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Chapter 100: Yu Ming Missing


Freak of a man Although Chen Caixiu’s voice was very low, Huang Xiaolong still caught her words.

Helplessly, he smiled-- must this Chen Caixiu be this direct

“If it was six months ago, perhaps you could have won against me, but now, just relying on your peak late-Eighth Order’s strength, it will be impossible to defeat me.” At this time, Chen Caixiu spoke while shaking her head and she fully released her battle qi.

A battle qi energy stronger than Huang Xiaolong’s by many folds spread out.

“Ninth Order!”

A flurry of surprised exclamations came from the crowd.

Still, Huang Xiaolong maintained his calm; this Chen Caixiu really did break through to the Ninth Order.



On the main platform.

Sun Zhang’s attention was on Huang Xiaolong, and he was smiling as he spoke to Xiong Chu, “This little guy is giving us another surprise-- he actually reached peak late-Eighth Order in such a short time!”

“Yes ah, we initially thought he would need at least another year to reach this stage.” Xiong Chu agreed, “But, Chen Caixiu is a Ninth Order, I’m afraid the little guy won’t be able to win this year!”

Sun Zhang chuckled, “Not necessarily-- did you forget during his first year, at that time Lu Kai was already a Seventh Order, in the end, Xiaolong still won”

Xiong Chu hesitated, “Still, Chen Caixiu is a Ninth Order ah.”

“Whether he wins or not, we will know soon enough.” Sun Zhang said: “Let’s wait for the result.”



At this time on the stage, Chen Caixiu called out her martial spirit: an embroidery needle!

A golden embroidery needle that was decorated densely with silver flowers.

The Silver-Flowered Golden Needle was a type of grade seven martial spirit; even the appearance was no different than the usual sewing needle.

However, to many people, it was a scary martial spirit because these types of martial spirit have terrifying attack power.

The needle’s size can be changed, from small to big, making it hard to defend against them.

Chen Caixiu instantly soul transformed after calling out her Silver-Flowered Golden Needle, making her body glitter in silver and gold.

Suddenly, Chen Caixiu swung both of her arms.

“Rain of Flowers!”

After that, countless gold and silver needles emerged out of thin air that rotated at high speed as since they were flowers of gold and silver blooming in the sky, and it was truly a fascinating picture.

In a heartbeat, Huang Xiaolong was surrounded.

“Xiaolong careful!” Li Lu exclaimed anxiously.

As Li Lu’s voice stopped, Huang Xiaolong was already gripping the Blades of Asura in his hands.

Both hands swung out and a wave of bladed lights swept out and ‘dang’ sounds echoed endlessly.

Those countless gold and silver needles were deflected by Huang Xiaolong.

“Wrath of the Nether King!” Huang Xiaolong suddenly swung out again, and crashing sounds vibrated in the air as the crowd watched two groups of bladed lights surge out like raging magma, like tens of thousand of beasts stampeding towards Chen Caixiu.

The entire hall shook when Huang Xiaolong attacked using the Wrath of Nether King.

The crowd was dumbstruck.

“Gold Needle Silver Armor!” Shocked, Chen Caixiu quickly waved her hands and the blooms of gold and silver flowers separated, returning to a sea of gold needles that formed into layers of armor on her body.


A deafening crash filled the hall.

The large force of the impact pushed Chen Caixiu back again and again.

While Chen Caixiu was trying to gain a foothold, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette flickered past like a shadow.

Martial spirit ability: Phantom Shadow.

In a split second, Huang Xiaolong appeared in front of Chen Caixiu, and his fist punched out without hesitation.

Collapse Fist!

The effect overlapped and increases the power of the punch.

In that situation, Chen Caixiu was flustered and in a haste, her palm shot out to block the attack.

A fist against a palm; both shook from the impact but it was Chen Caixiu who was push back again.

Chen Caixiu was in shock; she is a Ninth Order!

Moreover, she had soul transformed! In this physique, her battle qi power was actually weaker compared to a yet-to-soul transform Huang Xiaolong.

