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A Heavenly Gods tribulation was a punishment dispensed by the heavens!

Only after they survived the heavens retribution and integrated with the heavens laws could one successfully form a godsea, stepping into the Heavenly God Realm!

They would either succeed or be destroyed in body and soul!

Sitting cross-legged in the cave, Huang Xiaolong already sensed the swirling tribulation lightning forming in the clouds directly above him.

He then circulated all of the godforce in his three supreme godheads, forming an ocean of godforce that cocooned him in protection.


A thick streak of lightning that looked more like a dragon struck the mountain peak where Huang Xiaolongs cave was located at an incomprehensible speed.

In the next second, the tall mountain was split apart by the lightnings destructive power, crumbling into dust.

The thick lightning rushed down toward Huang Xiaolong.

The ocean of godforce Huang Xiaolong summoned was shaking violently from the collision before actually disintegrating! Even an early Third Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator would be hard pressed to shatter his defense barrier, yet it was almost immediately destroyed by the tribulation lightning! One could imagine how horrible its destructive power was.

In truth, when cultivators broke through into the Heavenly God Realm, they rarely attracted tribulation lightning that possessed such terrifying destructive power.

The crux of the problem was, Huang Xiaolong was someone who had condensed three supreme godheads; the higher one\'s talent was, the more powerful the tribulation lightning would be.

After the lightning strike shattered the protective barrier, it landed accurately on his True Divine Dragon Physique.

Huang Xiaolongs body swayed but he withstood the impact.

Right at this time, an alarming lightning force appeared in Huang Xiaolongs soul sea, attacking his godheads.

It was a soul attack!

The Heavenly God tribulation wasn\'t limited to the physical body, also including soul attacks.

However, Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads were close to indestructible.

When that tribulation lightning landed on his godheads, they didnt even shake, giving the illusion that the lightning strike was a mere gentle tickle them.

However, just as Huang Xiaolong was about to catch his breath, dark lightning clouds gathered under the nine heavens at an even larger scale, exceeding a thousand li in diameter!

Huang Xiaolong nearly choked in shock. ‘What is happening!

Wasnt the Heavenly God tribulation just a single lightning strike Why was there a second one coming

But he had no time to think, madly circulating his godforce once more, forming a new protective barrier around himself.

In this short time, the second lightning strike was already roaring down on Huang Xiaolong, akin to a giant dragon crashing into the earth.

The air currents in a diameter of a thousand li turned chaotic and turbulent, while the sound of rumbling thunder and crackling lightning could be heard even farther away.

“Whats that!”

“The lightning of heaven tribulation Whos attempting to break through to the Heavenly God Realm here!”

“Breaking through to the Heavenly God Realm How could that be That lightning strike is too overwhelming, its destructive power comparable to someone trying to breakthrough into the Ancient God Realm!”

Farther in the distance, outside of the range of the tribulation clouds, disciples of the three sects were dumbfounded as they looked at the rumbling black clouds high in the sky.

They were so far away from the tribulation clouds, yet they could feel their skin prickling from the destructive power.

In this situation, even a Third Order Heavenly God Realm would probably suffer grave injuries if hit.

At this point, the protective godforce barrier around Huang Xiaolong was shattered once again by the falling lightning.

In that instant, Huang Xiaolong felt like he was about to cough out his internal organs from the impact, blood flowed out from the corner of his lips.

Multiple crisscrossing wounds appeared across his flesh.

Following the searing pain on his flesh, the latter part of the tribulation lightning had arrived in Huang Xiaolongs soul sea.

This time around, the soul attack was three times stronger than the previous one!

When the lightning struck his three supreme godheads, resounding crackling noises were heard, causing them to shake violently.

Fortunately, there was no visible damage.

Huang Xiaolong let out the breath he had been holding in unknowingly.

In the next second, however, his face paled slightly, for high above him, the dark clouds did not dissipate at all.

Instead, they seemed to be brewing another lightning strike as the clouds spread even further, reaching three thousand li in diameter.

The third lightning strike!

‘Theres actually a third bolt of lightning!

“Sissy fudges!” Huang Xiaolong couldnt help swearing under his breath.

Outside of the range of one thousand li, the spectating disciples watched as the dark clouds suddenly roiled outwards, getting larger, and their faces went pallid.

Everyone started fleeing from until they were way outside the range of the dark clouds before they felt safe enough to stop.

The three sects disciples had just run out from the danger zone when they saw nine bolts of lightning several times thicker than the first two striking down at the same time.

Space fissures appeared faster than they could mend, while the air currents turned into furious hurricanes.

That small portion of the island with a diameter of three thousand li seemed like a separate world; the raging wind howled ferociously and space shook as if the world was coming to an end.

Outside those three thousand li, the cliffs and mountain peaks exploded into gravel and dust, flying all over.

“Nine bolts of tribulation lightning! They only appear when a Heavenly God Realm cultivator breaks into the Ancient God Realm! Someone is breaking through to the Ancient God Realm there!”   

“But this is the Volcano Isle, only our three sects outer disciples and inner disciples can enter, how could there be someone trying to breakthrough to the Ancient God Realm here Look, that nine bolts of lightning are weaker than what is described in the legends!”

The three sects disciples were astounded, amazed, and debating what was happening.

When the nine bolts of lightning struck the crown of Huang Xiaolongs head, the protective barrier he barely erected popped like bubbles on the seashore.

The nine bolts of lightning lashed onto Huang Xiaolongs body without impediment.

Huang Xiaolongs True Divine Dragon Physique that had yet to heal exploded into blood mist, scattered by the wind.

His physical body was gone. 

However, it did not end there.

The nine bolts of lightning force entered his soul sea, attacking his three supreme godheads.

His godheads were swaying greatly, cracking sounds coming from them as if they were about to shatter at any moment.

The cracking noises went on for several minutes before the three godheads stabilized, having endured the impact.

In the next moment, they released a radiant light and a joyful humming sound, like dragons roaring, archdevils howling, and ten thousand Buddhas chanting at the same time.

Myriad images of divine dragons, Archdevils, and golden Buddhas lit up the sky.

Under the radiance of the three supreme godheads, tiny particles of blood started gather from all around, merging and reforming Huang Xiaolongs body.

At this point, there was no longer a soul sea in Huang Xiaolongs consciousness, having integrated with his three supreme godheads.

It was now a boundless sea, a godsea!

Inside his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead was a multi-colored godsea, in his Archdevil Supreme Godhead was a godsea that was black as ink, while in his Infinite Buddha Supreme Godhead was a translucent golden godsea.

He had finally formed his godsea, becoming a Heavenly God Realm cultivator! Naturally, Huang Xiaolong was beyond elated, his heart thumping with excitement.

He could be considered a small expert now, right His status and identity wouldn\'t be the same.

Moreover, he noticed that he actually leaped to mid-First Order Heavenly God Realm in one go! He had completely absorbed every last strand of energy from those six Ice Jade-ink Fruits.

After being immersed in his joy for a few minutes, Huang Xiaolong calmed down and got up on his feet.

Seeing his surroundings that were blasted flat with nary a blade of grass around, his heart palpitated recalling his experience earlier.

If there was a fourth lightning strike, he would have died without a doubt!

Shaking away those thoughts, Huang Xiaolong circulated his heavenly godforce and flew off.


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