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Even though he was injured, the man struggled to stand up and wanted to greet Lu Beilin.


“Third Brother.”

A nightmare-like voice sounded.

Immediately after, the man and woman saw the child that they looked down on running to the handsome young man.

He bowed his head slightly, his eyes smiling and loving behind the lenses.

He raised his slender fingers to rub the little girls head.

In that instant, the mans head exploded.

He was left with two words in his mind.

Its over!

“So …”

The handsome young man looked up again.

The smile in his peach blossom eyes had completely disappeared, and he looked extremely stern.

“Who do you want to sue”

Lu Beilin calmly pushed up the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

His thin lips curled up as he spat out the words in a cold tone.

He looked like a beautiful super villain.

The legs of the man being targeted by Lu Beilin trembled, and he was covered in cold sweat.

“Mis… misunderstanding.

Its all a misunderstanding…”

What was there to sue Who knew that the little girl was the sister of Nightviews boss It was all that stupid womans fault for misleading him and doing those embarrassing things.

Lu Beilin chuckled.

“Werent you quite arrogant before Come on, tell me what happened.

Im a very reasonable person.

Dont be afraid, okay”


Everyone was speechless.

He didnt sound like a reasonable person at all.

After waiting for a few seconds, Lu Beilin slowly called out, “Ah Yue.”


Looking at the family that was so arrogant just now and wanted to teach them a lesson, Ah Yue felt especially relieved and straightened his back.

“Tell me about it.”

Ah Yue stood ramrod straight, his voice steady as he recounted what had happened without embellishment.

When everyone heard that the two brats had been thrown into the pool because they had snatched their young ladys fish food, their hearts ached for the fish in the pool.

They hoped that nothing bad had happened to them.

After all, they cost tens of thousands.

When they heard that the couple actually wanted to hit the young lady, they were all furious.


When they heard that the young lady had thrown them out one by one.

Everyone was speechless.

Wait… wait… are you sure this isnt some kind of fairytale Everyone could not believe their ears.

They looked at the little girl who only reached the bosss chest.

The first impression she gave off was that she was weak and harmless.

She was like a little white flower that could be destroyed by the wind and rain at any moment.


It seemed impossible for her to throw the people out.

Only the security guards who saw the two of them being flung over when they came in were in a daze.

So… they were thrown over by the young lady!

Even Lu Beilins lips twitched.

Hey, hey, that was too much.

The story sounded so ridiculous that no one could believe it.

However, Ah Yue spoke very firmly and confidently.

He admired Lu Xiaocha with his entire being.

Lu Beilin was speechless.

Everyone glanced at the girl unanimously.

Lu Xiaocha blinked and stood obediently beside her brother.

She looked extremely innocent.

She was clearly a little white flower.

Why did she become an overlord flower in Ah Yues story


“So… youre the ones who started insulting them first.

Youre still unconvinced after being taught a lesson by a little girl.”

How could his sister be in the wrong She just wanted to feed the fish.

Of course, Lu Beilin would defend his sister in any case.

The man felt utterly humiliated to be taught a lesson by a little girl.

“But she threw our sons into the water! They are so young.

They just tried to take the fish food.

They didnt hit her!”

Lu Xiaocha stood beside her brother and glared back arrogantly.

“They tried to push me!”

Ah Yue nodded.


Dont try to deny it.

Xiaocha was by the pond when it happened.

If she wasnt careful, your sons would have pushed her into the water.

She was just defending herself.”

When Lu Beilin heard this, he looked at the two children coldly and sneered.

“What a good upbringing.

Snatching peoples things at will and attacking them when you cant get them.”

He looked at the couple with a bored expression.

“Get lost.

From now on, you are not allowed to come to any entertainment venues under Nightview.”

After saying that, he ignored the mans pleading and left with his sister.

“Oh, right.”

After taking a few steps, the young man suddenly stopped.

“Go and take a look at those koi fish.

If any of them are dead or frightened, ask them to compensate us in full.”

After saying that, he left unhurriedly amidst the pale faces of the family.

“Ah Yue did well this time.

Give him some bonuses.”


Even the manager envied Ah Yues luck.

After receiving the bonus, Ah Yue smiled foolishly.

“Were you frightened”

Lu Beilin asked his sister. Tsk… Its her first time coming out with me and she encountered such a thing.

Those people really deserve to die… Lu Beilin thought.


Lu Xiaocha took the initiative to grab her brothers hand.

Two beautiful dimples appeared next to her lips.

She seemed to be in a good mood.

It felt good to be protected by her family.

The little girl thought happily.

In the next second, she was knocked on the head.

Lu Beilins voice came from above.


If you meet such an unreasonable person in the future, just call me.

Ill get the bodyguards to get rid of them.

You dont have to do it yourself.”

Lu Xiaocha pouted her pink lips and agreed softly.

However, she still felt that she had to do it herself to vent her anger.


When they returned to the private room from before, Lu Beilin had already asked the chef to prepare a table full of delicious food.

Lu Xiaocha, who had just arrived at the door and smelled the food, became excited.

She threw her brothers hand away and ran in.

However, she did not rush to start eating after sitting down.

Instead, she patted the seat beside her.

“Third Brother, come here quickly.”

She wanted to eat together with her brother.

Lu Beilin smiled.

Sure enough, his sister was the cutest.

He walked over and sat down.

Lu Xiaocha couldnt wait.

She picked up a prawn with her chopsticks and bit into it.

She even swallowed the prawn shell alongside the prawn.

Lu Beilin said, “You cant eat prawn shells!”

Lu Xiaocha swayed her feet and nodded.

She could not speak clearly.


If not for the fact that she was afraid of scaring the others, she would have even eaten the crab shells.


Lu Beilin wore gloves and peeled off the prawn shell with his slender fingers.

Then, he placed the prawn meat on the plate in front of Lu Xiaocha.

“Eat slowly.

No one is fighting you for it.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

Her cheeks were round and her black eyes looked moist, like a soft little hamster trying to stuff food into its mouth.


A milky white hamster.

Lu Beilin suddenly remembered that when Fu Ye sent his sister back the other day, he seemed to be carrying a milky white hamster!

He knew that brat Fu Ye wanted to steal his sister!


Fu Ye sneezed as he was being thought of.

“Yo, with your physique as strong as an ox, I didnt know you could sneeze.” A teasing voice came from the phone.

“What do you know”

Fu Ye was playing with the little hamster with a peanut in his hand.

He raised his eyebrows and smiled arrogantly.

“The kid must be missing me.”


He said it with such confidence and conviction.

Even if it wasnt, it had to be!

There was silence on the line for a few seconds.

“What the hell are you talking about!”

A roar followed.

“My sister misses you Youre dreaming!”


“Tsk… Language! Whats our relationship We grew up together.

If you can call my grandpa grandpa, why cant your sister be my sister”



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