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Joy shone in Huang Xiaolongs eyes; there were indeed Crimson Flame Beads! Moreover, there were two of them!

Just as Huang Xiaolongs arm reached out to collect the two Crimson Flame Beads, a sudden sound of whistling wind came from the distance.

In the next moment, “Haha, I didnt expect our luck to be so good, weve just entered this Ice Hail Ruins and already found two Crimson Flame Beads!” A surprised and excited voice sounded.

A group clad in the Elephant Genesis Sects inner disciple robes was flying toward Huang Xiaolongs direction in a hurry.

There were about thirty plus people.

When this group reached the location, not one of them spare a glance at Huang Xiaolong.

One of them went directly for the Crimson Flame Beads. 

However, a moment before that inner disciples hand touched the Crimson Flame Beads, a sword light flashed past.

That person screamed tragically as his extended right hand was cut off by a flash of sword light, causing blood to spray into the air.

The other Elephant Genesis Sect disciples were stunned before they all turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

It never crossed their minds that the nearby Barbarian God Sect disciple would actually dare to act against them.

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong!” One of the Elephant Genesis Sect disciples shrieked upon recognizing him.

Huang Xiaolong!

This persons reputation reached the height of a trees shadow, causing the angered faces of the Elephant Genesis Sect disciples to pale and their bodies to unconsciously retreat.

“Everyone, dont be afraid!”At this time, one of the Elephant Genesis Sect inner disciples shouted to calm his companions, “There are more than thirty of us here and most of us are mid to late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm.

If we attack together, this Huang Xiaolong definitely won\'t be our match!”

“Thats right, the Sect Chief has given the order to kill Huang Xiaolong without mercy  if we see him! The reward of divine pellets, cultivation technique and battle arts awaits us!” These words caused their group to immediately stir into a frenzy.

With these two Elephant Genesis Sect disciples shout, the others stopped retreating.

“Everyone, quickly form the Elephant Genesis God Killing Formation! With our strength and the power of the formation, even an early Fourth Order Heavenly God cant escape!”

“Thats right, he\'s alone, whats there to be afraid of Kill Huang Xiaolong and those ten billion shenbi will be ours!” Several late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm inner disciples shouted, stirring their companions further.

Immediately, the thirty over Elephant Genesis Sect disciples spread out in a circle, trapping Huang Xiaolong in the middle.

At the same time, each of them stepped into a specific location to form a small scale Elephant Genesis God Killing Formation.

Amongst the three sects, the Elephant Genesis Sects formations and sword techniques were above the other two.

This Elephant Genesis God Killing Formation was one of the most powerful formations they possessed.

The original scale of the Elephant Genesis God Killing Formation required at least one thousand disciples to form.

Needless to say, the power of such a formation was beyond shocking, increasing the overall battle power at least ten times.

On the other hand, a small scale Elephant Genesis God Killing Formation could be formed with ten or more people, just like the current situation for instance.

These thirty-odd Elephant Genesis Sect disciples could form a small scale Elephant Genesis God Killing Formation to double their attack power.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs unperturbed expression as they formed the Elephant Genesis God Killing Formation, the several late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm inner disciples sneered inwardly at his folly.

“Huang Xiaolong, you are indeed as arrogant as the rumors claim, letting us form the Elephant Genesis God Killing Formation without any sense of urgency!” One of the late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm disciples named Wen Lin started to attack verbally, “Let me enlighten you! Now that we have successfully formed the Elephant Genesis God Killing Formation, other than our Senior Brother Zhao Wuya, and the Great Whale Sects Fan Yuan, no other people here can break our formation!”

“Thats a certainty! Huang Xiaolong, I dont believe you have strength comparable to a mid-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm like Senior Brother Zhao Wuya and Fan Yuan!” Another late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm disciple snapped.

“Everyone, put all your effort into manipulating the formation!”

