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Hearing Lu Xiaochas words, Lu Beichen and Fu Ye quickly asked if she was alright.

Lu Xiaocha shook her head.

“Im fine.

It was no match for me.”

She added expectantly, “So will we have extra food tonight”

Lu Beichen did not dare to look at the snake, so he did not answer his sisters question.

Fu Ye picked up the snakes corpse, his eyes deep and sharp.


The little girl immediately smiled brightly.

Fortunately, Lu Xiaocha was smart enough to bring a pot.

The snake was big, and it would be too much to make it all into roasted meat.

Part of it was roasted, while the rest was used to make soup.

In the beginning, Gu Xiao stayed far away from the snake and firmly expressed that he would never eat that thing.

Lu Beichen looked at the snake meat and lost his appetite too.

Then, the fragrance wafted out.


Gu Xiao gulped and sat beside Lu Beichen, laughing.

“Hey, this snake looks quite disgusting, but its meat smells pretty good.”

Lu Beichen frowned and said nothing.

The snake soup bubbled in the pot.

The soup with the snake meat had turned milky white, and the meat looked soft and tender.


On the other side, Fu Ye found a stone slab and set it up.

He placed the thinly sliced snake meat on the stone slab and fried it.

Accompanied by a sizzling sound, a strong fragrance wafted out.

“Alright, come and try it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaocha, who had been waiting beside him, leaned forward like a little puppy.

She opened her mouth and was fed a piece of snake meat with a moderate temperature and fragrance.

“Mnh… Delicious!”

As Lu Xiaocha chewed, her eyes lit up.

The thin slice of snake meat was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, thanks to Fu Yes good culinary skills.

The girl stayed beside him and did not leave.

Fu Ye did not eat any himself.

He blew on each piece to cool it down before feeding it to the girl.

He simply loved the feeling of feeding the kid.

Even feeding the little hamster at home was not this satisfying.

Sigh… Why didnt she belong to his family It was a pity he couldnt bring her back with him.


On the other hand, Lu Beichen was furious when he saw the interaction between the two of them.

He snapped the branch in his hand.

So what if he could cook He would immediately start learning when he got back!


Lu Beichens stomach growled.

His fair skin flushed.

He looked at his stomach and blamed it for being embarrassing.


“Brother, do you want to try it Its really delicious.”

Lu Xiaocha had run over at some point.

She was holding a small plate with fried and fragrant snake meat.

Lu Beichen was speechless.

He blushed even more out of shame.

He had come to the forest with Xiao Xiaocha to take care of her, but along the way, it seemed that it was this sister who was taking care of him instead.

It was rare for Lu Beichen to feel defeated.

“Ill eat some too, Sis, hehe…”

Before Lu Beichen could answer, Gu Xiao shamelessly came over.

He had long forgotten about his decision to never eat snake meat.

When he reached out to take it, Lu Beichen slapped it away.

The boys cold eyes shot at him.

“Cant you go over there and get it yourself My sister gave this to me.”

With that, he took the plate from Lu Xiaocha.

Lu Xiaocha gave all the snake meat to her brother.

Gu Xiao was speechless.

He was disappointed by this good brother of his.

Lu Xiaocha drank the soup from a bowl in her hand.

“This snake soup is also very delicious.

Try it.

If you really dont like it, theres still a bamboo rat to eat.”

Lu Beichens lips curled into a smile as he patted his sisters head.


Gu Xiao cursed in his heart and went over to Fu Ye.

Fu Ye threw him a casual look and threw him a pair of chopsticks.

“Help yourself.”

What a joke.

Of course Fu Ye wouldnt fry the meat for him.

Why does this person have two personalities Gu Xiao thought.

You werent like this when you took the initiative to fry meat for Xiaocha.

You even fed it to her!

Why did he become this annoying when it came to him!

Fu Yes double standard was really obvious.

In the end, Gu Xiao still had to do it himself.

The young master, who was frying meat for the first time, overcooked the meat several times.

Not only that, but there was also a mocking voice dissing him from time to time.

“Sure enough, an unlucky man is an unlucky man.

He cant fry meat.”


Gu Xiao was speechless.

What was the connection between being unlucky and frying meat!

How annoying, he still remembered that!

“Brother Fu Ye, Im done eating.”

For food, Lu Xiaocha called him Brother Fu Ye sweetly.


Fu Yes lips curled up and his expression was gentle.

He straight away fried another plate of snake meat for Lu Xiaocha.

His raised eyebrows seemed to be flying.

“Eat all you want.

Theres more here when youre done.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded obediently.

“Thank you, Brother Fu Ye.”

This snake had a lot of meat.

Even with Lu Xiaocha and Fu Yes big appetites, there was still some left after eating.

Gu Xiao laid on the ground and held his stomach, not wanting to move at all.

Fu Ye opened his backpack and took out the tent.

“Get up and find a place to set up the tent.”

The sun was setting.

They planned to camp outside today.

Lu Xiaocha was about to help when a video call came in.

It was from Mom and Dad.

As soon as she picked up, she heard her mothers gentle voice on the other end.

“Did you have a good time today, Xiaocha Your brother told us that you wont be coming back today.

Be careful.

When you sleep tonight…”

Like any ordinary mother who loved her child, her words were filled with concern for Lu Xiaocha.

Although her dad did not say anything, the concern in his eyes could not be concealed.

Lu Xiaocha felt warm and fuzzy.

She smiled and listened attentively to her mothers instructions, nodding from time to time.

Just as she was about to hang up, she heard her dads calm voice.

“Let Dad know if you need anything.

Ill have a helicopter send it over.”


Thats very generous.

As expected of Daddy Lu.

Lu Xiaocha nodded.


The call lasted an hour and a half before they reluctantly hung up.

By then, the tent was already set up.

There were three tents.

One for Lu Xiaocha, one for Fu Ye, and one for Lu Beichen and Gu Xiao.

Finally, Fu Ye took out a bottle from his backpack and scattered the powder-like contents around.

The sky was not completely dark yet.

Everyone went to collect the bamboo fungi that Lu Xiaocha was drying.

At nine oclock, Lu Xiaocha poured out the contents from her sack.

Under a small lamp, she put on gloves and carefully peeled pine nuts.

Fu Ye helped while complaining.

“Ive never done such a job before.

Kid, how do you plan to repay me”

Lu Xiaochas expression was conflicted for a while.

“Then Ill give you chestnuts after I stir-fry them.”

She gave away her food.

Surely that was generous enough.


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