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While Lu Beichen was in the cast, he called his father and briefly explained the entire situation.

He knew that with the Liao familys vengeful personality, this matter would definitely not be over today.

It would be better to inform his father so that he could prepare early.

Shortly after the call, a couple of teachers in suits stormed in.

“Were you involved in the basketball court fight”

The balding man in the lead had an unfriendly look in his eyes.

“This is your attitude as students A school is a place for you to study, not fight!”

An Zhiran frowned and looked at the man who was spluttering.

“Teacher Liao, this is the infirmary, not your office.

If you want to teach the students a lesson, wait until they go back.”

Lu Beichen looked at the middle-aged man mockingly.

“Although Liao Changyi is your nephew, as a teacher, its better to investigate the entire matter clearly.

Otherwise, I dont mind calling the police to deal with it.”


Liao Gouxian was so angry that his expression changed.

He shook his hand angrily.

“You, come with me to the Academic Affairs Office!”

He pointed at Lu Xiaocha.

According to the confession he had heard from the other students, it was this seemingly inconspicuous girl who hit his nephew.

Lu Beichen shielded his sister behind him like he was protecting a calf.

The young man looked at the middle-aged man with his cold and sharp eyes, his aura not losing out at all.

“Teacher Liao, my sister has to stay here to accompany me.”

His tone was firm.

Liao Gou was furious.

“What company As the person involved in the fight, she must go to the Academic Affairs Office with me immediately.”

Lu Beichens exquisite face turned completely cold.

“What if I say no”

Liao Gouxian said, “Then just wait to be expelled!”

The young man sneered.

“Expelled That depends on whether you have the ability!”

The two sides confronted each other.

Seeing this, the other teachers did not know how to persuade them.

They could not afford to offend any of them.

Lu Xiaocha sat her brother down.

“Brother, Ill go over with them.”

She wasnt afraid, either.

She thought that these people were disturbing her brothers treatment too much.

“No way!”

Lu Beichen pursed his lips.

He stubbornly refused to let his sister face it alone.

The moment he found her, he had sworn to protect his sister.

“Dont worry, I can protect myself.”

Her brother was so silly.

He had already seen her capabilities.

Why did he always treat her as a child who was easily bullied

Finally, under the young mans cold gaze, Lu Xiaocha stood up.

“Liao Gouxian, if anything happens to my sister, the Lu family will never let the Liao family off!”

He had never used his family background to threaten others in school.

In fact, very few people in school knew of his identity.

However, as a family whose status was on par with the Lu family, the Liao family naturally knew of Lu Beichens background.

The threatened Liao Gouxian was furious.

“Then Ill wait.

I havent settled this matter with your Lu family yet!”

Lu Xiaocha turned her body slightly and stood in front of her brother.

She was so small, but her aura was even stronger than Liao Gouxians.

“Do you still want to go If you want to settle this issue, so be it.

In any case, we dont intend to end it like this either.

My brother was knocked to the ground by your nephew and his knees were fractured.

Cant you see that hes still in a cast”


“What Isnt it embarrassing as an adult to be bullying a child You turn a blind eye to your nephew bullying people in school, but you can suddenly see so clearly after your nephew was beaten up by a little girl like me Youre the only one who has the cheek to do this.”

Liao Gouxian was so angry that his face turned purple.

“Hes got three broken ribs and a dislocated arm! And theres another classmate whos puking blood from your beating!”

An Zhiran was speechless.

He glanced at the calm little girl.

He couldnt tell that she was so violent!

The child was also very sharp-tongued.

“Isnt that what they deserve They deliberately bumped into my brother because they cant afford to lose in basketball.

Previously, they deliberately bumped into a few of our classmates.

Youre not the only one who can be protective of your family.

You adults are allowed to stand up for your nephew, but Im not allowed to protect my brother”

Although he shouldnt, An Zhiran couldnt help but chuckle.

Lu Beichen was also a little surprised.

He didnt know that his sister could speak so well.

Her little mouth made Liao Gouxian so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Lu Xiaochas stubborn temper flared up and refused to leave.

She glared at him and puffed out her cheeks.

“Im not going with you guys anymore.

Just looking at him pisses me off.”

Liao Gouxians eyes hardened.

“Then Ill have to expel you according to the rules.”

He thought that this would scare the little girl, but the child did not care at all.

Instead, her eyes lit up.

“Really Thank you so much.

I was worried that I would feel embarrassed if I didnt listen in class.

The monthly exam is coming soon.

You dont know how suffocating I felt when I heard the news.

I only brought back zeros during the entrance examination.

At least it was only embarrassing at home at that time.

When the results of the monthly examination come out, Ill be embarrassed in front of the entire school!”


An Zhiran burst out laughing.

Lu Beichen covered his face. Sister, its good enough that we know about this ourselves.

Why did you say it out loud He thought.

The other teachers winced.

That was too much.

However, there was something worse.

Lu Xiaocha looked at Liao Gouxian expectantly.

“When can you expel me If not, Ill give your nephew another beating.

What do you think”

Now, except for Liao Gouxian, who looked like he had eaten **, everyones shoulders began to tremble with laughter.

An Zhiran smiled without any scruples.

Liao Gouxian was so angry that smoke rose from his head.

He pointed at Lu Xiaocha and trembled.

“You… The Lu familys upbringing is really something.

How did they raise such a shameless person like you! Today, Ill teach you a lesson on behalf of the Lu family!”

As he spoke, he raised his arm and was about to hit her, but he was grabbed by a well-defined hand and could not land at all.

“Who do you think you are!”

A cold voice that seemed to have the power to freeze people sounded.

Everyone turned their heads and saw Lu Zhan and his wife walking over.

The person who grabbed Liao Gouxian was the head of the Lu family, Lu Zhan.

There wasnt much of a difference in their ages.

Compared to Liao Gouxian, Lu Zhan was worlds apart.

Whether it was his appearance, figure, or temperament, Liao Gouxian felt inexplicably inferior.

Pei Anran walked to her daughter and son in her high heels.

When she saw the anger in her sons beautiful eyes, she turned around and threw the bag in her hand at Liao Gouxian.

“Who does your Liao family think you are Your children are playing dirty tricks in a basketball game at such a young age.

Hes really inherited the Liao familys culture.

What a joke.

With Liao Changyis grades and character, you really have the cheek to say that about my Xiaocha.

Even bulletproof glass cant compare to the thick skin of your Liao family.

You should contribute to the Ministry of Defense!”


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