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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Matt flew above them as he didnt really want to move along with the strange men, and sighted to himself as he looked down on them just running in one direction. He was stuck in this world, everything seemed so surreal, he didnt know if he was in some other world, or if he was comatose and stuck in a game world. The people looked real enough and he couldnt see any lag or the sort of thing, though the game-like interface plus the appraisal skill made him see numbers, names and cultivation bases of the people that he was looking at.

Cheng Yun, Human, Qi Condensation 2nd level

*Hm, thats quite low or is that high for that age*

The youth looked between 15 and 16 years of age, he was a bit on the thinner side but it was lean muscle. He probably had a hard life, the clothes all of these men were wearing werent too extravagant. It was all plain clothes, brown colors it was more functional but looked a bit shabby compared to his own white robe. 

*Think Ill stick to the lightning-related skills… hope I wont find anything with lightning resistance here. Guess Ill just use the Jojo secret technique if that happens.*

(For people that dont know what that is, google will answer all your questions)

He fiddled around his status screen some more and found out that he could spend his spirit points to further his cultivation, but he also knew of normal ways other people did it in this world that would work, he did have the core formation manual for it so he could cultivate it without the help, guess he could save that option if he was in need of a power-up. Should I get a lightning bolt spell then Chugging lightning bolts at people was a cool thing, he could just hang out in the back and pelt them into nice fried corpses. 

Lightning Javelin (Earth mid grade)11500(8050)Throw a javelin made of elemental lightning at your enemy, power of the skill is dependent on cultivation base and other stats.Lightning Bow (Earth high grade)15000(10500)Form a bow of lightning and fire of arrows formed from your Qi, power of the skill is dependent on cultivation base and other stats.Thunder Strike (Earth low grade)8000(5600)Summon a lightning bolt from the sky to strike down your enemies, power of the skill is dependent on cultivation base and other stats. 

*The Thunderstrike sounds kind of meh, how would I even aim that, the bow one sounds nice but I never used one before, plus I dont really have the points, the Javelin looks nice too… and with the discount I will just have enough points, should I get it or not, maybe I should have farmed more of those beasts back there…*

He furrowed his brows but finally selected the new skill, he really needed some range attacks and not like anyone around here would have any skill manuals he could learn, could he even read those if he wanted to He felt a buzzing sensation in his head and felt a little migraine as the skill information rushed in. After it subsided he started closing his hand and Qi gathered around his fist, it looked similar to his other sword technique but the light was equal in length on both sides, the lightning javelin was about 2 meters in length. He looked at it, waving it around before chucking into a faraway tree looking at it collide with it and obligating it to pieces while scaring the poor hunter tribe members as they heard a loud boom in the distance.

“Oops sorry about that, nice penetrating power though.”

He got back into his sword flying pose and looked as they sky started becoming red, the sun or the star that this world had was going down in the horizon, the sight was quite captivating as the many moons in the sky added to the whole spectacle.

“Im really far away from home, arent I Hope mom and dad are doing okay…”

He got a bit sad as even though he was a loner he still had a family back home, he didnt talk to them much and lived alone but they were still his parents. He wondered if they would miss him much after they found out that he was gone or not, but he soon tossed his worries to the back of his head as he saw a village in the distance, they had finally arrived at the Tribe settlement. 

Went back and changed the points he gained vs the bigger mob bunny as it felt a bit too low. Worked out some numbers and this seems a bit better now. Sorry for the inconsistencies. 


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