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“The Ancient King has a divine army.

I saw it once from the mural on the pillar inside his White Tomb Palace.

If your deduction is true, then….” Mo Fan sighed.

“His love for beauty became his downfall…”

“If it had not been for Qin YuEr, the first thing that the Ancient King would do after he is awakened would be to reclaim the Underground Holy Spring from the holy guardian tribes.

Then he will sprinkle the Ancient Great Walls that had been buried underground for so many years with the Underground Holy Spring.

He will own millions of Undead as his army, as well as the Ancient Wall Sacred Soldiers.

By then, he can even destroy Khufus unified underworld!”

The Queen of Nine Serenities looked furious after Mo Fan explained the situation.

The Ancient King was the true king because he possessed the ancient divine army!

The Ancient King was a powerful and talented man in the past.

Many people were amazed by him.

Unfortunately, he had not anticipated that his awakening would be symbiotic with a human, and that the human would die alongside his beloved woman.

This was no different than giving up his entire world…

It was no wonder the Queen of Nine Serenities showed such an expression! However, Mo Fan disagreed.

The Ancient King was very powerful.

‘But why didnt he swallow Zhan Kongs soul, and instead let Zhan Kong take advantage of him

Even if the Ancient King was awakened on his throne, the city and the country were no longer his.

His people had long been buried in the graves and were corpses under the ground.

He had found a way to live an eternal life.

But was this eternal life really what he desired

After the Ancient King awakened, the first thing he did would be to go to the Tianshan Mountain and find Qin YuEr instead of gathering all the Underground Holy Spring.

This was the only wish he left while he was still alive…


I admit that no one can kill him except himself!” The Queen of Nine Serenities let out a sigh.

The battle at the Holy City was the Ancient Kings bridge of reincarnation instead of a divine feast for the angels.

That was why he had told Mo Fan that that was his battle.

It was clear that he had defeated Archangel Michael, yet he decided to let the Holy City gain the victory.

‘I give you the world.

You can celebrate all you want.

“Enough of the talking.

Were in a hurry.

Wheres the entrance to the Dark Abyss” asked Mo Fan.

“Do you really want to go to the Dark Abyss” The Queen of Nine Serenities asked.

“Of course.

I have the Underground Holy Spring, and I can bring the divine army back to life,” said Mo Fan.

“Dont forget that weve been defeated in the underworld battle before,” said the Queen of Nine Serenities.

“What does this have to do with the Dark Abyss” Mo Fan asked in puzzlement.

“The White Tomb Palace is our final stand.

The Dark Abyss is the passage that connects to the portal of the underworld.

This means that the underworld creatures can barge into the Dark Abyss.

Do you know why the Mountain Zombie is dying Its standing guard over the Ancient Kings final purgatory—The White Tomb Palace,” said the Queen of Nine Serenities.

“Do you mean Khufu wants to take over the White Tomb Palace by force, too” Mo Fan was shocked.

“Khufu is the one that initiated the battle at Holy City.

Of course, he has the intention to annex our country because by doing so, the Undead can increase his power in the underworld.

With that, he can fight against the Dark King,” said the Queen of Nine Serenities.

“T-Then, hows the situation at the White Tomb Palace now Is Khufu there!” Mo Fan asked with a great sense of urgency.

‘If the White Tomb Palace was annexed, where was he supposed to go and find the curses that can bring back the divine army at the Sky Observing City to life Bin Wei knew the Royal Sky Pattern only.

But the invaders came from the East Coastline instead of Northern Xinjiang!

“Khufu hasnt appeared.

The Sphinx led Medusa, the Mummy, the Dark Sword Master, and the Underworld Frog to attack the White Tomb Palace.

The Skeleton Demon Lord and the White Corpse King are struggling to hold them back,” said the Queen of Nine Serenities.

The Sphinx had the face of a human and the body of a lion.

It was the national beast of Egypt!

Mo Fan did not expect Khufu to take advantage of the opportunity to wreak havoc on the underworld while the East Coastline was under the Ocean Demons attack.

Khufu and his group wanted to take over the White Tomb Palace.

In other words, they wanted to take control of the Dark Abyss.

The Dark Abyss was one of the Ancient Kings masterpieces.Khufus underworld army required the underworld light to move.

If it took over the Dark Abyss, then its underworld army could easily appear in any land they desired!

The moment they took over the Dark Abyss, Khufu could wipe out Egypt, including Chinas lands! Khufu was truly cunning!

“But I only have one days time…” Mo Fan said to the Queen of Nine Serenities.

“Dont worry.

I will handle the underworld issues.

The land belongs not only to the living, but also to the Undead.

We wont let Khufu take over the White Tomb Palace with ease,” said the Queen of Nine Serenities.

“Ill help you to handle the Sphinx, and youll help me to find the Watchmans Curse of the Ancient Great Wall,” Mo Fan said solemnly.

“Of course, Ill help you to find the Watchmans Curse.

As for taking on the Sphinx, you should just forget about it.

It almost killed the Mountain Zombie.” The Queen of Nine Serenities shook her head.

She did not want Mo Fan to take the risk.

“The White Tomb Palace is the key, and it must not fall into Khufus hand.

If it takes over the Dark Abyss and the White Tomb Palace, the first thing it will do is to make a comeback at Northern Xinjiang.

It also desires a large piece of Undead land.

When that happens, the Ancient City will become the only city for the rest of the base cities to retreat.

If Khufu takes over the Ancient Capital, we dont have a second place to retreat in the war against the Ocean Demons,” said Mo Fan.


But the Sphinx is too powerful.

You must enlist help from the totem beasts to fight it.” The Queen of Nine Serenities was concerned about Mo Fans safety.

In the eyes of the Queen of Nine Serenities, Mo Fan was still Wangs student, as well as his successor.The Queen of Nine Serenities wanted to build a good relationship with Mo Fan while he was still alive.

When Mo Fan died after seventy or eighty years, a new king would be born to the Undead of Ancient City.

Mo Fan was still not very powerful yet.

If he died early, he could not contribute much to the world of the Undead.

If the Queen of Nine Serenities had any ulterior motives, he would have killed her on the spot.

“Dont underestimate me.

I can take this opportunity to settle my feuds with the Sphinx from the past!” Mo Fan clenched his fists.

The Sphinx had injured him severely in Northern Xinjiang because of its large Pyramid Undead Army.

Even though Mo Fan could not use his Demon Element magical power, he had no fear in confronting it!


Ill help you to find the Watchmans Curse.

Ill leave the White Tomb Palace to you.” The Queen of Nine Serenities nodded.

“How about the Dark Abyss”

“Thank you, Queen of Nine Serenities.”

“The future of the Undead of Ancient Capital rests on you.

After you die as a Forbidden Mage, dont go to heaven.

Its good to become an Undead and join us.”

The Dark Abyss and the White Tomb Palace were always shrouded in dark clouds and gloomy rainfall.Whenever Mo Fan stepped onto this lifeless land, he felt endless pathos.

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