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After repeatedly confirming that she wouldnt hurt herself and that the bug wouldnt bite her, Lu Beichen left worriedly.

Lu Xiaocha had to go to school the next day.

She woke up early and started drinking milk.

“My lady, these are tea eggs.”

Her eyes lit up as they always did when the cracked marmalade tea eggs were served.

In front of food, there was never a time when her eyes were not bright.

Although they were used to it, everyone could not help but feel their hearts soften when they saw her like this.

It couldnt be helped.

The little girl was too cute and obedient.

Everyone tried to feed her something every day.

Lu Beichen woke up early today as well.

He wore his school uniform and walked downstairs with his school bag in one hand.

“There are tea eggs today”

Lu Xiaocha had already begun to peel the shell impatiently.

The boiled tea egg was covered in beautiful sauce-colored cracks, looking beautiful and fragrant.

She bit down on half a tea egg.

Her mouth and eyes were round from eating.

This was what Lu Beifeng saw when he came downstairs.

His sisters skin was snow-white, and her eyes were sparkling as she sat on the chair and ate.

Her eyes seemed to be filled with thousands of stars.

The blissful look on her snow-white and exquisite face made ones appetite increase.

“Fourth Brother.”

When Lu Xiaocha saw who it was, she ate happily and waved her hand.

Lu Beichen was also eating breakfast.

He was not surprised to see him up so early.

Beifeng was admitted to the military academy.

Be it in school or in the training camp, he had a strict schedule.

This habit that had long been engraved in his bones could not be changed even if he was injured.

“Youre up early.”

Lu Beifeng pulled out a chair and sat down.

Unlike Fu Yes unruly manner, his posture was as straight as a pine tree, firm and reserved.

Now that he was hurt, all he could do was eat porridge.

However, even if it was porridge, it was made in various ways in the Lu family.

The fragrance made Lu Xiaocha envious.

“You want to eat”

Lu Beifengs lips curled up slightly and there was a smile in his eyes.

His well-defined face made him look even more lively.

The high-spirited young man was like a young general from an ancient family.

His aura was imposing, and he carried the unwillingness to admit defeat and ambition.

Lu Xiaocha nodded quickly without hesitation.

“Come here.”

Lu Beifeng crooked his finger and she moved her chair closer to her fourth brother.

The young man scooped a spoonful and blew on it to cool it down before feeding it to her.

She obediently opened her mouth and accepted her brothers feeding.

He fed her spoonful after spoonful.

Lu Beifeng did not even eat himself.

Most of the bowl was fed to his sister.

Quite an addiction.

Beside him, Lu Beichen was envious.

He simply peeled a tea egg and joined in feeding his sister.

When Lu Xiaocha realized that she had almost finished her fourth brothers porridge, she shrank her neck guiltily.

“Help yourself, Brother.”

She still had a lot of food on her side.

The servant brought Lu Beifeng another bowl of porridge.

Lu Xiaocha burped.

It was another blissful morning.

After the family practiced boxing, the family went to work and went to school.

“Walking to school”

They were up early.

They should be just in time to walk to school.

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“Brother, lets run over.”

Lu Beichen smiled.

“Alright, lets see who arrives first.”

After saying that, the siblings carried their bags and started running.

In the past, Lu Beichen would never do such a thing.

Now, he was getting more and more youthful.

As the monthly exam approached, the schools studying atmosphere was very strong.

Everyone else was flipping through books and doing questions, but she was still practicing her writing.

Lu Xiaochas mentality was really good, and she was already prepared to score zero again.

The teachers head hurt just looking at it.

But what could they do The parents of the child had already called to say that they were just sending their children to school to experience the learning atmosphere.

They didnt care if her results were good or bad.

There was something else worth mentioning.

After Liao Changyi returned from the hospital and was beaten up, his uncle was also expelled from school.

Not only did he not reflect on himself, but he also became even more resentful of the Lu family.

He came to find trouble with Lu Beichen on the first day of school.

“Lu Beichen, come out!”

Her tone was still arrogant and domineering.

All the students of Class One looked over, including Lu Xiaocha.

Meeting Lu Xiaochas clear eyes, Liao Changyi took two steps back, then became even angrier and said the most cowardly words in the most ruthless tone.

“If youre a man, come out on your own.

Whats the point of letting your sister out!”


The solemn and tense atmosphere was ruined by his words.

“What are you laughing at! Im asking if you dare to keep the promise!”

He had to avenge the humiliation the Lu family had brought to the Liao family!

Lu Beichen looked at him as if he was looking at a fool.

“Get lost.”

Liao Changyi was enraged.

Just as he was about to curse, he saw Lu Xiaocha sitting casually beside Lu Beichen.

With a flick of her thumb, the ballpoint pen broke into two.

There was a chilling glint in her clean eyes.

Liao Changyis pupils constricted.

“Ill wait for you outside school after school.”

Then he fled in a sorry state with his minions.

Lu Beichen turned around.

Lu Xiaocha raised the pen in her hand and said pitifully.

“Brother, my pen is broken.

Can I stop writing”

Lu Beichen was speechless.

He took out a handful of ballpoint pens from his bag.

“Here, choose one.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

Feeling aggrieved, she chose a pen and leaned over the table to practice.

When it was time for lunch, she wanted to pull her brother along and run to the canteen when Fu Ye suddenly appeared at the school gate.

Her head hit his ribs and almost sent him flying.

“Cough, cough, cough… Why are you running so fast”

Fu Yes handsome face looked a little distorted as he held the spot where he had been hit and gasped.

Lu Beichen let out a gloating laugh.

Lu Xiaocha was even more anxious and wanted to push him away.

“Move aside a little.

Youre blocking me from eating!”

Fu Ye pressed his head.

“Why are you in such a hurry Look what I brought you.”

He waved the heavy lunch box.

Lu Beichen slapped away the claw that was pressing on his sisters head.

“What are you doing here”

He did not give Fu Ye a good look at all.

Without needing him to say anything, Lu Xiaochas little nose twitched twice.

In the next second, her eyes lit up and her arms hugged the thing he had brought tightly.


She instantly stopped struggling and was satisfied.

Fu Ye smiled provocatively at Lu Beichen.

Lu Beichen gritted his teeth.

Suddenly, he sneered and approached Fu Ye while his sister was focused on the food.

Fu Ye “”

A second later, he clutched his stomach and screamed.

“Fu Ye, you hit me!”

Fu Ye: “!!!”

F*ck, youre playing dirty! Fu Ye thought.

The next second, he felt a pain in his foot.

The smug expression on his face instantly twisted.


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