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I went to ride in a carriage.

I was personally carried by Grand Duke Estin into the carriage.

I cautiously nodded.

The carriage started to move forward.

I was saddened to see the Grand Duke’s disappearing figure in the window.

Grand Duke Estin continued to look at the carriage with his arms folded.

“I shouldn’t have brought up the orphanage at the end.”

I don’t know when Grand Duke Estin will return, but he seemed uncomfortable earlier.

I think I understand why Grand Duke Estin is reluctant to discuss the orphanage with me…..

Is it

I recalled what Sophia had said earlier.

It’s true that while I was living in the orphanage, I wasn’t happy but I wasn’t sad either.

That’s where I met Leo and Astina.

My head was resting against the jangling carriage.

Since I knew the Grand Duke would pick me up, I didn’t feel particularly depressed.

What I feel is resentment towards other people who pity me for having a hard time.

Regardless, those experiences shaped who I am today.

Do I have to forget that moment just because I wasn’t happy at the time

‘Does Grand Duke Estin hate me back then’

I slammed my head firmly against the wall as soon as the idea crossed my mind.

“Why did I advise Lausanne and Astina earlier When I’m good at it, I…”

And Leo, of course.

Leo kept popping up in my thoughts despite the many things that happened today.

Leo kept the gold coins at the time, right He’s definitely still alive, I’m positive.

He’s a tough kid who won’t go down without a fight.

‘Demimore will find him.’

I was unknowingly relying on Demimore.

Even though he is still a young prince.

But perhaps he can do better than asking Hestia.

“But is our house still far away”

I dangled my feet because I was bored.

When I came with Grand Duke Estin, the distance didn’t seem that great.

I suppose going alone makes it seem farther away.

I haven’t felt alone in a long time.

‘Oh, I’m so tired, I can’t wait to get home.’

With other people, it’s different, but I really missed Rex.

It felt strange not to be around Rex, possibly because we had been together since he arrived at the castle.

I was with Leo before I arrived at Conler Castle.

Oh, I’m back to thinking about Leo.

The carriage abruptly stopped as I was hitting the back of my head against it.

Did the carriage encounter an issue because I kept bumping my head against it Someone suddenly banged on the carriage as I was turning to look around.

‘Did they meet Lucas’

When I heard a loud roar outside, I tried to sneak out of my seat to find out what was going on.

I quickly covered my ears.

No, this isn’t Lucas.

I had an unsettling feeling in an instant.

With my hands, I covered my ears.

I felt a chill throughout my body.

“Miss! You must never come out!”

I could hear the Knights’ voices.

It became quite noisy.

I curled up in my seat.

I remembered the voice of Grand Duke Estin as he asked me to go back together earlier.

The carriage shook violently.

If only you were here right now, dad.

“Keep the carriage away!”

A shout came from outside.

Yes, they are after me.

I used my sleeve to dab away the tiny tears that had started to form around my eyes.

After that, I let go of my hunched position and sat straight in my chair.

I did my best to straighten my back as I fixed my gaze forward.

My body grew cold but my mind calmed.

‘Why now, when I’m going home alone’

What is happening now did not happen because I was unlucky.

Someone forced me into this situation after devising a detailed plan to get rid of me.

“Mary Conler.”

The carriage’s door slammed open.

I shifted my attention from the front to the side.

It was a familiar face.

I became so frustrated that I began laughing.

‘Is it him’

“Long time no see.”


“You have no idea how long I have looked forward to this day.”

It was the director of the orphanage who opened the door of the carriage and came in.

It’s a face that I can’t forget, even in my dreams.

I should be surprised, but there was no time for that.

I was very composed.

Maybe I was so calm because my anodes were touching.

**[TL/N: I’m not sure how to explain it, but think of it as a magnet.

The north and south pole combination will pull them together, but if they are the same poles they will push each other away.]

“poisonous thing…”

The director spat words at me as I sat quietly in front of him.

