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Yan Qingchi’s sober and calm demeanor made Jiang Mochen think of the question that he had had: just why was the Yan Qingchi before his eyes so different from before His overly sensitive reflexes, extraordinary agility, vigilance while sleeping, hobby of recording, as well as the alcohol tolerance (of not getting drunk) that he had now shown…The Yan Family was a normal household.

How could such a household raise him to be like this1

But if Yan Qingchi didn’t tell him, Jiang Mochen wouldn’t ask either.

He had called simply because he had been worried about him.

He knew now that the other man was fine, and that was enough.

Jiang Mochen gazed at Yan Qingchi, who was smiling warmly at him on the phone screen, “Alright, it’s gotten late.

Go sleep.

Rest well.”


You go to bed soon too.”

“I’ll go to sleep after hanging up.”

Yan Qingchi nodded, “Ah, right.” He suddenly remembered, “Jiang Mochen, the Ruan Wenxuan and Song Li thing ends here.

Don’t concern yourself too much with them, okay”

Jiang Mochen felt that sometimes Yan Qingchi was very good with his words.

When he talked to you about something, he would choose different methods based on the situation.

Sometimes he was direct, and sometimes he was tactful; sometimes he had a very firm attitude, and yet sometimes he seemed to hand you the reins.

Just like right now: Yan Qingchi didn’t say, ‘I’ve already handled this matter, so don’t intervene.’ Instead, he said, ‘Don’t concern yourself too much with them,’ and asked him, ‘okay’   

He asked you gently, as if he wouldn’t refute whether you said ‘okay’ or not.

But his tone made you unable to bear going against his will, so you willingly went along with his will and said, ‘Okay.’

Hence, Jiang Mochen went along with his will, answering, “Alright.

Since you’ve already handled it, I’ll heed your words.”

“Thank you.” Yan Qingchi crinkled his eyes and smiled, “Then, good night.”

“Good night.” Jiang Mochen watched as Yan Qingchi got settled in the blanket,2 and hung up the video call.

He kind of found it a pity: If Yan Qingchi was by his side right now, they could continue to play that ‘Thank You’ game.

But he wasn’t here.

It was rare that Yan Qingchi had thanked him, yet he wasn’t by his side.

Jiang Mochen felt that he kind of missed him.

He missed his quips, his tenderness and thoughtfulness, the way he hugged him, and the way he was intimate with himself (JMC).

Yan Qingchi was so full of life, like the silent drizzle of spring, the abundant sunshine in summer, the beautiful red maple leaves in autumn, and the clean and pure white snow in winter.

He was honest and forthright, confident and enthusiastic.

He had sharp claws, but also soft pads.

He looked at you, dignified and beautiful; he glared at you, emotive and lively; he came close to you, showing you his world; he left you, but looked back at you from not far away. 3

Jiang Mochen felt that he seriously kind of missed him.

The next morning, all of the guests left one by one.

Yan Qingchi didn’t see Ruan Wenxuan and Song Li when he left.

He only saw Sun Xun and Ding Zinan. 

Ding Zinan waved, “See you next episode.”

Yan Qingchi replied to her, “See you next episode.”

 “Are you going home directly” Sun Xun queried.

 Yan Qingchi nodded.

“Let’s go then.

I’ll go with you to the airport.

I’m headed to h City.”

“Okay.” Yan Qingchi answered.

When he deboarded the airplane, Yan Qingchi turned on his phone and saw a news update about Come Fight! Friend! had already been posted on Weibo.

[Who’s this Is he filling in for Guan Jingshen’s spot Why does he look so unfamiliar What has he acted in]

[Where’d this little nobody come from How did he get in The production team must have been bribed]

[the xiao gege is quite good-looking]

[this kind of little fresh meat looks like he’s just a pretty face.

he’s probably just going to sell his looks in the show.

he wouldn’t know how to do anything.

they might as well have stuck with Guan Jingshen.]

[They might as well have stuck with Guan Jingshen 1, strongly request to change back to Guan Jingshen]

[Wait, isn’t this Yan Qingchi The one who had shot Lost with Jiang Mochen.

His resources aren’t bad then.]

[Shooting Lost with Jiang Mochen And appearing on Come Fight! Where’s this “resourceful person”4 from To have such a wonderful management company.]   

[maybe he had saved the ol’ CEO of the management company]

[hahahahahahahahahahahaha, the commenter above’s hilarious]

[no, commenter above the commenter above, he didn’t save the old CEO of the management company.

