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As Lu Beichens good friend, Song Yu could naturally tell that he was protective of his sister.

On the other hand, that girl, Pei Xue from 7th Grade Class 2, was the one who always took the initiative to talk to Lu Beichen every time.

After a while, there were inevitable rumors about how much Lu Beichen doted on Pei Xue, his cousin, and how close they were.

Lu Beichen didnt pay much attention when he occasionally heard these rumors.

How could someone as arrogant as him care about such a small matter

However, if Lu Beichen found out that Pei Xue was bullying his sister, tsk… there would be a good show to watch.

As expected, Lu Beichen was waiting outside.

The young man who was as cold and noble as snow attracted the attention of many people.

However, he frowned and looked a little anxious.

When he saw his sister, the young man hurried over.

“Whats going on I thought you were lost.”

Under the sunlight, the girl had a bright smile on her face.

“Im fine.”

Lu Xiaocha felt warmth under her brothers worry.

She took the initiative to hold her brothers arm and walked toward the classroom.

“Brother, lets go to class.”

Lu Beichen was stunned for a moment before the corners of his lips curled up uncontrollably.

Song Yu crossed her arms and slowly followed them.

“Its not fine.

When I went to the toilet, I saw Pei Xue and her friends causing her trouble.

They almost hit her.”


Upon hearing this, the young mans expression darkened.


Lu Xiaocha poked her brothers arm.

“Brother, you cant be so protective of me just because Im your sister.

Im also very powerful, right”

“…Thats right.”

He had forgotten again that his little sister was a fierce person who could catch snakes with her bare hands.

However, his sisters face and naturally dull appearance looked too deceptive.

It always made people forget her ferocity.


Still …

Even though he knew that his sister would not be bullied easily, he was still very unhappy that those people tried to cause her trouble.

Lu Beichens eyes darkened.

Was he being too lenient with Pei Xue

The next class was physical education.

Knowing that physical education classes were held outside the classroom, Lu Xiaocha was relieved.

There was finally a class she could attend.

She could not stay awake in the classroom for the life of her.


Especially when she woke up to find herself surrounded by her classmates.

Even she couldnt help but feel embarrassed.

When they went to class, the teacher was already doing stretching exercises with the class.

After reporting to the teacher, the three of them walked into the group under the gazes of many.

Lu Xiaocha was probably… the shortest in class.

She was angry!

Hence, she stood at the front of the class and raised her arms and legs like the other students.

Her posture looked quite decent.

After the exercise, they started jogging.

The entire class of students formed a square formation and jogged around the track.

“F*ck! Theres a sports exam today.

I cant go play basketball early!”

At the mention of the sports exam, the girls expressions turned ugly.

They chattered about what kind of sports they couldnt do.

“Were probably doing the long jump test today.”

Immediately, some peoples expressions became pained.

“Its annoying.

I probably cant even jump into the sandpit.”

“I tried it before.

I barely made it.”

“Sob… Are we going to be graded by the sports rep When the time comes, please go easy on us.”

Lu Xiaocha listened to the girls discussion quietly, and her running speed did not slow down at all.

Suddenly, someone asked her, “Lu Xiaocha, howre you at sports We have an exam later, but dont worry, well collude with the sports rep and make you pass if you fail.”

The girl behind Lu Xiaocha started talking to her.

She looked quite cheerful and cute.

Lu Xiaocha said honestly, “Im good at sports.

Im not worried.”

She was really not worried, but her classmates could not help but worry when they saw her small body.


“Look out!”

There were a few screams from the field.

A round object flew over at an extremely fast speed.

The girl who was talking to Lu Xiaocha turned her head and realized that the object was flying toward her face.

She was so shocked that she subconsciously dodged to the side, twisting her ankle and falling to the ground.


The petite girl caught the flying basketball with one hand to prevent more people from getting hurt.

The girls who were almost hit by the basketball were stunned for a few seconds before shouting angrily at the students playing basketball.

“What are you guys doing! Cant you see there are many people here”

The boys from Class One were also very angry.

“If you dont know how to play, dont play.

What if you throw it over and hit someone!”

The boys from Class One were even more furious when they saw who was playing basketball.

“F*ck! Liao Changyi, its you again.

Are you crazy Youre deliberately making things difficult for our class!”

“Are you blind!”

Lu Beichen walked over to his sister and asked her how she was, if her hand hurt, etc…

That worried expression was about to materialize.

It was also rare.

When had anyone ever seen the cold and aloof God of Studying reveal such an expression

“Im sorry.

My hand slipped.

Besides, I didnt hit anyone.”

This apology was really quite perfunctory.

It was obvious that he did not take this accident seriously.

Liao Changyi looked at Lu Beichen with disdain.

“So this is the younger sister of our prodigy.”

A fierce glint flashed across Lu Beichens eyes.

He suddenly threw the basketball at the boy.

Even though Liao Changyi caught it, his wrist hurt.

The tall and muscular youths face darkened.

“Lu Beichen, dont think that I wont dare to do anything to you.”

Lu Beichen carefully wiped his sisters fingers clean with a wet towel.

“Sorry, my hand slipped.

Besides, didnt you catch it”

Without even looking over, he casually returned his words to him.

Liao Changyis expression was a little ugly.

He glared fiercely at the young man and was about to fight back.

Fortunately, the PE teachers on both sides also realized that something was wrong and quickly ran over.

“What are you doing!”

Liao Changyi sneered and arrogantly raised his middle finger at everyone before turning around and leaving.

“F*ck! This bastard is getting more and more arrogant.”

“Stay if you dare!”

Those with short tempers couldnt help but want to fight him, but Lu Beichen stopped them.

“We dont have to argue with a dog.”

This casual remark angered Liao Changyi, who had not gone far.

Accompanied by a cry of surprise, the basketball flew over again.

This time, it was much stronger than before, and it was aimed at Lu Beichens head.

Lu Xiaochas eyes flashed with anger.

She reached out and caught the basketball again before throwing it back.

“Here you go!”

The basketball that was thrown back caused a big boy like Liao Changyi to take a few steps back.

His arm that was blocking the ball hurt like it was burning.

On closer look, it was even trembling.

There was an eerie silence for several seconds.

So… so cool!

That was what all the students in 7th Grade Class 1 were thinking.

She looked soft and cute, but her actions were really cool!


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