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Translator: Daed

Yan Qingchi hadnt stayed at home for too long before filming for Mian Mian Cotton Candy began.

Mian Mian Cotton Candy was a campus idol drama adapted from a best-selling online novel.

It was a story of how Tang Mianmian met the arrogant and domineering rich young master Yan Xiangming in an accident, and then met him again at school.

From that point on, a sweet romantic love story unfolded.

In the story, Yan Xiangming was born in a wealthy family.

He was arrogant and domineering, short-tempered, and had bad grades, but he was kind-hearted.

When he returned late once, he saw someone bullying Tang Mianmian, so he saved her.

Tang Mianmian, having been saved, wanted to repay his kindness.

However, Yan Xiangming didnt need anything, so she could only leave it (wanting to repay him) at that.

That was, until the school counselor told Yan Xiangming that he had too many failed courses in the first semester.

If he did not pass the makeup exams in the second semester, he would have to repeat the first year of university.

Yan Xinagming was worried that his parents would be angry if they knew, and thought of Tang Mianmian.

He hoped that she could help tutor him.

She naturally was willing, and the two of them interacted and fell in love with each other like this.

This story was actually very simple, but its strength was in the interesting and lively characters as well as the extremely sweet and beautiful romance between the two that fulfilled the female imagination of a campus romance.

Yan Qingchi portrayed the second male lead—Lin Yiang.1 Lin Yiang was mild-mannered and courteous.

He and Tang Mianmian had grown up together, and he was the older brother next door whom she trusted most.

But, unlike other stories where he might have developed romantic feelings for her, he really only thought of Tang Mianmian as his younger sister, just like she really only thought of him as her older brother.

Nevertheless, this didnt affect Yan Xiangming from being jealous and envious after he saw Lin Yiang.

Yet, unlike the usual state of mutual hostility between the second male lead and the male lead after they met, Lin Yiang really liked Yan Xiangming, Tang Mianmians suitor.

He had the intention to matchmake them, so he became Yan Xiangmings love advisor later in the drama.

He became the one who nudged their love along and the one who cleared up their misunderstandings.

He basically had the best persona in the drama aside from the male and female leads.  

The day that shooting started, Mian Mian Cotton Candys official Weibo posted a nine-picture grid of the start of shooting.

Yan Qingchi also made a Weibo post about starting shooting.

He noticed that soon there were fans reblogging, liking, and commenting on his post.

Moreover, they would cheer him on.

Yan Qingchi switched to his alternate account and clicked on the Weibo homepages of several people who were among the most popular comments (on his post), and found that, as expected, they were ChéngChí cp fans and Little Houses.

He had been wondering where the fans came from, since he had no works to his name.

Sure enough, it was the wave of fans that Jiang Mochen had attracted for him.

Yan Qingchi withdrew from his Weibo page and looked at the comments online regarding Mian Mian Cotton Candy.

They were all positive reviews.

This was mainly due to the original author and Wei Lan.

When Mian Mian Cotton Candy was serialized, someone had asked the author, if this book was made into a screenplay, who would be most suitable to play Yan Xiangming At that time, the author had replied: Wei Lan.

Later, when it was sold, the author also always recommended Wei Lan.

Wei Lan was an A-lister young male celebrity in the entertainment industry, a popular Best Singer, and someone who brought in a lot of traffic, so the drama party contacted him immediately.

His agent looked at the remuneration and the script, saying to him, “Why dont you accept it”

Wei Lan only said, “Oh,” and agreed to it.

So, the first news that the production team released was that Wei Lan was playing the part of the male lead.

The author directly posted on Weibo that their dream had been realized and to reblog for a chance to win a prize that they were giving in support of Wei Lan and the production team.

The novels fans were also super pleased, promoting the conscientious image of the production team everywhere and saying that there was hope for the campus drama.

So, even though the production team only publicly announced the female lead and other roles on the day that shooting started, the novels fans still passionately promoted on behalf of the production crew everywhere.  

It was also thanks to Wei Lan that because they were satisfied with the casting of the male lead, the novels fans also gazed at the casting of the female lead and Lin Yiang with extremely pleased eyes.

