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Chapter 1017: Chen Wenyuan’s Pursuit

What exactly this energy was, Huang Xiaolong didn't know.

When his divine sense enveloped the little cow to check, he could only see a vague grayish purple lightning and a faint golden fire.

This made him even more curious about the little golden horned cow’s origin.

There were very few things that could make Huang Xiaolong fearful after condensing his three supreme godheads.

Could it be, this little cow wasn't a divine beast

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze fell onto the little thing chewing on a godhead as the thought flashed in his mind.

Above divine beasts in rank were the chaos beasts.


However, it was only a mere thought, for the possibility didn't seem high.

If this little cow was really a chaos beast, the big shot behind the Highgod Advancement Tournament wouldn't have given it out as a prize.

Thus, a person and a cow moved onward through the Blood Phoenix Forest whilst hunting.

Of course, it was only Huang Xiaolong doing the labor while the golden horned little cow ‘cheered’ from the side.

Very soon, a month had passed.

In this one month, the little cow had grown many times sturdier, so much that it couldn't be called ‘little one’ anymore.

Slightly over a month ago when it had just hatched, its height only reached Huang Xiaolong’s waist, but now, it already reached Huang Xiaolong’s shoulders.

If Huang Xiaolong hadn't witnessed its growth with his own eyes, he would not believe that this cow was born a mere month ago.

However, even though the ‘little one’ had grown considerably, it was still just as cute, and especially good at acting spoiled.

Naturally, it remained lazy and gluttonous.

Lastly, all it could spit out to communicate with Huang Xiaolong was still ‘moo.’

During this period, the ‘little’ cow’s pair of golden horns also became more lustrous, with faint lightning symbols appearing on their surface.

These lightning symbols contained an innate heaven and earth force, profound and abstruse.

Huang Xiaolong studied these symbols for a few days, but couldn’t even understand a thing from them.

Huang Xiaolong’s strength had also improved significantly, already a peak early Second Order Heavenly God, just half a step more and he would advance to mid-Second Order Heavenly God Realm.

In truth, if Huang Xiaolong was travelling alone, he would have traversed the necessary distance by now, but with the golden horned little cow, it was inevitable that his speed slowed greatly.

According to his estimation, it would take another twenty days or so to leave the Blood Phoenix Forest.

On this day, when Huang Xiaolong was riding on the golden horned cow and passed by one of the many streams in the Blood Phoenix Forest, a strong sense of danger gripped him.

Huang Xiaolong shouted: “Xiaoniū!”

A person and a cow leaped into the air at the same time.

Huang Xiaolong had just leaped away when a powerful sword qi arrived at the same spot, splitting the small stream into two sides, causing water to explode into the air.

At the same time, a sound of surprise was heard, followed by the appearance of a white robed young man in Huang Xiaolong’s line of sight.

“The Elephant Genesis Sect.” Spotting the elephant emblem on the young man’s white robe, Huang Xiaolong muttered with a frown, for the young man was a core disciple of the Elephant Genesis Sect!

The white-robed young man scrutinized Huang Xiaolong, his gaze intense as he spoke, “Huang Xiaolong, I didn’t expect you to have hidden your strength so deeply, it seems you really killed my Junior Brother.”

This white robed young man was none other than Chen Wenyuan who received Zhao Chenyuan’s order to capture Huang Xiaolong.

“Junior Brother” A face flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s mind, his tone icy, “You are Han Yang’s Senior Brother, Chen Wenyuan.”

Chen Wenyuan was taken aback, he didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to guess his identity.

“As expected, you killed Junior Brother.” Killing intent flickered in Chen Wenyuan’s eyes.

When he witnessed Huang Xiaolong’s strength earlier, he was seventy percent sure it was he who killed Han Yang, but now it had become one hundred percent.

Otherwise, how could Huang Xiaolong know about him and his Junior Brother Han Yang

After confirming his suspicion, Chen Wenyuan acted.

The longsword in his hand suddenly flew out like a serpent, straight toward Huang Xiaolong’s heart.

Even before the longsword arrived, the terrifying sword qi it emitted caused prickling pain over Huang Xiaolong’s skin.

