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Lu Xiaocha walked around the school with her third brother.

Seeing that more and more people were coming to watch them, Lu Xiaocha felt like she was being watched like a monkey.

She quickly sent him away and started writing her reflection after returning to the classroom.

Damn it, she had never written this before.

She bit the end of her pen and only managed to write three words in the end.

‘I was wrong…


As for what was wrong Was the suona too loud

“Brother, are you done writing”

Thats right.

She wasnt the only one whod been punished to write a reflection.

The entire class had been punished.

Lu Beichen sat upright as he wrote.

His beautiful and clean handwriting was eye-catching.

He looked at the three words his sister had choked out and grimaced obscurely.

He handed over the reflection he had written.

“Just copy it.

Ill write another copy.”

He doted on her too much.

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up, and her eyes curved into beautiful crescents.

The dimples on both sides of her snow-white cheeks could melt ones heart.

She clearly had a smart and obedient face, but how could her grades be so terrible

Lu Beichen looked at the words she had written in ugly handwriting.

Lu Beichen said with difficulty, “Can you… write seriously”

Lu Xiaocha looked at him blankly.

“Im already writing very seriously.”

The young man did see the word “serious” on her face and in her eyes.

His heart ached at the sight of his sisters tender, baby-fat face.

“Ill teach you to write in the future.”

His sister was a little silly earlier at the orphanage, so how could she read and write

Lu Xiaocha did not know what he was thinking and was also complaining.

She was a child born in the post-apocalyptic world.

Although she was born with great strength, it was already impressive that she could raise herself in such an environment.

She still had to stumble to learn how to read from the old man who picked her up.

As for practicing handwriting and reading seriously, she could forget about it.

She did not have the mood or time.


Lu Xiaocha happily agreed.

After handing over the self-reflection letter, Lu Beichen asked Gu Xiao to buy a copybook.

If she couldnt understand in class, she should practice writing.

This time, she finally had something to do in class.

As the monthly exam approached, Fu Ye, who had not appeared for a long time, suddenly appeared at the entrance of their school.

It was just that the way he appeared was a little strange.

Originally, hed arrived on a cool motorcycle.

The teenagers bearing was a perfect match for the two-tone black bike.

Anyone who saw him had to call him cool.

The bike stopped not far from the school entrance.

A pair of long and slender legs were fighting for space.

After taking off the helmet, his deep and arrogant facial features were exposed.

He was extremely handsome, but he looked scary, like a wild wolf fighting fiercely.

However, at this moment, after this wild wolf got off the bike, it took out a straw target that was taller than him and was used to hold candied hawthorns.

There were also dense candied hawthorns stuck on it, and it looked delicious.

But… no matter how you look at it, this is discordant! He appeared in such a cool and handsome manner, but he looked stupid with this pile of candied fruit!

Fu Ye placed the candied fruits aside and held it with one hand.

He leaned back slightly against the car and stared at the gate with his dark eyes.

“Um, may I ask if youre selling candied hawthorn”

Some people could not help but step forward to ask, either because they were tempted by him or the candied hawthorn.

Fu Ye took out a cigarette and held it between his fingers.

He looked down at the girl who was asking him with a red face.

“What do you think”

Do I look like I sell candied hawthorn! He thought.

The girl ran away, blushing under his gaze.

Fu Ye took a puff of his cigarette.

The white smoke seemed a little ethereal, covering his sharp face a little, but the recklessness and ruthlessness on his body did not decrease at all.

However, most of the students looking at him were boys.

“Damn, thats so cool!”

“Are you talking about the person or the bike”

“Theyre both cool.

My brother has a bike like that, but its not as cool as his, and it doesnt have the same vibe.

But… Whats he doing carrying a bunch of candied fruits”

The onlookers discussed softly.

The boys were so envious that they drooled.

This bike was simply the wife of all bike lovers.

This persons figure was something that many boys wanted but did not have!

Fu Ye acted as if he did not hear the discussions around him.

He carried the candied hawthorn casually, but if one looked closely, they would realize that the young man was staring at the school gate like a ferocious beast looking for prey.

Finally … his prey appeared.

“Brother, there are so many candied fruits!”

The moment Lu Xiaocha walked out of the school gate, she saw the grass stake that was taller than a person, as well as the bright red and delicious candied hawthorn.

At that moment, her hot gaze could not go away.

Fu Ye was speechless.

Good, thats the feeling! He thought.

Everyone else was looking at him and his car, but only this brat was looking at his candied hawthorn.

She hadnt even discovered him yet!

The young man stuck his tongue in his cheek and laughed sinisterly.

This was the first time Lu Beichen saw someone carrying candied hawthorn.

She watched helplessly as her silly sister ran over as if she had a rope around her neck.

Her gaze never left those candied hawthorns.

She had completely ignored the person holding it, who had such a strong presence.


“How much for one” she asked.

Lu Beichen was speechless.

You should at least look at him! He thought.

“You guess.”

Lu Xiaocha, “”

Youre the seller and you want me to guess She thought.

That didnt stop her.

She put one hand on her hip and waved her hand in a particularly heroic manner.

“I want them all!”

She had a lot of pocket money on her now and could afford all of them.

“Kid, you only have eyes for candied hawthorn, dont you, hmm”

Fu Ye was so angry that he laughed.

He reached out his fingers and pinched Lu Xiaochas soft face with baby fat.

Then, he turned her head to meet his gaze.

Lu Xiaocha blinked blankly and then exclaimed.

“Fu Ye!”

“Yes What did you call me Another chance.”

He waved the candied hawthorn in his hand.

“Brother Fu Ye ~”

In front of food, Lu Xiaocha was definitely flexible.

She immediately changed her words and called him sweetly.

Fu Ye smiled as he took down a stick of candied hawthorn and handed it to her.

“Come, lets go to my house.”

Lu Xiaocha, who was holding and licking the candied hawthorn, “Huh”

“My grandfather wants to see you.

I told him that you discovered Yin Shian, but I didnt tell him about the contract.

He said that he wanted to see you.”

Lu Xiaocha asked, “Now”


Lu Beichen.

“No, Xiaocha needs to go home with me now.”

Fu Ye laughed ostentatiously and handed the candied hawthorn to Gu Xiao.

“Hold it for me.”

Gu Xiao looked confused.

“Oh, okay.”

As soon as he took the candied hawthorn, he looked at Fu Ye in shock.

He bent down and placed Lu Xiaochas body on the bike.

Then, he got on the bike and made an annoying gesture at Lu Beichen.

“Ill take the kid away first.” After saying that, he drove off without giving anyone time to react.


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