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“Then as long as I kill this Fallen Race general inside the ruins, there wont be a problem, right”

Shi Yus baffling words stunned Ji Mengzhu.

[Yi! (Leave it to me.)]

Baby Ginsengs voice echoed in Shi Yu and Elevens minds.


(Its just a totem.)]

[Yi! (With the power of the Sun Flame Flower, I can self-destruct and display power comparable to a forbidden weapon.

The power of the Sun Flame can instantly cleanse these radiation curses.

At the same time, I can also use this opportunity to try to evolve.

Even if I fail, its not useless.

At least I can trade my life for a Yun Race totem.

After that, I can also revive in the Beast Taming Space.]

According to its calculations and Lings calculations, there was no problem.

Baby Ginsengs voice sounded, first stunning Shi Yu and Eleven.

Then, they were pleasantly surprised.

Baby Ginseng!

He had almost forgotten that there was still Baby Ginseng.

After using the Time Fruit, the self-destruction of the overlord-level ginseng baby could instantly exceed 100 million energy points.

If the power of the Sun Flame Flower was added, it would counter the power of the curse radiation.

Perhaps he could try to deal with a weak totem…

As expected, in such a desperate situation, he still had to rely on Baby Ginseng.

At this moment, Shi Yu was very helpless.

“Senior Ji, can you believe me this time Leave this totem to me to kill.”

“What nonsense are you talking about” Ji Mengzhu looked at the level-six Beast Tamer in confusion.

A level-six Beast Tamer threatened to deal with a Meteorite Totem

She no longer had time to deal with Shi Yu, but at this moment, Shi Yu summoned another pet.

A ginseng baby less than half a meter tall.

Seeing this ginseng baby, Ji Mengzhu was completely stunned.

She didnt understand what Shi Yu was doing.

At the same time, this ginseng baby was holding a resource that Ji Mengzhu completely didnt understand!!

That was…

Something that contained solar energy, it was at least a legendary resource!!!

“Believe me!” Shi Yu said.

Believe in Baby Ginseng!


After thinking for a long time, Baby Ginseng decided to give it a try.

At the moment, Eleven, Buggy, and Chi Tong were already stronger than it.

If Susu and Ling caught up later, after everyone reached the overlord level, Baby Ginseng could already predict that it would definitely be at the bottom of the team!!

This wouldnt do!

Evolve as soon as possible!

If it failed now, it could still have more time to condense the time mark.

But if it killed this totem, its battle results would increase.

If it dawdled for a long time before trying and failing again, it would drag on even longer.

Moreover, failure had no value!

It made a prompt decision!

Moreover, it might not necessarily fail.

Baby Ginseng held the Sun Flame Flower and looked at Eleven.

Its gaze was firm.

It meant that it would deal with the great enemy of the Iron-eating Beast Race!

Dont underestimate the third place in the team!!

The mutation this time was different from the last time.

It should be very painful.

Whether it could withstand the mutation power of the Sun Flame Flower was the key to whether Baby Ginseng could succeed.

It had already endured the impact of adding points to super skills, so it definitely could this time!

Moreover, because there was a reason why it had to succeed this time, Baby Ginseng felt that there was no problem.

It was the first pet in the team to kill an overlord, and it would also be the first pet in the team to kill a totem!!

It was the number one in the team!

“Wu wu wu!!” Eleven was stunned.


Baby Ginseng turned around.

It took a deep breath.

Under Ji Mengzhus shocked expression, it stuffed the Sun Flame Flower into his mouth.

A ginseng baby… ate the resource that contained the legendary power of the sun!!!


At this moment.

The legendary resource in Baby Ginsengs body, the Sun Flame Flower, directly emitted a hot light.

Then, Baby Ginseng began to absorb the power of the Sun Flame Flower through the mutation…

Flames suddenly appeared on Baby Ginsengs body.

Its fair and tender skin immediately looked like it had been roasted red.

A tempting hot fragrance spread.

This time, Baby Ginseng directly absorbed the power of the Sun Flame Flower to the greatest extent.

With the mentality that it would die if it didnt succeed, it wasnt as timid as before!!

At the same time, it activated the power of the Time Fruit and entered its peak state!!

The form it displayed was a body becoming redder and redder, and its expression became more and more frozen.

Then, with a boom, Baby Ginsengs entire body was wrapped in Sun Flame flames.

The flames that shot into the sky swallowed Baby Ginsengs entire body, making Ji Mengzhu open her mouth wide.

Baby Ginseng was ignited!!

But the key was that Baby Ginseng was a wood-element pet.

It wasnt a mainstream strategy!

Moreover, as she sensed the rising aura of this ginseng baby, Ji Mengzhu was even more shocked!!

Overlord level!!!

No, its aura even exceeded a top-notch overlord!!!

“Its alright.”

Shi Yu said solemnly.

Although Baby Ginseng was ignited, the mutation was still holding on.

The flames didnt cause fatal damage to Baby Ginseng.

“Yi…” In the flames, Baby Ginseng forced its eyes closed with a painful expression.

Eleven was already in a lot of pain when it used the Tempered Steel skill and the Sun Flame to train its physique.

And now, Baby Ginseng, who had modified its body through the mutation and the legendary Sun Flame power, was in more pain than Eleven.

However, this was only the initial stage!

At this rate, even if it succeeded, it would be equivalent to a gamble.

No one knew the direction of the mutation.

Therefore, Baby Ginseng had to consciously control the mutation direction next.

Of course, the price of doing this was that the risk of failure would be higher.

Now that the mutation had failed, perhaps there was no need to die, but if it made that attempt and the mutation failed, there was only death.

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