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After delaying Lu Xiaochas admission procedures for three days, Lu Zhan brought her to take the placement test for admission.

At that time, she stared at the papers, not knowing what to do.

She didnt know how to answer any of them.

She scribbled randomly, and her words scrawled messily on the paper.

In the end, under the headmasters indescribable gaze, she gloriously got three blinding red circles.

Good God, she even successfully avoided all the right answers in the multiple-choice questions.


The atmosphere in the office was very awkward.

Lu Xiaocha kept saying that her grades were bad, but Lu Zhan didnt expect them to be this bad.

The principal coughed.

“Well, President Lu, with your daughters results, she might have to start studying from scratch.”


Lu Zhan nodded expressionlessly.

“I understand.”

On the way back, Lu Zhan saw the little girl sulking and comforted her.

“Its okay.

We dont value academic results.” He rubbed her head.

Lu Xiaocha asked, “Arent you afraid that Ill embarrass you”

Lu Zhan said seriously, “No.

Xiaocha is fine.”

Lu Xiaocha immediately felt relieved.

The next day, she had to change into her new school uniform and get into the car to go to school.

Farewell to my free time! She thought.

On the way to school, Lu Xiaocha supported her chin with one hand.

Her delicate and soft eyebrows looked a little wrinkled and worried.

After driving for a few minutes, Lu Beichen heard her sigh several times.

Lu Beichens lips twitched.

“Do you really not want to go to school that much”


“Its not good to go to school at all.

Yesterday, Mom and Dad brought me to take an exam.

I got three zeros.

Those questions are too difficult.

I have to memorize so many things and do so much homework every day.

And I cant eat whenever I want!”


Lu Beichen was speechless.

That last sentence is the main point!

However, when he thought about the few zeros his sister had brought back yesterday, he was speechless.

“Havent you been to school before”

Lu Xiaocha said honestly, “My brain wasnt working well before.”

Lu Beichen: Does this count as being so ruthless you could scold yourself

In the school, the class of 7th Grade Class 1 was bustling with activity.

Both boys and girls were gathered in groups and gossiping.

“A new classmate is coming into our class.

Does anyone know if its a boy or a girl How do they look”

“Why didnt I know that Where did you guys get the information”

“The study committee member heard it when they went to look for the teacher yesterday.

I heard that the new students results were terrible, and they even relied on connections to get in.”

The teacher wouldnt have said that, of course.

The students inferred that for themselves.

“Hey… Why isnt Chen here yet today”

“Gu Xiao, why are you lying on the table in a daze”

Gu Xiao came back to her senses.


I was thinking about something.”

He wondered if the transfer student was Lu Xiaocha.

He had heard from Beichen that Sister Xiaocha was also coming to school.

The school bell rang, and the students who had been playing in the classroom and the hallway returned to their seats.

When the teacher walked in, there was someone following behind him.

Everyone thought that it was the new transfer student and craned their necks excitedly.

But the next second…


It was someone familiar.

Lu Beichen glanced at them.

The boys were grinning cheekily while the girls were blushing.

Although they had been classmates for so long, the students couldnt get tired of Lu Beichens face.

He was really good-looking.

As expected of the top school hunk in their school.

Just as they were feeling disappointed that it wasnt the new classmate, another student walked in behind Lu Beichen.

The moment Lu Xiaocha appeared in everyones vision, the entire classroom fell silent as if someone had pressed the pause button.

Gu Xiao was the first to react and raised her hand excitedly.

“Sister Xiaocha!”

Lu Xiaocha followed the teacher to the podium.

The students below also came back to their senses and immediately became lively.


“Am I seeing things”

“The class monitor in girls clothing!”

“So the class monitor would be so beautiful in female clothes!”

Lu Beichen “( ̄皿 ̄#)”

Couldnt they stop talking Who said he was cross-dressing!

The teacher gestured for silence.

Lu Xiaocha stood obediently on the podium.

The schools blue and white uniform was a little big for her.

The jacket wrapped around her thighs, making her look even smaller.

She looked exquisite and beautiful.

Her face was as white as suet jade, and her eyes were like purple grapes.

She stood there motionless like an exquisite doll in a window.

Most importantly… She looked extremely similar to the school hunk!!

The entire classroom became lively.

Their gazes swept back and forth between Lu Xiaocha and Lu Beichen.

Even the teacher couldnt control this group of excited youths.


Lu Beichen pulled a long face.

The boys unique clear voice echoed through the classroom.

Instantly, the classroom fell silent.

The teacher coughed.

“Lu Beichen, you can leave first.”

Lu Beichen turned to look at his sister, a little worried that she would be nervous.

However, Lu Xiaocha was calmer than anyone else.

She nodded at her brother who was looking over before walking down.

Lu Beichen walked to his seat, pursed his lips, and stared at Gu Xiao.

“Go sit at the back.”

Gu Xiao, who was originally quite happy, “…”

No way, youre just going to abandon our brotherhood! Gu Xiao thought.

His eyes widened incredulously, but in the end, he was driven to the back.

Gu Xiao cursed in his heart, but he acted quickly.

Actually, hed been happy to sit with Xiaocha.

On the podium, Lu Xiaocha had already begun to introduce herself under the guidance of her teacher.

“My name is Lu Xiaocha.”

The teacher and students who waited but did not hear anything else from her were speechless.

Being stared at by dozens of pairs of eyes, Lu Xiaocha blinked.

“Thats it” The teacher asked.

Lu Xiaocha was confused.

“What else do you want me to say”

A mischievous and bold student immediately shouted, “Tell us about your relationship with our class monitor”

Lu Beichen was the class monitor of this class.

“Oh, hes my brother.”

Lu Beichen straightened his back slightly.

After Lu Xiaocha finished introducing herself, she went directly to her brothers side.

This was the seat he had vacated for her.

Amid such curious agitation, the lesson began.

In the beginning, Lu Xiaocha was like a primary school student.

She placed her arms on the desk and listened attentively with her back straight.

But as time passed, Lu Xiaochas eyes began to become dazed.

Halfway through the class…


Her head seemed to be unable to bear the weight and fell, giving Lu Beichen a fright.

It was mainly because she was still sitting upright a second ago, but in the next second, her head went straight down!

Everyone who was secretly paying attention to Lu Xiaocha: “…”


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