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Pei Anran took out her small bag and threw it at him.

She didnt give Liao Gouxian a chance to react at all.

Her mouth was like a machine gun as she opened her mouth to mock him without any vulgarities.

“A grown man, and a dean at that, actually wants to fight a 13-year-old child.

Arent you afraid of being laughed at if word gets out Since when did the Liao family have the right to educate our children

Why dont you look in the mirror and see if youre worthy Look at how smug you are as a small leader.

Your tail is pointing straight at the sky.

Do you want to split the world apart…”

“You! You shrew!”

Liao Gouxian was beaten into a sorry state by Pei Anran.

He wanted to retaliate, but Lu Zhan, that bastard, was holding his hand and restraining him.

He was not as strong as him and could not break free.

He could only be scolded passively.

“Ill show you a shrew today!”

If they dared to touch her child, let alone Liao Gouxian, she would even dare to hit the head of the Liao family!

“Madam Lu, Madam Lu, calm down.

Calm down.

Lets sit down and talk…”

The other teachers persuaded bitterly.

What was going on…

An Zhiran was speechless.

Would his infirmary ever have peace today

“Beichen, Xiaocha, lets go!”

After beating them up with her words, Pei Anran tidied her slightly messy clothes and raised her chin to call her son and daughter.


Lu Xiaochas answer was crisp and clear as she followed her mother happily.

After taking two steps, she remembered that her brothers leg was injured and he couldnt walk.

She hurriedly walked back and carried her brother, who was a head taller than her, in a princess embrace.

Lu Beichen: “!!!”

Thats enough.

You carried me the same way when we came to the infirmary.

Its too embarrassing! He thought.

“I can walk on my own.”

The young mans ears turned red as he struggled to get off his sister.

Lu Xiaocha was puzzled.

“If you walk by yourself, wont you be jumping on one leg Itll be faster if I carry you.”

“No, just hold on to me.”

Lu Xiaocha stared at his red ears and said, “Oh.”

“Brother, youre shy.

You should have said so earlier.”

She set him down.

“Ill carry you on my back.”

“… Theres no need.”

“Ill do it.”

Lu Zhan walked over, took off his suit jacket, and handed it to his wife.

Then he turned around and squatted down.

“Come on.”

Lu Beichen looked at the broad back view in front of him helplessly.

His father had never carried him on his back before.

There was a gentle push on his back.

The young man pursed his lips and leaned forward with red ears.

The tall man easily carried his son on his back.

Liao Gouxian covered his face and shouted, “Lu Zhan, our Liao family wont let this go!”

When Lu Xiaocha walked past him, she stepped on his foot.


Liao Gouxian hugged his feet and screamed.

The corners of the young ladys lips curled up as she apologized insincerely.

“Im sorry, Teacher.

I didnt see it.”

With that, she lifted her chin and hummed a cheerful tune as she took her mothers arm and left.


Mother Lus eyes lit up with amusement.

“Well done!”

If a member of the Lu family was bullied, they had to fight back on the spot.

On the way home, Lu Zhan looked at his children.

“Tell me what happened.”

Lu Xiaocha sat obediently with her hands on her knees.

She poked her fingers together and carefully looked at her father.

“They bullied my brother when we were playing basketball.

When I got angry, I beat up Liao Changyi and his lackey.

I think they broke their ribs and were hospitalized.”

Lu Beichen hurriedly said, “Its not my sisters fault.

She did it for me.”

Lu Zhan said, “When did I say it was her fault”

A broad palm stroked the girls head.

“Well done.”

The two children looked at him eagerly.

Lu Zhan looked very stern, but there was warmth in his eyes as he looked at his children.

“If we, the Lu family, endured being bullied, not only will we feel bad, we will embarrass the family.

You dont have to worry about anything else.

Your mother and I will handle it.”

Lu Xiaocha and Lu Beichen nodded with sparkling eyes.

“Does it still hurt”

Mother Lu looked at her sons injuries and her anger rose again.

“And you, Xiaocha Are you hurt”

Her frail daughter must be at a disadvantage if she fought with two people.

Lu Xiaocha shook her head honestly.


Pei Anran stroked her daughters head and felt extremely sorry for her.

“You fought two people.

Even if youre not injured, you must be tired.”

Lu Beichen was speechless.

She hugged her obedient daughter and her husband and said, “The Liao family is really going overboard.

Previously, they snatched a project from us, and now theyre bullying my Chacha and Chen at school.

Are they trying to declare war”

Lu Zhans eyes darkened.

“Ill deal with Liao Zhongxian.

Xiaochen, ask if anyone at the scene took a video and left evidence.”

Lu Beichen nodded and asked around on his cell phone.

When the car arrived at Lu Manor, Lu Beichen sent him the complete video.

Lu Zhan took the video and went to the study.

Mother Lu helped her son sit down and said worriedly, “Lets go to the hospital.

We cant have any sequelae.”

Lu Beichen comforted her.

“Mom, dont worry.

An Zhiran from the An family treated my injuries.”

“Oh, him.”

Pei Anran was relieved.

“Why did he become a school doctor”

An Zhirans medical skills were good.

This was not a secret in the circle, but there were very few people who were able to consult him.

Lu Beichens lips twitched.

“He said that going to the hospital is too troublesome.

He worked from morning to night and didnt even have time to read novels.”

Pei Anran was speechless.

Thats a very good reason.

“Xiaocha, are you hungry We havent finished the biscuits we made yet.

Why dont you eat them while I get the cook to make you something else to eat”

Lu Xiaocha nodded obediently.

She planned to get the chestnuts she picked up from the mountain after eating the biscuits.

Previously, they had used some to cook, but she wanted to eat sugar-fried chestnuts more.

While she was munching on a small biscuit, an uninvited guest arrived at home.

“Who That old woman from the Liao family is here”


Pei Anran was so angry that she laughed.

She slapped the table and stood up.

“I havent even gone to settle things with her, but she came knocking on my door herself!”

“Wait here.

Ill change into something more combative.”


With that, she walked upstairs.

When she came downstairs again, her long hair was tied up.

She was wearing sportswear and shoes suitable for big movements.

She walked down the stairs like a female warrior.


Lu Zhan walked out of the study.


“Where are you going”

“Stay out of womens business.

Im going out to fight.

Dont come out.

How am I going to deal with that old woman if she doesnt act up when you come out”


Lu Zhan winced.

“Mom, Ill go with you.”

Seeing that her mother was full of fighting spirit, Lu Xiaocha followed her out with the small biscuit in her mouth.

She had to watch her mother and not let her lose.


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