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The surrounding was dark and quiet.

Mo Fan had never flown to such a high altitude before.

He turned to Lingling and saw that she was about to pass out.

He stood still, as if he was standing on the surface of the lake at Divine Wood Well.

He felt fear and restlessness.

Mo Fan focused on using his dragon sense to maximize his vision.

‘The sacred totem beast… The Ancient Great Walls…

“I-If the Ancient Great Walls are the divine walls, and the Underground Holy Spring is the source that brings them to life, then… we can summon the Ancient Wall Sacred Soldiers! W-We can bring the Ancient Wall Sacred Soldiers to the Magic City! The Ancient Wall Sacred Soldiers are the sacred totem beast that weve been searching for!” stammered Lingling.

Each word caused her pain.

They had found the sacred totem beast!

“Lingling! Im going to take you back now!” Even though Mo Fan was in the form of divine flame, his heat could not withstand the black wind and ice invasion in the space above the sky.

Mo Fan felt Linglings breath coming in gasps.

Lingling tugged at his shirt tightly.

She would not leave.

Not unless Mo Fan had seen and verified the sacred totem beast! That might be the only hope they had.

She murmured softly.

Something about the Ancient Great Walls location so that Mo Fan could relate the ancient relics with the seal of the sacred totem beast.

She had all the information in her head, but she needed Mo Fan to see and combine the great walls from different provinces.

“Lingling, Ill take you back now!” Mo Fan did not fly higher.

The invasion of ice had surpassed his divine flames.

“Lingling, the Western people refer to the space above the sky as heaven.

Likewise, the Eastern people always believe that God sees and knows everything… Despite the absence of the Holy Spirit, I believe God knows your sincerity and has given you a perfect answer,” Mo Fan looked away.

He had learned about everything.

He began to fall and swooped.

The space above the sky was only fit for deities.

It wasnt meant for ordinary humans.

Flying to the space above the sky once to obtain the answer was more than enough.

“H-Have we found the sacred totem beast” Lingling asked weakly.

Mo Fan nodded.

He let Lingling bury her head in his arms.

He hugged her tightly to relay some warmth to her.

“I used to admire Feng Zhoulong the most.

But youve replaced him now.”

Lingling was a genius! She had found the sacred totem beast!

The fragmented great walls and especially the well-preserved Ancient City Wall formed the patterns of the combination of various totem beasts!

It was the sacred totem beast they had been searching for! It was alive all this time! Its bones had become rocks, its muscles had become soil.

It had always been standing guard at the border!

When Lingling felt the warmth of the sunlight, she regained her consciousness.

Everyone was delighted when they saw her awake.

“Let us bring the sacred totem beast back and summon the Ancient Wall Sacred Soldiers.

Bringing the Ancient Wall Sacred Soldiers of China back to the Magic City is more meaningful than anything else!” Zhang Xiaohou said excitedly.

The Ancient Wall Sacred Soldiers were powerful.

There were many fragments of the Ancient City Walls.

If they summoned the Ancient Wall Sacred Soldiers, it would lead to a large army made up of divine walls!

“Theres still another issue…” Lingling shook her head.

She drank a mouthful of warm water before she continued.

“Many Ancient Great Walls have lost the cultivation base of the Underground Holy Spring.

They are abandoned.

I guess only the fragmented sections at Beiguan Town are the remaining soldiers that we can bring back to life.”

“We have the Underground Holy Spring, but it will consume a lot of time to allow the spring to flow into the fragments of the Ancient Great Walls.

Moreover, its difficult to locate the remaining fragments of the Ancient Great Walls.

It will take more than a month for the remaining fragments of the Ancient Great Walls to receive the cultivation base from the Underground Holy Spring,” Mu Bai said to Mo Fan.

Many Ancient City Walls were abandoned.

The Underground Holy Spring was the only thing that could make the divine walls regain their power.

The ancient well from the Sky Observing City had told them the truth.

This was the true purpose of the guardian tribe of the Underground Holy Spring.

The Ancient Cities and Ancient Walls had been buried over the years.

However, if the Underground Holy Spring was still well preserved, the walls would come back to life!

“If it takes a month to allow the spring to flow into the divine walls, the Magic City would be gone.” Zhao Manyan let out a sigh.

It looked like the sacred totem beast had to protect other base cities.

“We dont need a month.

We only need half a day to do it,” said Mo Fan.

Lingling turned to Mo Fan in bewilderment.

She wondered if he had a solution to shower the Underground Holy Spring on the great walls that stretched up to thousands of miles within half a day.

“The Black Vatican hasnt done anything good, but they taught us a trick—Summoning the rain!” Mo Fan looked at Zhao Manyan and his Water Buddha Beads!

The deceased, Wu Ku, was the reason the Black Vatican could summon the rain.

The Water Buddha Beads contained Wu Kus essence.

Zhao Manyan possessed most of the Water Buddha Beads power, including summoning the rain!

The Black Vatican had once used some unique features from the Underground Holy Spring to create Mad Spring.

As a result, the Undead at the Ancient Capital and the people from Andeas Union fell into madness.

Mo Fan and his group could use the same trick.

It would take more than a month to douse great walls with the Underground Holy Spring.

The most effective way was to allow the Underground Holy Spring to blend in with the rain, then make it rain in several important provinces.

By doing so, the rain with the Underground Holy Spring could shower both the well preserved Ancient City Walls and those that were buried under the loess.

“I can make it rain.

But I can only make it rain for a few hundred kilometers only.

If you want me to make it rain for thousands of miles, Im afraid its out of my ability.

I can make it only if I become a Water element Forbidden Mage.” Zhao Manyan shook his head.

It was too difficult for him to make it rain on a large area of land.

“If we find a Water element Forbidden Mage to assist you, can you make it rain” Lingling asked in desperation.

“I can try.

But where do we find a Water element Forbidden Mage As far as Im concerned, we dont have any Water element Forbidden Mage in the country…” said Zhao Manyan.

“We have one!” Mo Fan said.

“Dean Xiao,” said Mo Fan.

Zhao Manyan frowned.

He did not mean to disappoint Mo Fan, but they had to be realistic.

“Ive never heard of Dean Xiao being a Forbidden Mage.

What makes you think that hes a Water Element Forbidden Mage”

“Most of the Forbidden Mages refuse to reveal their true identities because they will be assigned with forbidden tasks.

Ive seen Dean Xiao fight before.

After Ding Yumian transformed into a wicked soul, Dean Xiao killed it in a split second.

An Apex-grade Mage or a Semi-forbidden Mage could not possibly have done that.

I suspected for a long time that perhaps Dean Xiao is a Forbidden Mage,” said Mo Fan.

“But how can you be sure that he is a Water Element Forbidden Mage He could be a Forbidden Mage in another element…” Zhao Manyan said.

“It will most likely be the Water Element because he is most skilled in the Water Element magical power,” said Mo Fan.

“We will find out once were there.

Were running out of time now, and we dont have any other choice.

Lets go to Dean Xiao and seek his help to scatter the rain!” said Zhang Xiaohou.

“Well go and find Dean Xiao now.

He should be at the Magic City.We need to leave immediately,” said Zhao Manyan.

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