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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

He was quite satisfied with himself, he was gaining points and learning to better use his skills in actual battle situations. If he could he would buy himself some sort of high tech training chamber to train instead of in a safe environment.

He stretched a bit and looked around his surroundings, it looked gruesome. There were dead bugs everywhere and they gave off a pungent smell. The centipedes were monsters with a poison attribute to them. The whole place was covered with various liquids besides blood and they ranged from yellow to purple.

Matt grimaced as he started to place the corpses in his storage ring. He sure hoped that those tribespeople would find a use for these giant bug remains. He was a bit disturbed while walking around the remains at least he didnt need to directly touch the remains just get close enough so he used his sword to hover slightly above ground level. This took him some time as he also started checking out the surroundings wondering if these types of bugs hoarded any items. He thought that maybe he could get some added treasure, but he didnt find anything and the openings in the hill were kind of narrow. Matt didnt want to crawl into the dark an unknown even though the minimap didnt show anything living inside, what if there was something blocking the signal and some creepy thing pounces on his face

*Okay, I have some points now. But that skill sure does use a lot of energy if I have to spam it for an hour.*

His core was working in overdrive as it naturally sucked in spiritual energy from the surroundings to replenish his used up tank. He felt like he lost about half his Qi while going berserk with the javelin skill. He focused to bring out his lightning sword now with one hand, while summoning the spear with the other hand. He held both of them in the same way and concentrated.

*Hm… even though these two skills look similar and have a similar length to it, the javelin drains a bit more… maybe because it has to have enough punch to it, so when I throw it, it doesnt dissipate. The sword is always close to my body so I can sustain it better.*

The Chief looked ecstatic as this would aid his tribe a lot.

“So… where can I unload the bu… the beasts… Probably going to need a large area…”

He asked while scratching the back of his neck even more.

“Oh, you dont need to trouble yourself, Senior, just drop the beasts off anywhere you want, our Tribesmen will begin processing them immediately!” 

“Are you sure … right here in front of your house “

Matt looked at the burly man that just nodding with a smile on his face and shrugged, looking at his ring as he took a few steps back. He took out his flying sword first which made the tribe chief a bit puzzled. He then flew up so that he could begin the dumping procedure. Yang Shan then looked in bewilderment as a mountain of dead giant centipede monsters quickly piled up in front of his home, blocking the main gate fully from one side. There were a couple of other monsters in there but the dead bug parts were the things you mostly saw.

“Well then… Im going to turn in for the night…  you guys have fun.”

Matt quickly zoomed out of there on his sword while the Tribe Chiefs face started twitching. From all the monsters this Senior could hunt he had to go for the dreaded Giant centipedes, this kind of monster wasnt edible for humans at they were poisonous and their bodies were hard to process. They could kind of fashion crude armors and weapons from the insect shell and their sharp mandibles, the cores were the most lucrative part as they could be sold. He barked some orders at his retainers that moved out to gather more people, this mountain of dead bugs would be a chore to clean out as the poison from the bodies was dripping down into the soil already.

“Ill have to designate a special building for this… that senior is an odd one… “

While the other people were slaving… happily working through the night to clean up the graciously gifted animal remains, Matt brought up his status screen of his gains. He managed to rack up more points after the bug wars.

Name :Zhang DongAffiliation :Zhang ClanSpirit Points :                6084Cultivation Base Qi :Core Formation [Early Stage 12%] (Lightning Core)Cultivation Base Body :Foundation Establishment [Middle Stage 0%] (Silver Body)Techniques :Lightning Qi cultivation art, Silver Body Arts, Thunderlight Sword, Thunder Movement Art…Dao : Dao of Heavenly Lightning, Dao of Smithing and CraftingOther : Senior Aura

“Not bad for the first day … feel a bit sorry for those guys, but there were a couple of edible looking beasts in that pile… sure hope dropping them in that bug pile wasnt a bad idea…”

It, of course, was a bad idea as the poison from the centipedes soaked into the other creatures remains but it could be eaten as the tribe people did have some cleansing and cleaning measures. They, of course, coursed him out at night as they found out that there would be even more work for them due to this. Matt just flopped onto his bed and rested while thinking about the things that he should do tomorrow. 


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