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Pei Qin looked at the young girl in a dignified manner.

“Although you grew up in an orphanage, you have to remember that you have to follow the rules when you come to the Lu family.

You have to abandon all your former friends and habits.

You have to be polite when talking to your elders and sit properly.

Look at your cousin and then look at yourself.

In the future, when my sister and brother-in-law bring you to some important occasions, you will make a fool of your family.”

Lu Xiaocha looked at her in confusion.

“Brother, is she really Moms sister Why does she seem to hate me”

Pei Qins smile stiffened and an unnatural smile appeared on her face.

“Xiaocha, what are you talking about We just met.

Why would I hate you Even if you dont like me as your aunt, you cant say that.”

She looked at Lu Beichen helplessly.

“Chen, you saw it too, right With your sisters personality, shell suffer in the future.

I know some teachers who specialize in teaching girls manners.

If necessary…”

Lu Beichens face darkened.


The young mans cat-like eyes were filled with dissatisfaction, just like the girls.

He held his sisters hand comfortingly.

“We, the Lu family, dont need to cater to others, and we dont need our sister to change anything about herself.

Mom, Dad, and my brothers like her like this.”

His tone was not harsh, but his protective attitude was like a slap on the face to the mother and daughter.

Pei Xue bit her lip and lowered her eyes to hide the unwillingness and jealousy in her eyes.

Why She was the one who had grown up with her cousins.

She was the one who should have been doted on by her cousins, but now, this attention had been easily snatched away by this fellow who had returned from the orphanage.

Pei Qin smiled awkwardly.

“Chen, what are you talking about Im not asking her to cater to anyone.

I dont mean anything bad.

I just hope that Xiaocha can become better.

You misunderstood me.”

Lu Beichen said seriously, “Its good that Sister is like this.

She has the right to make friends.

With me, Mom, Dad, and us brothers protecting her, who would dare to bully her and say anything bad about her”

It was as if he was just stating a fact, but his protective and affirmative defense made the mother and daughters hearts sink.

Pei Qin had never expected that when she brought her daughter overseas to attend Fashion Week, someone would tell her that her sisters family had a new daughter.


She immediately brought her daughter back to the country.

After asking around, she found out that it was the girl who was taken away from the hospital back then.

Pei Qin was shocked and flustered.

She could not wait to bring Pei Xue to her brother-in-laws house to confirm the situation.

However, before that, she kept comforting herself.

So what if that girl was really found The children of the Lu family were not easy to get along with.

She would definitely not be able to integrate into the Lu family.

The precious children of the Lu family who grew up in wealthy families would definitely not like this child who suddenly appeared and had grown up in an orphanage.

However, what she saw now was not the case.

Lu Beichen liked his sister very much and even disrespected her, his aunt, in order to protect this sister of his.

Pei Qins heart was bleeding with hatred.

She had sacrificed so much to form a good relationship with the Lu familys sons in the past.

What a bunch of ingrates!

After that, Pei Qin stopped talking.

Pei Xue was quiet for a while before she suddenly started to get close to Lu Xiaocha.

The beautiful girl rested her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her hands.

From time to time, her eyes would look in the direction of the kitchen, but her surroundings were very noisy.

It was so annoying.

Finally, the chef came out with a steaming pot of chestnut cakes.

Lu Xiaochas listless eyes instantly lit up.

“Uncle Liu, here, here!”

She raised her hand, her eyes bright and eager.

Pei Xue, who had been talking to her, felt a little disdainful when she saw this.

As expected of someone from the orphanage, she was so excited when she saw something to eat.

Pei Qin glanced at it too and asked, “What is this thing”

The chubby Chef Liu placed the bamboo steamer with chestnut cakes in front of Lu Xiaocha and replied with a smile.

“These are chestnut cakes made from chestnuts that young lady brought back from the mountains.”

Pei Qin and Pei Xues expressions changed.

“What did you say Can anything plucked from the wild be eaten How can you bring out something so coarse!”

Lu Xiaocha couldnt take it anymore.

She couldnt be bothered to think about other things, but she couldnt tolerate them talking about her food like this.

“Theyre all grown from the soil.

Why is the food in your mouth so noble!”

Chef Liu was also a little embarrassed.

He was a little dissatisfied with Pei Qin and her daughter.

In the eyes of chefs, ingredients were ingredients.

If they couldnt cook it well, the blame was on the chefs culinary skills.

As if she had heard a joke, Pei Qin said, “You cant be careless about what goes into your mouth.

For people like us, what we eat are carefully selected.

Why would you personally pick up these cheap things from the mountain”

She covered her mouth and chuckled.

“Xiaocha, I know youre not used to your current life, but you cant mess around.”

Pei Xue pursed her lips and smiled.

She raised her chin slightly, and her eyes subconsciously revealed some arrogance.

“Cousin, whats so good about this kind of thing If you really like it, Ill bring you some pastries from Xiangyunzhai.

Their pastries are very hard to buy.

Oh, and the cakes from Highend are also very delicious.”

Chef Lius face darkened as he stood at the side.

Lu Xiaocha interrupted Pei Xues fluent English.

“Do you mean to tell me that the cook my dad hired cant make good dishes”

Pei Xue choked.

Her snow-white face flushed red.

“No, I didnt…”

She looked at Lu Beichen pitifully.

“Cousin, thats not what I meant.

Why does she think so”

Pei Qin looked at Lu Xiaocha with a puzzled expression.

“Your cousin was kind enough to introduce you to the best pastries.

How can you misinterpret her like that”

Lu Beichen looked enlightened.

“So thats not what you mean Then my sister and I are really twins.

Just now, I also thought that you guys despised Uncle Lius culinary skills.”

Pei Qin and Pei Xue were about to explain when a lazy voice interrupted them.

“Sister, youre back What did you get from the mountain Get some for me to try.”

A handsome young man in a shirt and vest walked in.

He glanced at the mother and daughter indifferently and spoke lightly.

“I was wondering why I saw crows singing on the branches when I came back.

Turns out Aunt and Cousin are here.”

That mouth was really vicious.

Pei Qin was so angry that her chest heaved up and down, but she didnt dare to say anything about Lu Beilin.

A deep fear flashed across her eyes.

For some reason, her little tricks had always been successful in front of various men, but Lu Beilin could easily see through them.

Sometimes, he even made her embarrassed in front of many people without any scruples.

Lu Xiaocha took a chestnut cake for Lu Beichen and another for Lu Beilin.

Then, she ate the rest of the cakes happily.

As for Pei Qin and her daughter She didnt really know them, so she wasnt planning to give them any!

“This is delicious.”

Lu Beilin had obviously heard what Pei Qin had said before.

Now, he deliberately said this to avenge Lu Xiaocha.


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