yue to deliver the report,” he said dryly, looking away.


The manager hurriedly nodded and thought to himself that Ah Yue was lucky.

Now that he has caught the bosss eye, he might be promoted to a high rank in the future.

After Lu Beilin left with Lu Xiaocha, the manager patted Ah Yues shoulder and said, “Go and get ready.”

Ah Yue smiled like a kid.

“Thank you, Li.”

The manager left with a wave of his hand.

He had to report to work with the clubs various supervisors.

“Ah Yue, youre so lucky.

Dont forget us when you get rich.”

“Yeah, not everyone can be this lucky.”

“What are you talking about Ah Yue is very hardworking himself.”

Many people who were originally working as bartenders and waiters like Ah Yue were jealous when they saw that he had become a small supervisor.

Not only was he personally trained by the manager, his salary had also increased.

While complimenting him, they did not forget to mention sourly that he had gotten all of this because of luck.

Of course, many people wanted to curry favor with him.

Ah Yue only smiled at them, then found an excuse to leave.

He walked briskly, a smile on his face.

He had indeed been lucky, but so what With this opportunity, he would only work harder to make himself better and better.

He could not embarrass Xiaocha.

He pretended not to hear the jealousy and sarcastic words of others.

If he had the time, he might as well use it to learn more skills.


In the luxurious private room reserved for Lu Beilin, the young man leaned back on the sofa, casually reading some documents in his hand and listening to the employees report for the month.

“On the 27th, Star Brilliance sent someone here to set a trap for us.

A group of them brought some contraband to the private room.

Fortunately, our people discovered in time that something was wrong and directly sent them to the police station.

Otherwise, when the police come to arrest them, our clubs image will definitely plummet.”

Lu Beilins eyes turned slightly cold.

Although he was still smiling, he gave off an invisible pressure.

The manager wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

It was strange.

He was facing a man who was much younger than him, but he sometimes felt a chill towards him.

“Dont overlook this matter.

Get someone to keep an eye on him.

Once you discover any movements over there, immediately call the police.

Since he messed with us once, lets mess with him ten times.

Dont just keep an eye on Star Brilliance, take care of the Underground City and South Ring Bar too.”

Lu Beilin said casually, but the manager shivered.

“The … South Ring Bar …”

Lu Beilin chuckled.

“On the surface, its owned by a rich second-generation heir.

Behind the scenes, the real boss is Shen Wenyan.”

He understood.

Shen Wenyan was the boss of Star Brilliance Bar.

His boss had found out about all the details of his opponent.


Ill have someone keep an eye on them right away.”

Lu Beilin threw the document in his hand aside.

“Make sure the people at Nightview Bar are extra careful.

That hypocrite, Shen Wenyan, wont let this go.”


The young man glanced at his sister, who was obediently playing games on the sofa nearby.

Then he raised his chin and said, “Continue.”


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