‘Isn’t this too much’

It’s best to not judge something by how it actually appears, but this award is unlikely to make more money.

What was strange was that his hollow eyes seemed to be looking at me, but they weren’t.

I’m fairly certain, but he appears to be that type of person.

Yes, it is a person, but not in the typical sense.

‘Yes, it resembles a zombie.’

The director stumbled over to me and grabbed my arm.

I quickly resisted the touch.

Having that hand on my body felt dreadful.

“You still have a temper.”

“Get out on your feet.”

He smiled slyly with his crooked mouth and gestured to me as if to come out of the carriage.

I gave him a stern look before leaving the carriage.


“I told you to stay inside!”

I stepped outside to find the Knights arguing with the people.

No matter how powerful the Knights of Conler were, there seemed to be too many foes for just five people to handle.

Where did they get all of those people The voice calling out my name sounded desperate.

Under the circumstances, there was little chance of winning.

“Five people”

When we left the mansion, there were undoubtedly six people present.

I looked around.

The carriage was drawn by four horses.

However, there are now only three.

‘Did he run away’

No, the Knights of Conler will not do such a thing.

Then what

He went to pick up Grand Duke Estin.’

I thought I just needed to hang in there a little longer.

It’s a hope circuit, so the situation isn’t particularly dire.

Anyhow, the Knights are currently engaged in combat.

Additionally, Lucas is now on his way to meet me.

One of them then secretly left the group and went to find someone—possibly Grand Duke Estin—to ask for assistance.

I made the decision to avoid making any stupid decisions.

So all I had to do was deal with the director in front of me well.

I swallowed my saliva.


Damn it….’

My legs trembled as I looked at the director.

That’s understandable.

To me, the director was already a monster.

However, he has become even more bizarre since then.

The director and I looked at each other.

“Long time no see.”

Really, it’s been a while.

Why do I keep running into people I haven’t seen in a while

A familiar face appeared when I turned to look at the director’s side.


“Do you remember me”

“Who are you”

It wasn’t a new face, but I couldn’t place it precisely.

The familiar-looking man simply smiled, revealing his teeth, as if he didn’t mind that I didn’t recognize him.

“You don’t seem to remember well.”


“How’s Carol doing”



There was a character who appeared in my head out of nowhere when I thought of Carol.


It was Jackson whom I met in the Tana district.

He used Carol as much as he wanted.

It’s been so long, I completely forgot.

No, I thought he was just an extra.

I didn’t know he would reappear like this.

Why is Jackson working with the director

Come to think of it, Jackson was strange, too.

Yes, it’s obvious that he won’t succeed in making money through legal means, but there was an unpleasantness that was distinct from his dishonest impression.

The condition was similar to the director’s.

He was staring at me with empty eyes.

Heavy rupture sounds were heard.

Now the Knights were fighting to protect me.

But when I gave it a closer look, I noticed something odd.

The Knights’ current struggles are not due to a numerical disadvantage.

Even after being slashed with swords, those people do not fall.

When I saw that, I covered my mouth with my hand.

“That’s why their voices were earlier…”

I remembered their desperate voices.

Those who are fighting now know that the things in front of them do not fall.

Even though they knew that, they were still holding their swords to protect me. 

‘Why is everyone in that state…’

Who forced them to act in that manner I remembered Rex’s ability.

It’s similar to Rex’s ability.

Rex has the power to command the dead at will.

Then there’s someone in the world who can manipulate the living as if they were dead, and they’re after me.

‘Who is it Who is it’

This group includes Jackson and the director.

It appears as though they were observing me.

Someone is now doing these things and looking at me from the side without revealing their identity.

Something else odd.

If their aim was to kill me, they could have jumped at me.

Strangely, nobody seemed to care about me besides the director and Jackson.

I ponder whether their goal wasn’t to take my life.

It was then.

There was a loud noise.

It’s the sound of a carriage!


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