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Thinking of this, everyone could not help but admire that young girl.

Lu Beichen snorted coldly and pretended not to care.

“So be it, who cares if Im related to her”

With that, he continued to play with his friends.

However, he was distracted in the second half of the night.

Although he said that he didnt care, the face that looked exactly like him but looked overly gentle and clean kept appearing in his mind.

Lu Beichens face darkened.

He was so angry that he wanted to throw that face out of his mind!

After Lu Xiaocha and Ah Yue left the clubhouse, she squatted down in front of a sugar painting stall and refused to leave.

Her clear eyes looked longingly at the sugar painting in the hands of a seven-year-old child beside her.

Her curly eyelashes fluttered slightly as she squatted on the ground, looking pitiful.


That made the child beside her feel embarrassed.

“Big sister, do you want to take a bite”

Seeing that this girl was so pretty and pitiful, the little boy decided to be generous and give her a bite.

Lu Xiaocha nodded eagerly and quickly took a big bite of his candy.

With a click, the sugar dragons head was gone.

The boy looked at the dragon in his hand, dumbfounded.

Then his mouth shriveled and his eyes turned red as he cried.

“Boohoo… thats not how you bite.

I wanted to give you the tail.”


Lu Xiaocha covered her mouth and looked at the boy innocently. Didnt you ask me to bite you Why are you crying

When Ah Yue found Lu Xioacha with a cup of milk tea, he saw her bullying a child who was much younger than her.

He immediately apologized to the boys mother and bought another sugar painted dragon for the boy as compensation.


When she left, Lu Xiaocha was satisfied with the sugar painting in her hand, but her eyes were fixed on the milk tea in his hand.

She perfectly embodied what it meant to look at the pot while eating.


Ah Yue was extremely helpless.

Although the orphanage was poor, they did not starve her in terms of food.

How did she become so protective of her food

“Are you sure you dont want to know how you are related to that young master, Xiaocha”

Lu Xiaocha licked the sugar painting in her hand and blinked.


Ah Yue was silent for two seconds.

“You look exactly like him.

If theres any blood relations, you wont have to stay in the orphanage anymore.”

The atmosphere in their orphanage was good.

The director was like a mother to all the children, and the children had a harmonious relationship, but no matter how good it was, it was still an orphanage.

What orphan wouldnt want a real home

“Dont you want to leave the orphanage, Xiaocha”

Lu Xiaocha licked the candy.


She answered without any hesitation.

Ah Yue was touched.

He thought that although Xiaocha usually didnt care about anything, her feelings for the orphanage were still very deep.

He then made the mistake of asking, “Why dont you want to leave”

Lu Xiaocha looked serious.

“I havent finished the rice and snacks I hid under the bed.”



Something cracked.

Ah Yue pressed a hand to his heart. Give me back my emotions!


Ah Yue took a while to calm down before saying, “You can buy a lot of those things if youre in the Lu family!”

Lu Xiaochas relaxed footsteps slowly stopped.

She suddenly looked at Yue solemnly.

“Do you think its too late for me to go back to him and identify myself”

Ah Yue didnt know what to say.

He felt so tired.

Lu Xiaocha felt her heart ache.

Did she lose a lot of rice because of this!


The two of them returned to the orphanage with heavy expressions.

When the director, who was leading the children to do handicrafts, saw their expressions, she thought that something big had happened.

Moreover, the slap mark on Ah Yues face had yet to fade.

The directors heart skipped a beat.

“What happened What happened to your face, Ah Yue”

Ah Yue touched the side of his face that had been hit and smiled awkwardly.

“Im fine.”

Lu Xiaocha quickly explained.

“Ah Yue was beaten up.”

The director said with heartache, “Come quickly, Ill treat it for you.

Why were you beaten up”

On the small stool beside Lu Xiaocha, the children who were doing handicrafts gathered around.

Many children looked at the sugar painting in Lu Xiaochas hand eagerly.

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

She should have finished eating before coming back.

She couldnt bear to give it away.

She protected her food and didnt want to be surrounded by a group of children.

Her conscience hurt a little.

“I have candy here.

Come and get it, all of you.”

Fortunately, Ah Yue was prepared.

He knew what Lu Xiaocha was like and took out two packets of lollipops to distribute to the children.

Lu Xiaochas conscience immediately stopped hurting and she happily ate the food in her hand.

Although she protected her food, she was only obsessive over her own.

She did not care what others did.

Not only did she not care, she even queued up with a group of children to collect the candy.


The corner of Ah Yues mouth twitched, but he still gave it to her.

The director applied some ice on Ah Yues cheek.

“Who hit you Ill go look for him.

Dont think that our orphanage is easy to bully!”

Lu Xiaocha finished the sugar painting and licked the sugar off her fair and tender fingers.

Then, she moved to Ah Yues side and asked softly.

“Ah Yue, do you still want your milk tea”

Ah Yue chuckled and handed her the milk tea.

“This was meant for you anyways.”

Lu Xiaocha ran over happily and patted her chest.

“Ill protect Ah Yue in the future.

Tell me if anyone bullies you.”

After saying that, she looked at the directorand said, “Director, you dont have to look for him anymore.

I slapped that redhead back.”


The director turned to hold Lu Xiaochas small hand.

“How did you slap him Does your hand hurt”


The corners of Ah Yues mouth twitched.

He thought to himself, director, you should ask if the person she slapped is okay.


Lu Xiaocha replied as she drank her milk tea, “It didnt hurt.

That persons body was weak, so I used a little strength to send him flying.

He couldnt even stand steadily.”

After saying that, she looked disgusted.

The director did not suspect anything.

She only reminded them to protect themselves from being bullied in the future and such…

Lu Xiaocha held the milk tea and drank until her cheeks bulged.

She sat on the small stool and nodded obediently.

Actually, her mind had already flown away.

What should I eat for breakfast tomorrow By the way, was there going to be milk tomorrow She thought to herself.



At the Lu Manor…

The land that encompassed lawns, woods, and a forest showed the extravagance of the Lu Manor.

This was a luxurious place that many rich people yearned for, but not everyone could stay here.

Lu Beichen went home with a lot on his mind.

When he saw the empty Lu Manor, he was instantly furious.

“Young Master, youre back.”

The young, handsome butler had a smile on his lips.

He looked gentlemanly and gave off good vibes.

Lu Beichen sat on the sofa and hugged a pillow with disappointment in his eyes.

“Where are they”

“Master and Madam have gone to the banquet.

They said to remind you to drink milk when you return.”

Lu Beichens eyes were desolate, and his voice was slightly louder.

“Im not a child anymore.

If theres anything, cant they tell me themselves”


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