He’d saved the management company’s money-making tree.5 Could the management company not thank him!] 

[ what does that mean, explain]

[here’s a link.

Go see for yourself.

I bet fifty cents that none of Yan Qingchi’s future resources will be terrible.]

[Holy **, when i opened the link i was so shocked my melon fell.6 When did this happen No wonder Nan Cheng is so supportive.

He really did save their money-making tree.

But from the video, it does look like it was quite nerve-wracking.

Yan Qingchi’s agility’s pretty good.

Film Emperor Jiang’s a little unlucky.

The Little Houses-jiejie didn’t tear the production team a new one7]

[they did, but not to the point that it hit the news.8 After all, he still has to shoot the movie, so they can’t tear into the production team too hard or they’ll make things awkward]

Yan Qingchi tapped on the link.

Sure enough, it talked about how he had saved Jiang Mochen.

Yan Qingchi felt that Jiang Mochen had been right.

With this incident, there was a very good explanation for many things related to him: he had saved Jiang Mochen, Jiang Mochen was grateful, and Nan Cheng was willing to support him because of Jiang Mochen—it all seemed logical. 

After Yan Qingchi looked at Weibo, he went to the discussion forum.

He discovered that the discussion forum had already discussed him substituting for Guan Jingshen.

The new topic up for discussion was if everyone would reminisce about Guan Jingshen or become Yan Qingchi’s fan instead after the show aired.  

 ⸺probably miss Guan Jingshen.

After all, he’s been here for two seasons.

The viewers would have already grown attached to him.

 ⸺I also think everyone will miss Guan Jingshen.

Though his performance is average and he doesn’t have many highlights, he’s still an old regular.

Everyone has already grown attached to him. 

⸺The way I see it, it’s already not bad if Yan Qingchi doesn’t get yelled at.

Changing someone in the middle of the season is like changing someone in the next episode of a TV series: so annoying.

⸺yeah, personally I hate disturbances like changing someone the most!

⸺Didn’t Guan Jingshen’s fans say that they’ll berate whoever substitutes Guan Jingshen Yan Qingchi’s in for it.

 ⸺Weibo’s already begun reminiscing about Guan Jingshen.

Moreover, they’ve already started spamming the hashtag9

 ⸺Yan Qingchi, wretched!

 As he read, Yan Qingchi was unconsciously kind of worried.

“That…probably won’t happen, right” he thought.

He felt that he had done pretty well.

 Yet, just at that moment, someone commented, 

⸺I’m telling you guys now, and I’m not afraid of being necro-ed,10 the day that the show airs will be the time when Yan Qingchi will rise in ranking.

You just wait and see.

⸺Is the commenter above Yan Qingchi’s fan Talking so big

⸺smiling while watching Oats-jiejie (Is that what Yan’s fans are called) talk big.

You are not afraid that you’ll sprain your tongue with a boast like that.11 

 ⸺such a tall flag was planted.

At first I had thought that there were high prospects in Yan Qingchi gaining fans, but now I don’t.

Sitting here and waiting for the faceslapping 

 ⸺Sitting here and waiting for the necro

 ⸺I’m afraid that the time when the show airs is the day that Yan Qingchi will be rebuked

 ⸺yeah, Guan Jingshen’s fans and the show’s fans, tsk tsk, that image is too beautiful that I dare not look

 ⸺hahahaha at that time, the Oats-jiejie who’ve been savagely torn into better not cry

⸺even if you cry, don’t come sadfishing12 in the forum 

These people’s comments angered the staff member Little Duan, who was on the other side of the computer.

He had been specifically tasked by Come Fight! Friend!’s production team with posting and replying threads on the discussion forum, hyping up the show.

He was so mad that he threw the mouse in his hand to the ground.

He wanted more than anything to post the footage he had watched to the forum, pushing their necks down and asking, “See for yourself.

This hand–eye coordination, this speed, this handsomeness, and the mvp two episodes in a row—the highlights of the two episodes are all him, could he not blow up (in popularity)!”    

Yet, as a dutiful staff member, Little Duan could only take deep breaths and calm down. “You just wait,” he thought, “in a month, you guys will be slapping your own left and right cheeks, wishing that you could rewind time and return to the past to delete the comments you are posting now.” When Little Duan thought of that happening, he actually looked forward to it a little bit.

Yan Qingchi, on the other hand, did not share the same enthusiasm, because Wei Lan had called him.

The first words out of his mouth were, “Hahahaha, Yan Qingchi, times have changed and now .