“We must strive to kill Huang Xiaolong within one minute, or trouble will arise if the disturbance attracts other Barbarian God Sect disciples!”

Under the instructions of the several late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm inner disciples, the other Elephant Genesis Sect disciples leaped into the air, moving around in an irregular and mysterious pattern, aiming their lethal attacks at Huang Xiaolong.

These thirty over disciples cooperated well, attacking from the front and the back, extremely tricky.

Some of them moved with whelming force, while others were soft and quick.

All of Huang Xiaolongs dodging space was locked down.

Regardless in which direction Huang Xiaolong tried to attack or dodge, he would suffer the combined attack of these thirty over disciples.

Watching these people attacking him from various angles, Huang Xiaolong was still unperturbed as he stood in the air, as if he had no intention to block at all.

Watching him, the sneer on the faces of the several late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm Elephant Genesis Sect disciples deepened. ‘This Huang Xiaolong must be relying on his defensive divine armor, thinking it\'s enough to block our combined attack.

‘A pity this punk doesnt know that any divine armor is scrap before our Elephant Genesis God Killing Formation. This was because the sword qi from their formation was so powerful that it ignored all defenses, moreover, it could even kill the enemy in an instant.

Exactly at this time, the thirty over disciples watched as their sword qi land accurately on Huang Xiaolongs body.

Sounds of collision resounded in the air one after another.

What made these disciples eyes widen in shock was the fact that their sword qi had failed to harm Huang Xiaolong.

He was actually unharmed!

Huang Xiaolong stood calmly in the air, without the slightest injury.

There was barely a torn on his inner disciple robe.


Before they could recover from their shock, radiant light burst out from Huang Xiaolongs body, as bright as the sun.

The terrifying force snapped all the Elephant Genesis Sect inner disciples sword in two, causing the sword tips to pierce into their own masters.

All the Elephant Genesis Sect inner disciples were slammed into the air and fell limply to the ground, including the several late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm inner disciples.

“No, how could this be, you, you, how could your battle prowess be so strong! Almost comparable to a mid-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm Senior Brother Zhao Wuya!” A late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm inner disciple screamed in disbelief, screaming the unwillingness in his heart.

The others also looked shocked, filled with disbelief.

Barely three years had passed since Huang Xiaolong entered the Barbarian God Sect, how could he had grown this extent!

The light from Huang Xiaolongs hands dimmed, revealing the Blades of Asura as he took several steps toward the group of Elephant Genesis Sect inner disciples.

“Huang Xiaolong, if you dare to kill us, the Elephant Genesis Sect wont spare you!”

“My Master is the Elephant Genesis Sects Elder Zhong Lin!”

“Im someone with mid-rank ten godhead!”

Sensing the killing intent surging from Huang Xiaolongs body, these disciples paled, but still tried to put up a front.

“What a bunch of idiots!” Huang Xiaolong stated with a cold expression.

The Blades of Asura in his hands slashed out, forming countless wind vortices that zigzagged between those disciples.

In a mere second, blood-curdling screams reverberated in the air.

Flowers of blood bloomed red in the air, painting a beautiful picture.

“Dont worry, all of you will be able to meet Zhao Wuya very soon.” Huang Xiaolong out away the Blades of Asura as more than thirty slivers of divine fire fell flew out, burning the bodies of those Elephant Genesis Sect disciples until nothing was left.

A force came from his hand, collecting all the spatial rings as well as the two Crimson Flame Beads before he disappeared from the scene in a flicker.

At this time, outside the Ice Hail Ruins.

“What Weng Lins group is dead” The Elephant Genesis Sect Chief Pan Jues face turned ugly, staring fixedly at Grand Elder Yan Ze who was reporting the latest news.

“Y-yes.” Grand Elder Yan Ze confirmed.

“How many people died” Pan Jues voice was extremely solemn.

“Thirty-six people!” Grand Elder Yan Ze made every effort not to stammer.


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