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“Eh, Sister Xiaocha, you filled up another basket.

Youre too lucky.

We only picked up this much, but youve already filled up two baskets!”

The bamboo fungi were not easy to find.

The main reason was that they only had a three-hour maturity period after opening its veil.

After three hours, they would quickly enter the aging period.

Then, the quality would become bad, and its nutritional value would not be high either.

Furthermore, these were wild bamboo fungi.

They were even harder to find.

“Its not just two baskets.”

Lu Xiaocha brought them to the place where she dried the bamboo fungi.

Then, including Fu Ye, everyone was dumbfounded when they saw the neatly arranged bamboo fungi on the ground.

“Holy sh*t!”

Gu Xiao was shocked.

He quickly rubbed his eyes and wondered if he was hallucinating.

However… There were indeed rows of snow-white bamboo fungi neatly arranged on the ground.

Lu Xiaocha even took off the layer of gray caps on their tips.

Each row was arranged in a straight line according to size.

The distance between each of the bamboo stalks was also the same.

This was simply heaven for people with OCD.

Even if one didnt have OCD, this scene looked especially satisfying and… insane.

How the f*ck did she do that!

She found so many bamboo fungi and even lined them up here to dry!

Fu Ye gave Lu Xiaocha a thumbs up.

“Youre still the best.”

Lu Beichen retracted his chin.

“Sis, there are so many here.

Where did you find them”


Lu Xiaocha walked over and arranged the bamboo fungi neatly.

“I just looked around and found them.”

Her calm tone made Fu Ye and Gu Xiaos hearts ache.


Why couldnt they find much from just looking around!

“By the way, Brother, what kind of mushroom is this Is it edible”

Lu Xiaocha indeed did not recognize the fungi in this world, because basically all the fungi in the post-apocalyptic world had mutated.

Forget about humans eating mushrooms, mushrooms would eat humans!


Of course, there were a few mutated ones that were still edible.

Lu Xiaocha remembered eating a particularly delicious mushroom.

Unfortunately, there were too few of them, and she had only eaten it once.

“This Let me see.”

Fu Ye walked over and squatted down beside Lu Xiaocha.

“This is called a morel mushroom.

Its edible and tastes good.”

Lu Xiaocha smiled.

Fortunately, her efforts were not in vain.

“Ill deal with the bamboo rats.

Dont go too far, Xiaocha.”

“Sure thing.”

Lu Xiaocha answered obediently, but when she moved, she completely forgot her brothers instructions.

Not wanting to find bamboo fungi anymore, she carried the sack into the forest to find other things.

Pinecone, picked it up.

Acorn, picked it up.

Chestnut, picked it up.

… .

Before she knew it, Lu Xiaocha had walked a long way and picked up a lot of things.

She dragged a large sack behind her small frame.

It looked a little strange.

Fortunately, there was no one else here.


A python as thick as an arm hung on a tree.

It noticed Lu Xiaochas and climbed down from the tree without making a sound.

At this moment, Lu Xiaocha happened to walk under that tree.

When the python attacked, a soft white hand grabbed its weak point.

“More food tonight.”


As the soft voice spoke, she tore the nearly two meters long python down from the tree with brute force.


The python probably never expected that its identity as a hunter would instantly change into prey.

The python was very strong.

It twisted its body and tried to wrap itself around the little girl.

However, Lu Xiaocha was stronger.

She held its weak point with one hand and a part of its body with the other.

Her small white and soft palm was a stark contrast against its thick body.



Lu Xiaocha violently straightened its body and broke its bones.



The python twisted in pain.

In the next second, its entire body began to spin at high speed.

With a dizzying spin, its head finally hit a tree with a bang and died with its eyes still open.


After confirming that it was dead, she bent down to pick it up and put it into another sack.

Then, she continued dragging the sack behind her as she walked forward.


Ah… there seemed to be mushrooms over there.

They were different from the ones in the bamboo forest.

Only after Lu Xiaocha left did the squirrels and birds hiding in the trees dare to stick their heads out.

She was terrifying.

A terrifying monster had come to the forest.

Word of it quickly spread among the gossipy birds.


Lu Xiaocha passed by the entrance of a cave and was about to walk past it when she suddenly stopped.

Her nostrils flared slightly, and the disgusting smell that she could never forget made her exquisite face fall.

A ferocious aura came from her small body, emitting a terrifying pressure.

If anyone was here, they would definitely be so frightened that they would run away without looking back.

The corpse-like smell coming from the small cave made Lu Xiaocha anxious and unable to keep calm.


Just as she was about to investigate, Fu Ye and the others shouted from the forest.

Lu Xiaocha paused and glanced into the cave with her dark eyes.

She turned around and left with the sack.


She would explore the things inside at night.

If there were really zombies…


Lu Xiaocha held the thing in her hand tightly, and her expression became serious and filled with malice.

She would never allow those ugly, disgusting things to destroy this beautiful, peaceful world.

“Sis, why did you come so far!”

Lu Beichen was about to die of anxiety.

Fu Yes expression was also a little ugly.

“There are many snakes, insects, and beasts in this forest.

What if you run around alone and encounter danger”

Lu Xiaocha listened obediently.

She stepped on the ground and stuck out her tongue in embarrassment.

“I wandered off without realizing, but I didnt run into any danger.”

“Dont run around like that and follow us closely next time.” Fu Ye knocked her head.

“Wow, Sister Xiaocha, what did you find How are you carrying such a big sack”

Lu Xiaocha reached into the sack and took out the corpse of a big snake.

Her voice was soft.

“More food for today!”


In the next second, Gu Xiaos scream resounded through the sky.

Lu Beichens face turned pale when he saw his sister take out the snake.

He almost fainted.

Fu Ye held his chest and looked at the childs innocent eyes and expression.

Then, he looked at the snake she was holding and felt a little nauseous.


“Did you … Did you catch this”

Even he wasnt this violent when he participated in field training in the training camp!

Lu Xiaocha glanced at Gu Xiao, who was still trembling after retreating at least 20 meters.

Then, she looked at her brother, whose soul seemed to exit from his mouth, with an innocent expression.

“It provoked me first.”


She was just defending herself!


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