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Chapter 1025: His Name Is He Cheng

“That is so, that's simply an excuse.

Even if we agree to their demands, they won’t stop looking for trouble.” Another Tie Family Elder stated with a worried expression.

The frown on Tie Qianyuan’s forehead deepened, “Do the heavens really want our Tie Family Fort to disappear Our Tie Family Fort has survived several hundred years of adversities, is it really going to end in my hands!”

“At a time like this, where are Cheng Dong and the other two Elders If the three of them are were here, perhaps the He Family wouldn’t act so brazenly.” Another Tie Family Elder sighed.

“Hmph, if the three of them were here, they would probably turn and collude with the He Family to stab us in the back.

That would only make things worse!” Tie Mu scoffed.

The main hall fell into another heavy silence.

Right at this time a Tie Family Fort disciple ran into the main hall, reporting to Tie Qianyuan, “Fort Lord, there’s a black-haired young man claiming he knows the young fort lord and young miss, saying came to visit.”

“Black-haired young man” Everyone looked at each other in confusion.

“Do you know his name” Tie Qianyuan asked solemnly.

“He said his name is Huang Xiaolong.” That Tie Family Fort disciple replied.

“Huang Xiaolong! It’s Elder brother Huang, it’s Elder brother Huang!” Hearing the name, Tie Xinlan was overjoyed.

She ran straight out of the main hall without another word.

Tie Mu’s clouded expression brightened, running out after his sister with a big grin on his face.

Watching his son and daughter’s reaction, Tie Qianyuan wryly shook his head.

“Huang Xiaolong After leaving our Tie Family Fort, he went to participate in the Barbarian God Sect disciple recruitment assessment.

I wonder if he passed.” One of the Elders casually mentioned.

“With Huang Xiaolong’s talent, he most likely passed.” An Elder surmised, adding, “Then he should currently be an outer disciple of the Barbarian God Sect.

A pity, if he was an inner disciple the He Family might be a little more scrupulous, but an outer sect disciple… I’m afraid the He Family won’t put this identity in their eyes.”

 Tie Qianyuan and the present Elders nodded in agreement.

Outside, Tie Xinlan already reached the main gates.

From afar, she spotted the familiar straight figure, making her beautiful eyes slightly shrouded with a layer of mist.

She quickly ran forward, calling out to Huang Xiaolong, “Elder brother Huang!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled seeing Tie Xinlan as well as Tie Mu following close behind her.

Seeing them again gave Huang Xiaolong a feeling of closeness.

Tie Xinlan was panting when she reached Huang Xiaolong.

As she tried to catch her breath, her voluptuous bosom inevitably rippled seductively.

On top of that, Tie Xinlan’s lovable cute face only added to her charm.

In the next moment, when Tie Xinlan saw the golden horned little cow beside Huang Xiaolong, her dainty cherry lips were dramatically agape as she reached out to pat its back.

Her crisp clear voice rang out, “It’s so cute! Little cowwy, what’s your name ah!” She craned her neck at Huang Xiaolong, “Elder brother Huang, is this little cowwy your mount It’s just too cute.” 

Huang Xiaolong laughed, replying, “It’s called Xiaoniū.”

Huang Xiaolong was actually surprised that the little cow allowed Tie Xinlan to rub its back.

In the past, anybody who tried to get close to it would be kicked without mercy.

“Xiaoniū” Tie Xinlan’s eyes sparkled.

She turned to the little cow again, “What an interesting name.

Hello, Xiaoniū.

I am Tie Xinlan, let’s be friends, okay”

The little cow mooed softly, slightly leaning intimately toward Tie Xinlan.

Tie Mu was just as surprised when he saw the little cow, but when he wanted to pat its back like Tie Xinlan, the little cow raised its back hoof as if ready to kick someone, scaring Tie Mu away.

After that, he dared not try to touch it again.

Watching this scene, Tie Xinlan giggled happily, “Xiaoniū is so good, kiss kiss!” And she really planted a kiss on the little cow’s face.

Huang Xiaolong could only shake his head at these two’s antics.

By now, Tie Qianyuan and a group of Elders also arrived at the gates.

After exchanging greetings with Huang Xiaolong, Tie Qianyuan invited him into the fort.

Everyone took a seat once inside the main hall, and at this time, Huang Xiaolong noticed that Tie Qianyuan and the others’ complexions didn’t look too good, worry clouding their faces from time to time.

“Elder brother Huang, did you pass the Barbarian God Sect disciple recruitment test” Tie Xinlan suddenly asked.

Tie Qianyuan and everyone’s ears perked up, waiting for Huang Xiaolong’s answer.

Though Huang Xiaolong’s reputation was loud enough to be known by the Elephant Genesis Sect, Great Whale Sect, as well as the bigger forces on the Green Cloud Island, small forces in remote places such as the Tie Family Fort had yet to receive the news.

Huang Xiaolong stilled for a second, then answered, “I passed.” There was nothing to hide about it.

“I knew Elder brother Huang would be able to pass!” Happiness was written all over Tie Xinlan’s face.

Tie Mu had a wide smile on his face, “I hope Elder brother Huang will soon be promoted to an inner disciple.”

Tie Qianyuan and the present Elders also congratulated Huang Xiaolong.

“Young hero successfully entering the Barbarian God Sect is a matter worth celebrating, and we would be delighted to hold a banquet, however…” Tie Qianyuan sighed, “Our Tie Family Fort is facing some problems right now, so…” Tie Qianyuan’s voice trailed off.

These words stoked Huang Xiaolong’s curiosity, thus he turned to ask Tie Mu beside him what was the matter.

“Some time ago, brother and I went to the Green Sun City to buy some things.

We didn’t expect to run into the He Family disciples.

One of them verbally harassed me and I reprimanded him in anger, but we only found out that he was a He Family disciple afterwards.

A few days later, the He Family Patriarch sent someone here with a message, saying that He Family disciple was smitten with me, and wants to take me as his wife.

If I refuse, the He Family will annihilate our Tie Family Fort.

Today is the deadline.” Tie Xinlan blurted out.

The He Family

The Green Sun City probably only had one He Family.

So, this was the reason.

Huang Xiaolong asked, “What is that disciple’s name”

Tie Mu answered, “His name is He Cheng.

That bastard is a dog in human skin, a lecher through and through, just recalling his face makes me want to spit on him!” Tie Mu snarled.

He Cheng Huang Xiaolong’s expression was slightly odd, ‘That guy again.’

Before He Hanyu and the other three families’ Patriarchs returned to the Green Sun City, he did not specifically mention anything about those core disciples’ punishment.

Now, five months later, this He Cheng was jumping around and causing trouble happily.

“It is a pity that young hero Huang isn't an inner disciple of the Barbarian God Sect, otherwise, if young hero Huang was willing to say a few words, the He Family would give you some face and wouldn't make things too difficult for our Tie Family Fort.


Everyone looked downhearted.

“Fort Lord, not good, the He Family’s people are outside!” A Tie Family Fort disciple ran in flustered.

Tie Qianyuan, Tie Mu, Tie Xinlan, and the others’ complexions immediately worsened.

“I’ll go out with you all.” Huang Xiaolong stated.

Tie Qianyuan nodded and stood up from his seat as he forced himself to calm down.

He and all the Tie Family Elders walked to the gates with Huang Xiaolong following behind them.

Before they reach the gates, an arrogant voice rang in the air, “Quickly tell your Fort Lord to roll out here for this young master, it's her greatest fortune for his daughter to be be selected by me!”

Tie Qianyuan’s face turned white with fury.

The others also had an ugly expression listening to those words.


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