‘Look at our Lin-gege.

Hes so handsome.

His aura is so good.

He looks so gentle and heartwarming.

Even though he wasnt well-known nor popular, it must be because, due to their desire to film a good drama, the production team did not cast one of those actors online who were popular but lacked acting skills.

The actor whos playing the role of our Lin-gege must be a professional and good actor who graduated with an acting degree.2 

And when the novels fans searched and found that Yan Qingchi did indeed graduate with an acting degree, they were even more certain of their belief.

‘See! As expected, he has an acting degree!

Yan Qingchi was somewhat bemused towards this.

In the end, he could only reassure himself that it was fine as long as the novels fans were happy, as long as everyone was satisfied.

Because Yan Qingchi had signed on with Come Fight! Friend! prior to his acceptance of the Mian Mian Cotton Candy gig, Guan Mei talked to the production team about Yan Qingchi needing to leave from filming every month on the 15th and 25th to record for Come Fight! The production team gladly agreed.

After all, Come Fight! was indeed popular.

If Yan Qingchi could explode in popularity through Come Fight!, then they were actually the ones who profited.  

On a slightly breezy, warm, bright and sunny day, the filming for Yan Qingchi and Wei Lans first scene together officially started.

In this scene, Yan Xiangming came to find Tian Mianmian to borrow something, but Lin Yiang told him that she had left for something and had entrusted him (LYA) to give the thing to him (YXM).

Yan Xiangming grew jealous, and so he had a back-and-forth conversation with Lin Yiang.

Yan Qingchi was clad in a white shirt and jeans.

He held the bag in his hand out to Wei Lan, “Mianmian told me to give you this.”

Yan Xiangming, who Wei Lan was portraying, took the bag, opening it and looking inside.

Sure enough, it was the notes that Tang Mianmian had promised to give him.

He regarded the guy in front of him.

Somewhat bothered, he asked, “Whore you Whats your relationship with Tang Mianmian”

Lin Yiang smiled slightly, replying gently, “Im her neighbor.” 

“Just her neighbor” (Yan Xiangming)

“Oh,” Lin Yiang mused, “I guess Im also kind of like her older brother.”

Yan Xiangming snorted.

‘Older brother or whatever is the easiest to be ambiguous with.3

Seeing Yan Xiangming unconsciously looking at him in a petulant manner, Lin Yiang inquired, “What relationship do you have with Mianmian”

“Tang Mianmian and I—”  Yan Xiangming was halfway through his reply when he realized that the way he called Tang Mianmian by her full name made him seem less close to her than Lin Yiang was, so he amended his words, “Mianmian and I are friends.” 

“Just friends.” (Lin Yiang)

“I also saved her life.” (Yan Xiangming)

“Oh,” Lin Yiang recalled [the incident], “so its you.

Mianmian told me about you.

Thank you.” 

When he heard those words, Yan Xiangming only wondered how Tang Mianmian was so close to the person before him that she told him (LYA) everything.

He unconsciously scowled, glanced at Lin Yiang, and left. 

“CUT!” the director yelled, “Not bad.

Prepare for the next scene.”

“Hey, not bad,” Wei Lan praised.

The two sat on chairs in the actors break area while they waited for the set to be changed.

Yan Qingchi looked at him, “You too.”

“Of course,” Wei Lan was very self-confident, “I lost to you last time purely because of the persona.

That kind of quiet, reserved, taciturn, silent personality is truly difficult for me.”

Yan Qingchi smiled.

Indeed, a personality like Meng Luos did not suit Wei Lan.

It was clear to him from the filming in the past few days that Wei Lan really suited this kind of assertive, high-spirited, and vigorous4 role.

He would even unconsciously bring a trace of childishness to the character he played, making you think that he was cute even as he made you mad, unable to stop yourself from wanting to stroke his head and forgive his unreasonable behavior.  

This was Wei Lans natural advantage towards this kind of persona.

Yan Qingchi wouldnt be able to learn that.

Likewise, Wei Lan couldnt learn his Meng Luo.

