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Walker Of The Worlds Chapter 30 - The Astonished Sky Precepts Sect

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Chapter 30 - The Astonished Sky Precepts Sect

Sky Precepts sect, The Grand Palace.

The patriarch of the Sky Precepts sect was sitting in the throne at the head of the grand hall. Tens of men and women were also currently present in the hall. Some were seated in front, on elegant chairs, and some in the back on modest cushions. While the rest were all standing at the very back against the wall, behind their respective head elders.

This was the grand hall of the Sky precepts sect, where earth-shaking decisions were made every day. Every person who was currently present here had the authority to shake mountains and move seas.

There were elderly as well as youthful men and women in this hall. Some people who were seated at the front looked youthful while some were elderly, making one question who was the older among them.

The patriarch was wearing a plain and flawless white robe. He had his hair tied with the help of a plain wooden hairpin and was currently listening to a black-robed elder speaking. Even though the patriarch was sitting casually on the throne, no person in this hall would ever question his dignity.

The black-robed elder currently speaking was the head elder of the Armament Pavilion.

"We have successfully refined the Profundity carving shield and it will be deployed in the upcoming week." Said the Armament pavilion head elder.

"Excellent, next report." Said the patriarch, not saying any excessive word.

Another black-robed elder stood up from a chair and walked in front of the patriarch before cupping his hand in greeting. This elder was none other than Head elder Han.

"Greetings patriarch, all the preparation for the upcoming trials has been done and the spots will be allocated as before, with an elimination tournament." Said Head elder Han.

"Hmm, try and see if you can increase a few more spots this time." Said the patriarch.

"More spots patriarch Ill see to it if it can be done, but I dont know if the trial grounds will be that accommodating." Replied the head elder Han.

��The Second Grand elder has informed me that the formation of the trial ground is ready to accommodate more disciples this year." Said the patriarch.

Most of the people sitting in the hall were surprised upon hearing the patriarchs words, except for a few individuals. The Second Grand elder was in charge of all the trial grounds as well as the inheritance grounds of the sect. He was one of the three Dao treading realm experts of the sect. The second grand elder was a reclusive man, who considered his every word as gold. This was the first time he had communicated in a decade.

Head elder Han bowed in acceptance of the patriarchs words and spoke,

"If the Second Grand elder has spoken, then it will be done."

After Head elder Han was done speaking, he was about to turn around and return to the seat, when the patriarch spoke,

"Hows the investigation of the spatial disturbance going" asked the patriarch with a plain tone.

Head elder Han stopped in his tracks and straightened his posture before speaking,

"The disciples and elders who were assigned the mission have already departed from the sect, while the external elders who are located in their respective regions were informed of the matter as well." Said Head elder Han.

"Has there been any more spatial disturbances" the patriarch questioned.

"Yes, the spatial disturbance has been detected every day, ever since the first incidence. The disciples at the star catching peak have been working hard at finding the source, but it is too short-lived and complex to trace." Replied the Head elder Han.

The patriarch had his chin in his palm as he spoke,

"You say its too complex to trace"

"Yes, at first the disciples were barely able to even detect a rough location of the spatial disturbance, and but later they could not determine the location. They then decided upon another route to identify it, by analysing its signature." Elder Han spoke before taking a pause.

"But they could not identify even a single source which could barely resemble one percent of the signal." Said the Head elder Han.

Except for a few people who knew what Head elder Hans words meant, the rest of the people looked on with questioning faces.

"So you mean to say, it is that." Said the Patriarch with ambiguity in his voice.

"Yes, it is as you think patriarch, it is beyond the capability of the star catching grand formation to identify it. It... It most likely came from a higher world." Replied Head elder Han with slight dread in his voice.

Astonishment could be seen in the eyes of every person located in this hall, except for the patriarch and Head elder Han. Most of the people had been informed of this matter a few days ago, but they certainly did not expect for it to be so severe.

The patriarch closed his eyes and looked as if he was in deep thought. It was not until an hour later that he spoke, during which not a single person dared to speak, nor did the Head elder Han move from his position.

"Increase the disciples involved in the investigation and also inform the Supreme Grand Elder and the First Grand Elder." Declared the patriarch with might in his voice.

Back at the outskirts of the northern forest, Lin Mu was sleeping in the hunting shack, unaware of the chain of events that had been set off, ever since he obtained the mysterious ring.

The sun was hiding behind the hills, and the air was chilly. One could hear the morning call of the birds coming from the forest. Lin Mu had just woken up from sleep and was currently cooking some meat for his breakfast.

While the meal got ready, Lin Mu slipped into his routine and started his training for the day. He was getting better and more proficient with each training session. After he was done with his first training session of the day, Lin Mu ate his breakfast and then sat down to chant the calming heart sutra.

He had learned from yesterday and had prepared a lesser amount. It was just enough for him to finish and assimilate entirely. Lin Mu then prepared for todays hunt. He wanted to hunt some beasts today so that he could sell their materials tomorrow when he goes to the Northern town to inquire about a room at the inns.

Lin Mu put on the leather armour he had taken from the corpse of the thief he had killed and tightened it until it fit him snuggly. He wiped his short sword clean and returned it to its sheath.

Lin Mu had learned something from his first battle, and it was that he wanted more weapons. After analysing the battle multiple times, he came to the conclusion that one of the reasons he won, was that he had two extra tools that he used as weapons. He understood that if he did not have them, he would have lost, or worst died.

This made him determined to buy more weapons the next time he visited the town, which was tomorrow. Lin Mu decided that he should check up on the traps he had set up to get some bait, which he could use.

He wanted to make use of every opportunity he could get today, as it could be possible that once he was able to book a room to stay in for the winter tomorrow; he may not return here again for a long time.


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