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And now, what was this Sun Baby Ginseng going to do

“Senior Ji, nows not the time to be in a daze.

Next, listen to my instructions…”

“Take me… to the edge of the ruins!!!”

Ji Mengzhu looked at a gray-robed old man in a daze.

The other partys series of actions made her, a legend level Beast Tamer, a little confused.

Were all future Beast Tamers like this


In the outside world.

It had been a while since the mutation of the ruins.

The Fox God, the Black Goat, and the others looked at the ruins with shock.

At this moment, a crack appeared in the door of the ruins.

The dark-element radiation power spreading from it became stronger and stronger, making the Fox Gods expression extremely serious!!

Perhaps the sealed creature inside was really going to break through!!

At this moment, the Fox Gods expression was unfriendly, while the Black Goats expression was ecstatic.

“Senior, break the seal!!!”

“At that time, well revive the king together!!”

“Listen to my command, everyone retreat!!” At this moment, as the ruins changed, the radiation power became stronger and stronger.

The Fox God immediately instructed all his subordinates to retreat.

Otherwise, this radiation power would cause indelible damage to those weak Heavenly Fox Beast Tamers.

“Wu ~ ~ ~”

“Wu ~ ~ ~ ~”

Under the Fox Gods command, the overlord foxes swept up the Heavenly Fox Army below and quickly retreated.

Even the Fox God left with the Heavenly Fox Saintess.

Now, it had already expected the situation to be bad.

If the monsters inside broke through the seal, the Heavenly Fox Nation would probably be in danger.

Not to mention obtaining legendary resources, it would be good enough if they didnt lose resources.

It had to call its bootlickers over to help as soon as possible.

Only Black Goat and Bai Chuan stayed!

“Will there be meteorite fragments inside” Ke Yuans Bai Chuan Legends gaze was burning with anticipation.

However, at this moment, the most painful thing was still the gem cat in the alternate space.

It didnt leave.

Instead, it returned and searched for Shi Yus traces, but no matter how hard it searched, it couldnt find him!!

The only possibility was that Shi Yu, this unlucky thing, had fallen into the ruins!!!

Now, as the ruins mutated, the gem cat was even more certain!!

“Ahhh, you unlucky thing.”

“However, you have two pieces of protection, so you should be fine…”


Inside the sealed ruins.

In a huge sealing crystal that connected to the ground of the ruins, a huge black yak kept emitting a dark aura.

This huge crystal that sealed it for more than a hundred meters was surrounded by dark traces.

Countless dark power spread from it.

The originally transparent crystal had already been dyed black 99%.


Countless cracks cracked from the seal crystal.

Inside, a huge black yak more than a hundred meters tall opened its eyes with difficulty.

So tired, so sleepy, so hungry, so fragrant…

What exactly was with this fragrance…

Its body rejected it, but it was also extremely tempting…

“Finally, its finally broken… Human, I wont let you off!!!”

“Roar!!!!” Accompanied by a terrifying vibration, the entire seal crystal completely cracked!!!

At the same time, the huge black yak directly opened its eyes.

In an instant, it recalled the cause and effect.

During the process of chasing after the Iron-eating Beast race, it was sealed by a human with a legendary sealing space!!

However, compared to its huge anger, what made the Black Meteorite Yak suffer even more was that it was so hungry, so hungry.

Although time had almost stopped flowing, the power it consumed to break free from the seal was also incomparably huge.

At this moment, it was even hungrier and crazier than the Vortex Demon Beast that had broken through the seal of the Chaotic Sea.

At this moment, an energy wave that made it extremely disgusted and excited arrived beside it.

What he hated was the power of the Sun Flame, and what he was excited about was Baby Ginsengs pure life force…

At this moment, the crazy Black Meteorite Yak no longer cared about anything, but under extreme hunger, it could only accept it.

Eat it and it could immediately recover some strength!!!

“Yi… (You, are already dead.)”


At this moment, Baby Ginseng, who was close to the Black Meteorite Yak, had an indifferent gaze towards life and death.

The next was Yun An.

If Eleven couldnt solve it, it could only let the towering emperor do it.

Baby Ginsengs original idea was to absorb the power of the Sun Flame.

If the evolution failed and it couldnt withstand it, it would directly self-destruct and detonate its power and the power of the Sun Flame Flower to kill the Black Meteorite Yak and revive.

And if the evolution was successful, it would also directly self-destruct, kill the Black Meteorite Yak, and then revive.

Regardless of whether the evolution mutation was successful or not, it had to self-destruct beside the Black Meteorite Yak and revive.

Originally, when Baby Ginseng arrived, it had already realized that the mutation evolution might have failed.

However, at the most critical moment, under the burning of the Sun Flame, its will level advanced to the overlord will.

Under the stimulation of the overlord will potential, it successfully controlled the power of mutation.

Evolution, success!

The time mark automatically updated its current state.

Of course, what awaited the Black Meteorite Yak was still the same outcome.

With a boom, Baby Ginseng fell like the sun.

The sky seemed to have changed drastically, and the entire sky first darkened.

With a loud bang, it created a world that belonged to the night.

The dark sky and bright night moon made everything silent.

Then, a dazzling sun slowly rose and lingered with the moon.

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