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777 Ancient Kingdom of Tingxiang

The Elven Empress left.

Before leaving, Shi Yus heart was hooked.

She wanted to introduce sprites to him.

Why did it feel like a blind date

Shi Yu sighed.

He recalled the situation in Tingxiang.

The predecessor of Tingxiang was originally a huge elven country.

They believed in the Mother Tree of Life.

It was said that the Mother Tree was formed by a plant-type god who had fallen in the Mythical Era.

Now, it no longer had the power of the past.

It was only equivalent to a Mythical resource.

The elves were born under the nurturing of the Mother Tree.

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As for the elves, they naturally took on the responsibility of protecting the Mother Tree.

However, such a resource would naturally attract many covetous eyes.

However, because of the power of the elves, although the elven country often fought with external enemies, it was basically fine.

Every time, it ended in victory.

But there was no such thing as eternal prosperity.

The decline of the elven country came from the Mother Tree mutating into the Dark Mother Tree for unknown reasons, infecting a large batch of elves into dark elves.

Because of this change, the elves split.

The infected races that had become dark elves were still willing to believe in the Dark Mother Tree, but the elves who werent infected thought that the Mother Goddess had encountered a dark invasion.

This caused internal strife among the elves.

The humans of Tingxiang relied on this time to rise.

The final outcome of the internal strife ended with the dark elves having the advantage.

The Holy Land of the elves, the Forest of Life, was also renamed the Dark Night Forest.

Some of the orthodox elves had fled further into the Nature Forest or the depths of the ocean, while others relied on the help of humans to fight against the Dark Forest, which was the current Ancient Kingdom of Tingxiang.

The first ruler of Tingxiang was a legendary Beast Tamer who contracted a sprite.

However, as the relationship between the humans and this portion of the elves grew closer and closer, the hybrid half-elves finally became the core royal family of Tingxiang.

Of course, even if the current ruler of Tingxiang was a half-elf, the bloodline was still mainly human.

Otherwise, it was impossible for them to join the Seven Nation Alliance.

After all, the Seven Nation Alliance was an alliance formed by humans.

The reason why it could accept hybrids was that the legendaries in power in other countries were also not very normal.

The mechanical legendaries of Shen Feng and Dong Huang had already modified themselves into mechanical lives.

The legendary of the Seven Islands was a modified person with the human side as the main body.

It was also not a normal human.

The legendary of the Ancient Kingdom of Ming Hua was only contracted undead pets, which also made himself look neither human nor ghost.

Shi Yu estimated that it relied on the full-level undead possession to change its bloodline and soul.

Through this method, he delayed his life force and increased his strength.

Therefore, no one said anything.

“Humans have limits.”

I have to hold back and not be like then… Shi Yu thought.

However, after eating the Undying Fruit, he seemed to be destined to not be a normal person anymore.

His eyes were filled with tears.

Which normal person could still become a totem-level undead after dying


“Coming, coming!”

Soon, the gem cat brought the Void Mantis and Lu Qingyi to Dragon Palace City.

Apart from that, Lu Qingyi also had an overlord-level sprite beside her.

She was more than 1.6 meters tall.

Her long silver-white hair and purple gem-like eyes were extremely exquisite.

She was wearing a low-cut white robe formed by the wind elements, with gorgeous purple light decorating it.

Its illusory figure meant that it was an undead race and not a normal sprite.

Obviously, when Senior Lu entered the possession state, all the changes were inherited from this elven girl.

“Yo, little girl, youre going home soon.

Looking forward to it”

Shi Yu smiled and looked at the elf sprite beside Senior Lu.

As Shi Yu finished speaking, the sprite hid behind Lu Qingyi nervously.

Then, it revealed an angry expression and said, “In terms of age, Im older than your great-great-great-grandmother.”

“But arent you just a child among the elves at your age” Shi Yu was amused.

“Alright, alright, Lian, whatever he says.” Lu Qingyi said helplessly, “Youre like a child anyway…”

The sad Courtyard Sprite thought that these guys were bullying her together.

“Come to me.

Ill get your teacher to bring you to various places in Dragon Palace City to play,” Shi Yu said with a smile.

He had naturally seen this wind-element Courtyard Sprite long ago.

In addition, because she had used Chi Tongs memory water drop to learn possession, theoretically speaking, Chi Tong was still her teacher.

As for this sprite, he didnt know how it was when it was alive, but after it turned into an undead, it lost a lot of its memories.

It was basically no different from a child.

Although Eleven, Buggy, and the others werent very old either.

If this sprite was considered a child, then Eleven and the others should be considered babies and cubs.

“Why dont you bring me to play too” the Void Mantis said.

Although the Space Emperor had come to Dragon Palace City, this was its first time!

Dragon Palace City seemed to still have the teleportation array established by the Space Emperor.

Unfortunately, without the maintenance of the Space Emperor, it shouldnt be able to be used anymore.

“Lets go, lets go.

Ill take you to see Bingbing,” the gem cat said happily.

The Void Mantis: “Whats Bingbing”

“Its nothing.

Just a senior from the Emperor Shi Dynasty.”

The Void Mantis: !!!

“How can there be someone so experienced!” The Void Mantis was shocked.

How could it still be alive

“Time element, you understand.”

“This…” The Void Mantis was envious and jealous.

Its sense of superiority in space disappeared in front of time.

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