Come, Yan Qingchi, wash Daddy’s feet.”[/efn_note]Refer to Ch45.

Basically the sentiment of “the tables have turned.” The foot-washing thing is something done to show filial piety, to show your respect and gratitude to your parents.[/efn_note]

Yan Qingchi: ……

It was very obvious that Wei Lan knew about Yan Qingchi being the second male lead in Mian Mian Cotton Candy.13 And what was even more obvious was that Wei Lan really looked forward to their upcoming collaboration!

 If you were to ask why Wei Lan only learned about Yan Qingchi being Mian Mian Cotton Candy’s second male lead now, the reason was very simple: because before this, he had gone out to play.

Wei Lan was in the entertainment industry just to play around.

His debut was purely because when he saw that even though a certain contestant wasn’t good at singing, dancing, or anything, that contestant still had a batch of faithful fans, Wei Lan posted about his confusion, 

[Is the threshold for the entertainment industry so low now That someone like this can debut]

Sure enough, he was attacked by the other party’s fans.

As the fans attacked him, they said, [if you (think you) can do it, then you go up (and do it)]

Wei Lan didn’t argue that ‘even if I’m not a refrigerator, I still have the qualification to rate the refrigeration.’ Instead, he picked up his guitar, expressing, [Ok.

I (think I) can do it, so I’m going up (and doing it).] 

And so, Wei Lan applied for another survival competition show.

He was naturally good-looking and, because his household was liberal with money, he carried the extremely bold air of a fearless youth.14 As soon as he showed his face, he was showered with many girls’ screams.

Wei Lan was good at playing instruments.

He was very good at the guitar and the drum kit.

And he had a great voice.

Adding to that his dashing looks and the cockiness he exuded from head-to-toe, he was unstoppable in his advance in the show.

When Wei Xun, who had been preoccupied by work, discovered to his surprise that his younger brother had become a popular idol of the new generation, Wei Lan had already entered the finals.

In the finals, many things were not as simple.

The survival competition show had their own considerations and the sponsor(s) had contestants that they wanted to push.

The manager who had been preparing sugar-coated bullets15 and planned to sign Wei Lan told him that if he did not sign with their company, he would only be in the top ten, and that it was impossible for him to have a better ranking.

Wei Lan promptly gave him the middle finger, and then posted on Weibo: There are too many dirty tricks, the water is too deep.

I’m not competing anymore.

I’m going home.

Anyway, I’ve already proved that I can do it, so I went up.

Thank you everyone for your support.

If we have the chance, we’ll meet again. Then, he pulled his suitcase and really went home. 

Wei Lan’s fans were extremely upset and ripped apart the production team in their fury, vowing to seek justice for their “younger brother”.

The production team made a false countercharge, expressing that Wei Lan was throwing mud at them, disparaging the show’s reputation, and that they were going to send him a cease and desist letter.16

Wei Lan directly responded on Weibo: Come at me then.

Whoever doesn’t is a grandson.

When Wei Xun saw this farce, he was so angered by his younger brother that his head hurt; at the same time, he thought his younger brother shouldn’t be bullied like this by other people. 

And so he made a call, contacted people, and had them go handle the matter.

Soon enough, the production team deleted their Weibo post without saying anything.

When Wei Lan’s fans saw this, they were even more convinced that Wei Lan had suffered a grievance and the production team had pulled a dirty trick on him. Otherwise, if they weren’t guilty, why would they delete the Weibo post They must be feeling guilty! They must have wanted to harm our ‘younger brother’!

The production team couldn’t speak of their troubles. Who the f*ck knew that this thorn was a leopard!17 If they had known earlier that the “Wei” in “Wei Lan” was the “Wei” in the “Wei Family,” Wei Lan would have had any rank he wanted and any trophy he liked.

If he didn’t like any, then he could order a new one.

But this retrospective knowledge couldn’t be bought even with a thousand coins, so the production team could only suck it up and deal with it.

They could only hope that this young master’s older brother could call it a day and not do any other awful things.

Wei Xun certainly had no plans to do anything else.

After all, he was now a proper businessman.

He asked Wei Lan, “You want to be a celebrity”

At that time, Wei Lan was still in university and felt indifferent about it, “Sure.”

Wei Xun nodded.

The next day, he had already found a management company and manager for Wei Lan.

Soon, the manager helped him accept a music-type variety show gig as a challenger guest on the show.

The moment he appeared, the place exploded.

And that was how Wei Lan became popular.