Yan Qingchi was talking to Wei Lan when he heard his phone ring.

He took it out and saw that it was Guan Mei.


On the other side of the call, Guan Mei hesitated, “I have something I need to tell you.” 

“Go ahead.”

“I just found out from the director of Come Fight! that Yuan Mingxu is one of the guests appearing on the show next episode to promote a film.

Do you…mind”

Yan Qingchi hadnt thought that it would be this matter.

He inquired, “Have you told Jiang Mochen”

“No, I wanted to ask for your opinion first.

If youre unwilling, then Ill give the director feedback to not let Yuan Mingxu participate.”

“No need,” Yan Qingchi replied softly, “This (entertainment) circle is only so big.

Could I not see him for a lifetime5”

“Youre sure”

Yan Qingchi nodded.

“You being so serious about it when you tell me makes me feel like Im scared of him.”

“Of course thats not what I mean.”

“I know,” Yan Qingchi said, “thank you.”

Guan Mei sighed, “Then Ill hang up first.

You focus on the filming.

Ill be back at the filming site in two days.”

“Its fine.

Go and do your thing.

Im fine at the filming site.

Dont worry.”

“Mn.” Guan Mei hung up.

“Whats wrong” Wei Lan looked at him, “Who are you meeting”

Yan Qingchi turned his head to look at him and saw Wei Lan with a curious expression on his face.

He propped his chin on his palm and studied Wei Lan until the latter felt uncomfortable before he commented, “If I look at things like this, youre cuter.”


Of course Im cute.”

“And very adept at taking control of the scene.”


Still thinking of causing trouble right under my nose,6 do they think their road of stardom is too broad and level”

Yan Qingchi nodded repeatedly, “So, next time you have an acting gig, remember to find me.”

“What, do you feel like Im more reliable than Jiang Mochen” Wei Lan raised an eyebrow at him, “I guess youve got a good eye.

No, wait,” he suddenly realized, “so just who is it that youre going to meet” 

Yan Qingchi replied helplessly, “Yuan Mingxu.”


“Hell be appearing on the next episode of Come Fight!”

“Him” Wei Lan remarked, surprised.

He looked at Yan Qingchi, “Is he going on the show specifically because of you or simply for attention”

“Who knows”

“You intend to meet him head-on”

Yan Qingchi glanced at him, “Do you think Im scared of him”

Wei Lan slapped his thigh.

“Thats the spirit!” he said.

“This kind ofnew flame meets old flame shura field is what I like.

Which episode is he appearing on Im going too!”  

Yan Qingchi was speechless, “Whyre you getting involved”

“To watch the drama.” Wei Lans eyes were gleaming (with excitement).

“If I dont see this kind of dog-blood gossip up close, I will die with regrets.”

“How can you, as a man, be so gossipy Do your fans know youre this gossipy”

“Its none of your business whether they know or not.

In any case, Im definitely going to watch the drama between you and Yuan Mingxu.

Hwaiting, dont let me down.”

Yan Qingchi practically couldnt do anything with him.7 He sighed, only feeling that with Wei Lan getting involved, something that he hadnt regarded as that important instantly made his head ache.

Yet, he didnt have a headache for very long, because his phone rang again.

Yan Qingchi looked down to see the words “Jiang Mochen” on the screen.

He got up and said to Wei Lan, “Im heading outside first for a while.”

Then he got into the nanny car parked nearby.

Thanks for reading my translation!

Footnotes 藺一昂 (Lìn Yīáng)This is discussing the kind of mentality that the fans have.Essentially hes thinking about the people who call their significant others or whoever theyre flirting with/have feelings for “older brother”, so YXM doubts their relationship is truly akin to siblings.飛揚跋扈意氣風發.

飛揚跋扈 (fēiyángbáhù) – bossy and domineering / throwing ones weight about.

意氣風發 (yìqìfēngfā) – high-spirited / full of mettleThis is a rhetorical questionoriginal said “under my eyelids” but the usual English version is “under my nose”meaning he had no way of controlling Wei Lan or stopping him-

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