What kind of cultivation technique does this Huang Xiaolong practice!

“No Shadow No Form!” Being forced by Huang Xiaolong until she reached the edge of the stage, Chen Caixiu was angry after getting over her shock.

Again, her arms stretched out and countless numbers of gold needles pierced towards Huang Xiaolong.

But these gold needles suddenly disappeared halfway, and the surrounding air returned to its calmness without the slightest fluctuations.


This was the Silver-Flowered Golden Needle’s strongest attack – No Shadow No Form, making it hard to defend against.

“I wonder how this little guy will counter Chen Caixiu’s attack.

If he can’t, then the result is obvious!” Xiong Chu mused aloud on the main platform.

Sun Zhang was also focusing on Huang Xiaolong’s figure on the stage, and like Xiong Chu, he was also very curious how Huang Xiaolong would break this attack from Chen Caixiu.

Below the stage, Li Lu’s heart tightened with worry.

Including Lu Kai, Chen Feirong, and the rest of the class was staring fixedly on Huang Xiaolong.

While everyone waited in suspense, Huang Xiaolong suddenly leaped up, his body turning nonstop and his blades slashed out.

The crowd saw numerous bladed lights turn into lightning streaks; as Huang Xiaolong continued turning in midair, the lightning streaks became angrier.

In the lightning flashes, the supposedly shadowless and formless gold needles became visible before the eyes and they were scattered away by the lightning.

At the same time, the area of lightning expanded, covering the entire stage; unable to dodge, Chen Caixiu was struck by lightning and fell off the stage.

Only after Chen Caixiu fell off did Huang Xiaolong gradually stop turning and landed on the stage, and the many flashes of lightning dissipated.

Witnessing this result, the people around were stunned.

This turn of events was too big that even Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu on the main platform had difficulty reacting in a timely manner.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Caixiu actually lost!

“That move that little guy used just now, did you recognize what battle skill it was” Moments later, Sun Zhang asked Xiong Chu after he recovered.

Xiong Chu shook his head, “I have cultivated for almost a hundred years and have never seen such a battle skill, but that move is probably a succedent to the battle skill he used to defeat Lu Kai.”

Sun Zhang nodded in agreement and then said, “This kid didn’t need to call out his Primordial Divine Black Dragon martial spirit to defeat Chen Caixiu.

I think, if he calls out his Black Dragon martial spirit, he probably could defeat a mid-Ninth Order expert!”



At this point, the students and teachers in the huge hall broke out in thunderous cheers and applause, especially Li Lu who was clapping with all her might, her beautiful eyes shining while looking extremely charming.

Falling out from the stage, Chen Caixiu did not look devastated or upset; instead, it seemed like she was thinking of something as she looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Chen Caixiu came beside Li Lu, smiled and said, “Little Sis, I really envy you.

In another two years, when the two of you get married, remember to tell me.”

Hearing this, Li Lu’s lovely face blushed, “Sis, what are you saying~”

Chen Caixiu laughed seeing Li Lu’s shy expression.


Soon, the First Year, Second Year, the Third Year, and the Academy overall results came out.

Huang Xiaolong was rewarded with an early Grade Five Spirit Dan.

When the event ended and everyone dispersed, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu held Huang Xiaolong back and gave him another high Grade Five Spirit Dan.

This had become a routine.

Every year after the annual competition, other than the usual reward, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu would give Huang Xiaolong another high Grade Five Spirit Dan.

Of course, the two of them assumed the reason why Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation advanced at such speed was due to this gift every year.

In fact, they did not know that these Spirit Dans Huang Xiaolong was given were distributed to either his parents or siblings.


After the Academy annual competition ended, Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou returned to Tianxuan Mansion.

When they came back, Marshal Haotian was waiting for them in the main hall.

“Still no news of your Master Yu Ming” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Four years has passed since Yu Ming departed to the Star Cloud Continent, returning to Asura’s Gate headquarters.

However, there was no news of him and since then, it was if he disappeared into thin air.

In the last two years, Huang Xiaolong had asked Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou to look into news regarding Yu Ming.


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