As for his fans, because they had watched him debut as well as how he had encountered dirty tricks and experienced slander, they had always doted on him like a younger brother or a son.

When Wei Lan had first appeared, his fans had gently called themselves “Mountain Wind.”18 Later on, they changed their  style and became the “Galaxy Guardians of Lan.”19 They had a place in the catfight ranking within the fan circle that could not be disregarded.  

Because of his unique identity, Wei Lan’s manager Zhang Cheng20 actually didn’t really manage him much—of course, he couldn’t control him either.

So, after Wei Lan shot a TV drama and was unfortunately defeated by Yan Qingchi at the movie audition, he was bored so he went out to play. 

Only when he returned according to the time that shooting for the new movie started did he have the opportunity to ask his manager who else was in the cast.

And then, he came to know that Yan Qingchi was going to be the second male lead. 

Wei Lan laughed on the spot.

He felt that the entertainment circle was really a circle.21 This news was entirely too delightful.

He couldn’t resist calling Yan Qingchi and fully expressing how much he looked forward to this movie.

Meanwhile, Yan Qingchi could only speechlessly listen to him as he silently consoled himself, at least with Wei Lan around, no one in the crew would dare to cause trouble. 

This was probably the only comforting thing.

The author has something to say:

Wei Lan’s life is like a feel-good novel life.

So, with him around, no one will cause trouble in this idol drama film crew.

Qingchi can properly shoot the drama~

Next chapter: Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan’s happy reunion; the Little White Lotus wants to remind people of his existence

FootnotesJMC thinks it’s weird that a normal family like the Yan Family can raise YQC to have these reflexes, skills, wariness, etc.

And again, he thinks the current YQC he knows is very different from the one he read about on paper.he laid downI really like this paragraph even though the last part was a bit of a pain to translate so here’s the raw: 江默宸覺得,自己有些想他了。想他的伶牙俐齒,想他的溫柔體貼,想他抱著自己的樣子,還想他和自己親昵的樣子。他是如此鮮活,像春天潤物無聲的細雨,像夏日充沛豐盈的陽光,像秋天靚麗火紅的楓葉,像冬日乾淨純潔的白雪。他誠實坦率、自信熱情,他有鋒利的爪牙,卻又有柔軟的肉墊。他看著你,眉眼盈盈;他瞪著你,生動活潑;他靠近你,給你展示他的世界;他離開你,卻又在不遠處回眸看你。資源咖 (zīyuánkā) – literally “resource cast”.

It’s slang for people who receive resources/gigs that they wouldn’t have been able to get on their own.

Check out these sites for more information: site 1 and site 2.English equivalent: cash cow”melon” in this case most likely theoretical (when people are spectating or speculating, they say they are “eating melon”Check this out if you’re confused.or like, the point that many people on the internet know about it (e.g., not trending)apparently Weibo topics = Chinese twitter hashtagsRaw literally says “不怕挖墳” (“not afraid of [my] tomb/grave being dug” in this sentence), which is a phenomenon in which people reply to an old thread or post without contributing anything meaningful to bump it to the top and letting everyone see it.

Baidu link here.

“Necro-ing” (“Action to dig up a dead thread in a forum”) is the English equivalent.Check these sites for more information: site 1 and site 2.”Sadfishing is posting emotional or dramatic personal content to gain sympathy or attention from the online community” (source).I previously misread the first two characters of the drama name.

The first two characters 綿綿 (miánmián) are actually the female lead’s name (Mian Mian).I tried.

Raw: 他天生長得好,又因為家庭闊綽,自帶一種少年無所畏懼的風發意氣…糖衣炮彈 (tángyīpàodàn) – sugar-coated bullets, term used by Mao (originally in 1949) to refer to corrupting bourgeois influences.

In this case, I’m interpreting it to be flatteryIt actually said “lawyer letter” and I assumed they were talking about a C&DRaw says “金錢豹 (jīnqiánbào)”, which is a leopard.

In 2022, it’s a online meme and homophone of “進錢包” (jìnqiánbāo)/ “into the wallet”山風 (shānfēng).

I think it’s because the “Lan” in “Wei Lan” is written like 嵐, so the 山 and 風 in his name.銀河護嵐隊 (Yínhéhùlánduì).

Fun fact: In Chinese, the Guardians of the Galaxy is 銀河護衛隊 (Yínhéhùwèiduì)–the same Wei in Wei Lan章程 (zhāngchéng)I guess, in the sense of things coming back around from the starting point And now the tables have turned-

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