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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

His ears were ringing and he felt drowsy as he finally came too, Matthew rubbed his glabella while slowly opening his eyes and he was greeted with green. He found himself leaning up against a big tree in an open field, a lot of grass around him with more trees after that as he was apparently in a clearing with no one around him.

“God damn, what happe…”

98%….99%….100%… Ding.

[Downloading of the package finished.]

[Initiating tutorial]

“What the…”

After waking up he was greeted by the sound of the similar robotic voice followed by a dinging sound similar to a microwave being done cooking. As the so called tutorial started he could see some screens pop up in front of him with a lot of words and prompts and something that looked it could fit into a mmorpg game. Matt flailed at the sudden semi-transparent screens in front of him with his hands but they just went through it, though this made him realize that his hands looked a lot rougher then what he was used to.

“Wait what is this…”

He looked at his hands, they looked rough and callused and looked like he could snap some bones with those. He then stood up and started feeling up his body only to realize that he changed into the character he was previously designing along with the same getup that he chose for it. He couldnt see his face but it was just like he made it, just in super high definition as this was a real-life person.

“D-did I just get wished away into another world or a video game or both”

He started frantically looking around the place, not really seeing anyone in the vicinity besides a few hopping bunnies, though they looked a bit strange with those horns sticking out from their foreheads. The square screens in front of his face kept following him around whenever he turned his head to the sides which made him stop and read what was written in them.

[Welcome toImmortals R Us the best cultivation system in all the realms]

[Earn spirit points through various ways and increase your cultivation]

[Increase your factions reputation to earn rewards, its always more fun in a group!]

“Uh… what kind of name is that… is this some kind of scam… “

After reading through some introduction gibberish Mat, that was now called Zhang Dong could see his characters status screen though it didnt have much to it besides showing his name and cultivation realm and some more stuffs.

Name: Zhang Dong

Affiliation: Zhang Clan

Cultivation Base Qi: Core Formation(Pending)

Cultivation Base Body: Foundation Establishment(Pending)

Techniques : (Pending)

Dao: (Pending)

While looking through the screen he spotted a flashing button in the top right corner which drew his attention, it readUnload starter package which didnt really mean anything to him at the moment as he found himself pointing with his finger at the button and pressing it in mid-air. He was greeted with the robotic sounding voice after he did that and a countdown. As it counted down he started getting stressed not really knowing if he did the right thing or not but he couldnt really do anything about it now.

[Uploading starter package, prepare to receive the information]

He suddenly felt a sharp pain, his head started throbbing while he collapsed to his knees tightly grasping his head as he squirmed around the grassy ground. His legs twitching around and kicking to the sides as he rolled side to side while holding his head with both his hands and screaming in pain. He could feel information being injected directly into his brain as he received the knowledge about techniques which he previously selected while in the character creator but not like he remembered what he clicked at that point.

Zhang Dong also felt a sharp pain inside of his body in his dantian area, his core was changing. It started crackling with lightning, spinning around as it transformed into an elemental lightning core making his whole body release static energy as it discharged some of it into the surrounding area.

[Transformation of the core finished, lightning core established]

[Beginning body refining…]

The animals in the vicinity could see the grown man squirming on the ground in a weird way, just trashing about while vomiting black blood which made most of them flee out into the forest. He could feel his body tensing up, muscles expanding and bones shifting around as he got stronger and his body got accustomed to the changes, but that wasnt the end of it as knowledge of martial art techniques started flooding his mind, the ways of dao and how to use his cultivation along with the techniques that came with it.

[….DING… starter package uploaded… have a nice day and dont forget to check out your inventory, you will find a couple of goodies!]

“S-** god almighty…ughhh”

After some projectile vomiting of some black blood and rolling onto his back to pass out for a good 15 minutes Dong finally woke up while still twitching. After wiping the tears and snot from his face and checking out if he didnt pee himself during the whole debacle he rolled to his knees and while supporting himself on the tree, he stood up and took in a deep breath while trying to calm himself down.

“Woah… guess I know kung fu… they made it look way easier in the movies…”


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