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Tang Huan was indeed a battle maniac.

As soon as Yin Shian stood in the arena, the crescent sabers in his hand flew towards him fiercely.

The blade sliced through the air and went straight for his face.

In the arena, Yin Shian was still motionless.

Everyones hearts instantly tensed up.

When the blade was less than a fingers length away from Yin Shians face, he raised his arm.

No one knew how he did it, but he used two fingers to catch the blade of the crescent sabers.

His slender fingers that seemed to have their own black nail polish lightly clamped onto Tang Huans saber.

He was completely fine!


His movements were really cool and impressive.

As expected of an SS-grade.

Faced with such a situation, not only was Tang Huan not afraid and discouraged, but he was even more excited.

He even laughed out loud.


This time, he threw out the other knife in his hand and charged over.

The battle in the arena had begun.

Tang Huan and Yin Shians speed was so fast that it was difficult to see them with the naked eye.

Other than a few people who could see clearly, the rest could only see afterimages.

This battle made ones scalp tingle with excitement.

Fu Ye brought two stools from somewhere and sat with Lu Xiaocha.

The child took out a handful of sunflower seeds from her pocket and started munching.

“Wheres mine”

The fragrant sunflower seeds were all large and plump.

After being pinched on the earlobe a few times, Lu Xiaocha reluctantly took out a small handful of sunflower seeds and handed them to Fu Ye.

“Thats all.

Nothing else.”

Fu Ye tapped her forehead with his finger.


Hence, such a strange scene appeared in the audience.

They were all here to watch the battle.

Others could only stand and watch.

Only the two of them were leisurely sitting on small stools and eating sunflower seeds.

This was really… too arrogant!

The doctor came over and exclaimed when he saw this.

“Why didnt I think of that”

Then, his gaze turned to Yin Shian.

He wanted to cut open his flesh with a scalpel and study his blood, organs, and bones.

What is the difference between the body of an SS-grade heretic and that of ordinary people or even other heretics

Under the doctors burning gaze, the two people in the arena had already changed from a battle of weapons to a head-on clash of fists.

However, after a few rounds, Tang Huan was sent flying out of the arena, and his body smashed into the ground, creating a human-shaped shallow pit.

He sat up on the floor.

He looked wretched and terrifying, covered in blood.

The next second, Tang Huan laughed, and the battle intent in his eyes intensified.


Ill come back for you next time!”

In the arena, Yin Shian returned to his sickly and slow appearance.

He took out a bag of blood and sucked it.


Decisive refusal.

Tang Huan moved.

Many of his bones were broken, and the pain made him feel crazy pleasure.

Xie Suian looked at him in disdain.

“Send them to the hospital!”

This was the first time they had seen Tang Huan beaten up like this.

The people from the heretic bureau found it strange and satisfying.

This guy had previously provoked people to duel everywhere in the heretic bureau.

Everyone had more or less been beaten up by him and sent to the hospital.

Now, it was finally his turn!

Lu Xiaocha threw the sunflower seed shells into the trash can in a plastic bag.

“Im hungry.

I can go eat octopus.”


She glanced at Tang Huan on the stretcher and ran over with sparkling eyes.

“You cant eat the octopus in the kitchen, right Then in order not to waste it, can you give it to me”

Tang Huan was speechless.

In the end, the various dishes prepared by the kitchen using octopus fell into her mouth.

Satisfied, she also found the food in the heretic bureaus canteen delicious.

This was because other chefs would faint from shock if they saw these things, let alone handle the cooking.

This time, Lu Xiaocha took Fu Yes car back.

When she reached the noisy citys traffic lights, she accidentally saw an advertisement on the buildings billboard.

It wasnt that she was much interested in advertising, but the person in it.

Bai Yunyi, the heroine of this novel.


She had almost forgotten that the world she was in was a world from a novel, while the Lu family was a villain destined to be destroyed!

“Its Bai Yunyi.

Shes so innocent.

I heard that shes about to take on Director LusThree Thousand Kill, and shes the second female lead.”

“Is this for real Shes a new actress, right The first movie she accepted was actually directed by Director Lu And shes even the second female lead!”

Lu Xiaochas sharp ears caught the sounds of these discussions and roughly guessed where the plot had developed.

As the female lead of an ancient romance novel, Bai Yunyi had a tragic background.

Her father, a scumbag, cheated on her mother and chased the mother and daughter out of the house with nothing.

Bai Yunyis mother was seriously ill and needed a lot of money.

Then, she was discovered by the male lead, Leng Yunting, on a rainy night when she was sad and desperate.

He was attracted by her face which looked very similar to his first love.

Just like that, the two of them signed a contract that was similar to a kept woman.

They began the melodramatic abuse of her escaping him chasing after her.

And Lu Beiqing was the female leads first love in the novel.

This was because when he was in university, Lu Beiqing was the female protagonists senior.

He had suddenly appeared like a savior and helped the female protagonist who was bullied and ostracized by other students.

From then on, Lu Beiqings figure moved into her heart like light.

The plot should have developed after the contract.

The male lead originally only used her as a substitute for someone else, but later on, he gradually became attracted to Bai Yunyi and began to give her resources in the entertainment industry to support her.

Moreover, it was precisely because of “Three Thousand Kills” that the male lead realized the female leads feelings for Lu Beiqing.

The two of them began to misunderstand and explain.

In the end, the male leads gaze landed on Lu Beiqing.

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

Her… Second Brother was such a bastard!

“Whats wrong”

Fu Ye keenly caught her emotions.

Lu Xiaocha looked away expressionlessly.


She certainly couldnt let the plot affect the home shed worked so hard to get.

If they really wanted to target the Lu family, she didnt mind teaching them a memorable lesson.


It was just that she had forgotten when her father and brother would get into an accident.

After all, there were so many plots in the novel.

Her father and brother were busy people who would be flying around on a plane at any moment.

She couldnt ask them to stop working.

That was obviously unrealistic.

All she could remember was that the plane seemed to be flying to Country M.

When she came back to her senses, she discovered something very wrong.

“Are we going back to the Lu family”

Fu Ye laughed out loud.

“Thats impossible.

We are going back to my house.”

Lu Xiaocha almost got into a fight with him in the car.

The next second he took out a lollipop.

“Eat, Ill take you around my house! The crayfish from before hasnt been cashed in yet.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up and she grabbed his clothes tightly with the lollipop in her hand.

“Then can you tell me next time At least bring Grandpa Fu a gift!”

She had gifts to give now.

Fu Ye said, “Theres no hurry.

Its the Old Masters birthday in a few days.

Save your gift for his birthday.”


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