This was the Elephant Genesis Sect’s Poisonous Serpent Sword Art.

After reaching minor completion in this sword art, the cultivator would be able to control their weapon to attack the enemy within a certain area, similar to sword control attack, only weaker.

However, Chen Wenyuan was a mid-Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm, his sword attack was sufficient to pierce a hole through a late-Fifth Order Heavenly God’s chest if they were caught off guard.

Even if the injury would not result in death, it wouldn't be far off.

Huang Xiaolong didn't hesitate, leaving Xiaoniū’s back as he circulated his godforce and formed a blade over his palm, cutting down.

Dang, dang, dang!

Consecutive sounds of metal clashing rang in high air.

Although Huang Xiaolong successfully dodged Chen Wenyuan’s attack, the powerful shockwaves were enough to cause his blood to run chaotically.

Just as Huang Xiaolong dodged the attack, Chen Wenyuan’s longsword made a turn in the air, once again attacking.

The longsword arrived behind Huang Xiaolong in an instant, so fast that Huang Xiaolong did not have time to react.

Letting out a bellow, he didn’t even turn his body, his godforce blade slashed toward the back with an Asura Sword Skill move.

The Tempest of Hell.

Wind vortices swirled, delaying the enemy’s longsword.

Huang Xiaolong swiftly swerved his body to the side, just barely dodging the attack.

In this split second, the longsword returned to Chen Wenyuan’s hand.

Although the Poisonous Serpent Sword Art was a powerful battle art, Chen Wenyuan could only manage two consecutive attacks at his current mid-Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivation.

Gripping the longsword in his hand, Chen Wenyuan’s expression turned grim as he looked again at Huang Xiaolong, great waves of shock battering his heart.

Huang Xiaolong actually dodged his consecutive attacks He had already increased his estimation of Huang Xiaolong’s strength, but now he discovered that he still had underestimated him in the end.

At this point, Chen Wenyuan couldn’t help wondering if Huang Xiaolong was really a late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm when he entered the Barbarian God Sect a little over a year ago.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the air, staring down at his robe that was now torn all over by Chen Wenyuan’s sword qi, then he frowned.

Although he seemingly dodged the other side’s attacks, his robe was badly shredded by the sword qi.

Looking at Chen Wenyuan again, Huang Xiaolong’s body suddenly swayed, turning into his primordial divine dragon form.

Facing a mid-Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm, he did not plan to keep his cards until the last moment.

Watching Huang Xiaolong suddenly transform into a primordial divine dragon, Chen Wenyuan was dumbfounded, especially when he noticed Huang Xiaolong’s aura rise by several folds!

Before Chen Wenyuan recovered from his shock, Huang Xiaolong had arrived above his head, sending dragon claws the size of small hills slamming down.

Chen Wenyuan paled, but his reflexes were quite good, jumping to the side.

He managed to dodge the attack, though just barely.

He then saw Huang Xiaolong’s dragon claw imprints on the ground with deep fissures running through the earth.

Soil and sand flew all over, covering Chen Wenyuan with dirt.

Before Chen Wenyuan could deal with the dirt on his body, he saw Huang Xiaolong’s giant tail sweeping towards him from the corner of his eye, whistling through the air.

Chen Wenyuan slashed out with the longsword in his hand in panic.


The sword attack imbued with his heavenly godforce landed on Huang Xiaolong’s tail, yet it felt like the sword landed on a chaos mountain.

Chen Wenyuan’s arm was quivering, slightly numb with pain, the longsword in his hand nearly falling to the ground.

He himself was knocked into the air and a gush of warm liquid gurgled up his throat, vomiting blood in the next second.

Staring at the splatter of blood on the ground, Chen Wenyuan couldn’t believe his eyes, he had actually been injured!

“Great Thousand Sword Array!” All of a sudden, Chen Wenyuan hollered, running amok.

Vibrant sword qi flew out from his longsword, exactly one thousand rays of sword qi, forming a sword array that attacked Huang Xiaolong like never-ending waves, one greater than the other, fiercer than the other.


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