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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Matt who was named Zhang Dong, which he still thought sounded hilarious in his mind clicked on his system screen and took a peek at his own name, wondering if it would bring out anything about his new persona and it did.

Zhang Dong :

 Age : 30 , Mother Zhang Biyu (Deceased) , Father Zhang Peng (Deceased)

You were the child of two clan members of the Zhang Clan, your mother died while giving birth, your father a regular elder member of the clan brought you up till he also died after a beast attack, you were 12 years old at the time. Swearing vengeance on the beast you dedicated your life to slaying the evil monster. You didnt interact with the rest of the clan giving them the impression of a stoic type. You left the clan after reaching the age of 20 and ventured the world. Your cultivation level exceeds your peers, your cultivation choice of heavenly dao makes you give off a noble aura. After reaching the core formation realm you managed to slay the evil beast that took your parents in a ferocious battle. Afterward, you heard the rumors that your old clan was in decline and decided to see if you could help them out with anything.  

Z.D. tried to pump himself up while looking in the direction of the red dots and as they appeared he noticed that it was the same wolf sized bunny creature type as before. He had his appraisal skill this time around so as he focused on the fuzzy balls he could see their cultivation realm, safe to say they were all in the Qi Condensation realm, which made him a bit less tense but he was still uncomfortable. The horny bunnies looked at him with their red eyes that were filled with rage and madness and gave out high pitched sounds before charging at him.

*Why are these things even attacking me, shouldnt they run when they meet someone of a higher cultivation level, thought magical beast should be somewhat intelligent… Maybe it has something to do with the Frenzied prefix in their name * 

He focused on the charging creatures while feeling tense, but as he did so he noticed that they were moving really slow, like as if they were in bullet time. He could clearly see them charging at him all 5 of the little buggers, crooked teeth in their mouths and pointy horns ready to penetrate him in various ways. He was quite a distance away from then so he decided to test out the waters, he quickly grasped a larger rock from the ground and then promptly chugged it at the closes one of the buggers. The round object just flew through the air with momentum and hit the creature right on the mouth. The monster hare gave out a strange sound before his head exploded along with the rock that hit him.

Frenzied Rabbit Slain ( Qi Condensation 5th stage ) Earned 40 Spirit Points

*One down…*

After the first kill Matt decided to keep it safe and started running around and chugging rocks at the fuzzy buggers, sometimes he hit on the first try, sometimes he had to run away while the monster bunnies chased him around the field but he was much faster than them so after a while all the creatures were slain and covered the grassy field in their blood. 

*Geez… whats up with these **ty rabbits…* 

They all laid dead before his mighty rock chucking skills, he felt a sense of accomplishment even though he bested the beasts in a cowardly way, it was better to be safe then sorry though if  people from this world saw a core formation senior running away from Qi Condensation creatures while chugging rocks at them they would probably think that they had a bit too much to drink. He would probably have to grow some balls before he started interacting with the people of this world or else they would see him as quite the oddball.

*Damn, after a hard-fought battle I sure could use something to drink, I didnt see anything back there in the spatial ring though.*

His belly rumbled a bit as well as he was getting hungry, he rubbed his belly as he felt the hunger, he stopped a minute as he noticed the abs that he was now, long gone was his flabby belly that he was used to now he too had a nice beach body. After some self-encouragement in the form of patting his muscles he decided to check the item shop if it had any food and it did, it even had hamburgers and soft drinks but there were various other foods around ones that made his eye bulge out, but mostly because they have astronomical costs to them so he went with the cheap junk food for now, guess old habits die hard.

After his burping from his soft drink, he decided to take a look at that flying blade of his but before he could do that he noticed that even more red dots were approaching him and one from them was looking a lot bigger than the rest which gave him a bad premonition.


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