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Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

Youre such a dog.

The soundproofing here didnt seem to be too good.

Anyway, the people outside seemed to have heard what Fu Ye said, and he even shamelessly introduced the texture and taste of every food.

The group outside couldnt eat it, but the fragrance of Grade A heretic kept drifting outside, making the group of people who came to eat salivate.

“Excuse me.”

Just as a group of people was watching Fu Ye eat, Tang Huans voice came from behind.

Who wanted to go against this battle maniac They quickly dodged to the side.

Then everyone watched as Tang Huan walked into the kitchen with his weapon in one hand and a huge tentacle in the other.

Only then did everyone see that he was actually carrying a deep-sea troll, an octopus heretic.

It was Grade C.

He had made quite a commotion when he came in.

Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye looked over at the same time.

Fu Ye and Tang Huan looked at each other as if there were thousands of murderous auras fighting against each other.

Lu Xiaochas gaze fell on the big octopus in his hand.

Tang Huan threw the octopus heretic to the ground.

“I dealt with it.”

The chef was speechless.

Why was there another one!

His eyelid twitched as he went to deal with this one.

Apart from the fact that the ingredients were too big and difficult to handle, he actually quite liked such fresh and unique heretic ingredients.

Fu Ye looked back at his octopus and realized that the child had disappeared.

He instantly turned around and saw a petite figure on Tang Huans side.

Fu Ye: Can this stupid child be more promising!

At this moment, Lu Xiaocha was squatting in front of the octopus and poking its big tentacles, asking, “Where did you catch this”

“In the sea.”

“Then can you share some with me Ive never eaten such a big octopus before.”

Tang Huan looked at her.

“Ill trade you snake meat.”

“I dont need that.,” Tang Huan said.

Lu Xiaocha was disappointed.

It seemed that she wouldnt be able to eat octopus today.

‘But you can trade with me in other ways.

Her eyes immediately lit up again.

“What Tell me quickly.”

Tang Huan sharpened the knife in his hand with wild excitement and eagerness.

“Let that heretic fight me.”

“You mean Yin Shian Then you can go find him.”

Tang Huan looked at Lu Xiaocha gloomily.

“But he said that hes yours.

He needs your permission.”

At this point, Tang Huan sized up this “weak” girl.

“He, an SS-grade heretic, actually listens to you.

What is your ability”

“I dont have one.”

“Then why does he listen to you”

Lu Xiaocha balked.

“Probably because I look like his mother.”

It didnt make sense for a disobedient child to be obedient after being taught a lesson.

Tang Huan was speechless.

Fu Ye was speechless.

“Then can you give me a big tentacle if I ask him to fight you”Lu Xiaocha asked.

Tang Huan threw half an octopus at her.

“Ill give you this much.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

“Youre such a nice person…”

Fu Ye suddenly felt a sense of crisis in his heart.

“Take it easy.

There are a few brothers at home and Im here.

Dont call anyone brother!”

Wasnt it just a big octopus He could also catch one for this little brat!

With this little fellows personality, she would really call people brother for some food!

“I didnt say that,” Lu Xiaocha replied.

He underestimated her, didnt he She was not that immoral.

Tang Huan held the knife, his eyes shining with bloodlust.

“Lets find that zombie now!”

Lu Xiaocha looked at the chef eagerly.

“Then do you still want your octopus balls and barbecue teppanyaki”

Tang Huan said, “Ill go fight first!”

Lu Xiaocha looked at him in disbelief.

“How dare you think of fighting first!”

Tang Huan was even more incredulous.

“Is food more important than fighting”

The two of them were completely at odds.

As they spoke, they were about to quarrel.

Fu Ye pinched the childs fair face.

“How much have you had just now You can eat more when you come back from a workout.”

That made sense.

Lu Xiaocha happily agreed to go with Tang Huan to find Yin Shian.

At this moment, Yin Shian was also eating.


Apart from anything else, it was much more refined and clean when he ate at the heretic bureau.

In the past, when he caught prey, he would directly eat them raw and drink their blood.

But now, they were stored in blood bags, and there was even fried ducks blood to eat.

So far, all the blood hed eaten had been preserved from the serpent.

It would hold for a while.

When they found him, the guy was sitting upright on a stool in his dorm room with a blood bag in his mouth, watching a melodramatic TV series with great interest.

“Xiao, cha.”

Lu Xiaocha glanced at him.

“Why are you saying word by word”

Yin Shian replied, “No, Im tired.”

Tired my ass.

Youve slept with you for thousands of years and that made you lazy. Lu Xiaocha thought.

“Go and fight him.”

Lu Xiaocha took the stool and sat beside him.

Yin Shian looked at the eager Tang Huan and rejected her expressionlessly.

“I dont want to go.”

“That wont do.

Im still waiting to eat after you fight him.”

She looked at him eagerly.

“Can you do it”

Yin Shian was speechless.

So Im your tool for earning food.

He thought.

“Fine, only once.”

Lu Xiaocha smiled and nodded.

“Yes, yes, just once.

Ill catch it myself in the future.”

A certain zombie reluctantly glanced at the television show that was playing.

“Theres going to be a plot twist soon.

We wont be able to see it when we come back.”

Lu Xiaocha was quite generous.

“Its fine.

Ill buy you a computer.

You can watch whatever you want.”

“Whats a computer”

“Its pretty much like TV, but you can watch a TV series from beginning to end.

I even have a membership.

There are no commercials.”

They talked about the TV series as they walked out, which eventually developed into novels and games.

In fact, Lu Xiaocha only played games casually.

However, she acted like she was really good at games and successfully hooked Yin Shians interest.

“Ill buy you a cell phone, too.

You can use a cell phone to play games.”

Yin Shian followed behind her obediently.


Fu Ye was speechless.

On the training ground, when the people training saw them coming, they collectively fell silent.

Tang Huan took out his crescent sabers and easily jumped onto the arena.

“Come on!”

His eyes flashed with wild and bloodthirsty excitement.

Yin Shian slowly walked up the steps beside him.

If they hadnt known he was a zombie, theyd have thought he was terminally ill by looking at his pale, almost translucent skin, thin frame, and sickly appearance.

Everyone gathered around.

A battle between Tang Huan and an SS grade heretic was too rare!


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