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Although Chen Hao was acknowledged to be the Barbarian God Sects most talented genius in the last hundred thousand years, the number of islands participating in the Fortune Mainlands All Islands Great War exceeded a hundred thousand.

If at least a hundred thousand islands were participating, with each island being given five spots, the number of participating disciples already reached a staggering five hundred thousand!

It could already be considered a feat if Chen Hao could distinguish himself from hundreds of thousands of other geniuses and enter the top one thousand.

At this point, Huang Junfei looked over at Cao Jincheng, saying, “I heard that woman was born with a unique physique, one ranked in the top hundred, called Jade Ice Physique.”

Cao Jincheng swiftly replied respectfully, “That is so, Senior Huang.”

Zhuang Xuan laughed and commented, “I also heard that woman is an enchanting beauty ah.”

Cao Yang looked at Cao Jincheng, “Since the two Seniors have taken the time to come over for the wedding, we should call her over to pour tea for the two Seniors.”

Cao Jincheng obediently complied, then ordered one of maids to invite the young mistress over.

The maid left and soon returned with an enchanting woman walking behind her.

She had an exquisite nose, dainty cherry lips, fine willow brows, and skin white as snow, so fragile that it might turn red from a light touch.

A glance from her bright eyes could charm ones heart, but there was a hint of sadness between her brows.

If Huang Xiaolong was here, he would recognize this enchanting beauty as none other than Saint Mother Yao Chi!

Both Zhuang Xuan and Huang Junfeis eyes lit up upon seeing her face.

Cao Yang also nodded his head in appreciation.

“Yao Chi, these two Seniors are the Barbarian God Sects Grand Elder Zhuang Xuan and Grand Elder Huang Junfei.” Cao Jincheng stood up, introducing Zhuang Xuan and Huang Junfei, then respectfully faced the other side, “These two Seniors came to attend our wedding, go serve and thank the two Seniors for their grace!”

However, Saint Mother Yao Chi remained standing where she was, hesitation on her face.

Her action caused a frown to appear on Zhuang Xuan and Huang Junfeis brows.

Noticing their displeasure, Cao Jinchengs anger rose and his palm greeted Saint Mother Yao Chis cheek.

A glaring red palm print immediately appeared on her snow-white skin, “Ignorant! Ungracious! Move, quickly serve tea to these Seniors!”

Saint Mother Yao Chi glared angrily at Cao Jincheng, tears swimming in her eyes.

Cao Jincheng raised his palm again, ready to strike again.

“Enough.” Zhuang Xuan waved his hand as if he did not mind, “Your wedding will take place the day after tomorrow, forget it.”

Cao Jincheng respectfully complied, “Thank you Senior Zhuang.”

Huang Junfei added, “However, this woman needs to be educated carefully.

You\'re someone who is going to succeed the Cao Familys mantle, how could your family\'s mistress be so benighted”

Educated carefully!

Everyone present understood all too well what this meant.

Cao Jincheng answered without any hesitation, “Yes, I will adhere to Senior Huangs guidance.

After the wedding, this junior will surely educate her well.” 

Saint Mother Yao Chis complexion turned several shades paler, but beneath her paleness was fury, powerlessness, and trepidation.

Inexplicably, a domineering and confident figure flashed in her mind.

A deep bitterness filled Saint Mother Yao Chi. ‘I wonder how hes doing now, perhaps… Will he look for me after he ascends But he will never be able to find me.

Because she already decided at this moment that she would blow up her godhead on the day of the wedding.

Maybe later, when he found out that she died in such a way, he would feel sad for her.

Right at this time, the Cao Familys steward ran into the hall.

“Second Great Grandlord, Patriarch, two Seniors,” The Cao Family steward greeted respectfully.


“Didnt I order you not to come in unless there is something urgent” Cao Munan chided.

The Cao Family steward hesitated, but said nonetheless, “Replying to Patriarch, just a while ago, Young Master Cao Bishi found out that Huang Xiaolong is in Cao Bao City, and went out to capture him.

This slave felt uneasy, so I came in to report to Patriarch and Second Great Grandlord.”

“What, Huang Xiaolong is in Cao Bao City!” Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, Huang Junfei, and Cao Munan exclaimed almost simultaneously.

Saint Mother Yao Chi was momentarily dazed, ‘Huang Xiaolong Could it be him Just as this thought appeared, she shook her head at her own naivety.

In the numerous world surfaces, who knows how many people had the same name...

This Huang Xiaolong was probably one of those many people.

Cao Yang jumped to his feet in anger, “Why has no one reported to me that Huang Xiaolong has come to our Cao Bao City!”

The Cao Family steward fell to his knees in fear, petrified by the momentum coming from Cao Yangs body, “Second Great Grandlord, it was Young Master Cao Bishi that instructed this slave not to report it.

He said to wait until he captured and brought back Huang Xiaolong as a surprise for Second Great Grandlord and Patriarch!”

“Other than Bishi, who else went out” Cao Munan asked.

“Cao Zhongwei, Cao Ran...” The steward quickly blurted out all five Elders names.

Hearing that, Cao Yang and Cao Munans faces looked slightly better.

With their groups strength, capturing Huang Xiaolong should be an easy matter.

But Zhuang Xuan was frowning, “What is Huang Xiaolongs purpose coming here”

This was also the question Cao Yang, Cao Munan, and Huang Junfei wanted to know the answer to.

“Could Jinchengs wedding have anything to do with it” Cao Munan contemplated.

After all, Huang Xiaolongs timing was too much of a coincidence.

The day after tomorrow was his sons wedding day.

Cao Yang shook his head, dismissing the possibility, “Not likely.

Even though he had some conflict with Bishi and Cao Feng some time back, hes not so stupid as to come and destroy Jinchengs wedding alone.

It isn\'t necessary for him to do so, and theres a lesser chance that he came to send gifts.”

Cao Munan, Zhuang Xuan, Huang Junfei, and the rest couldnt figure out what Huang Xiaolong was doing in Cao Bao City.

Huang Junfei sneered a moment later, “Who cares why that punk came to Cao Bao City The problem is, even if we do capture him, the consequences would be heavy if we kill him.”

The Barbarian God Sect would turn over every stone under the sun looking for the culprit if Huang Xiaolong died.

Thinking of this, Zhuang Xuan and the others also wore a grim expression.

Cao Yang tried to lighten the atmosphere with a laugh, “We dont need to do it ourselves.

Tomorrow Chen Hao will arrive, let him do it.”

Zhuang Xuan and Huang Junfeis eyes shone.

“Haha, thats right, leave it to Chen Hao.

If he kills Huang Xiaolong, even if the Barbarian God Sect finds out, they wont really kill Chen Hao to avenge Huang Xiaolong!” Cao Munan happily agreed.

All of a sudden, a cold snicker sounded in the hall.

Naturally, this cold snicker did not come from the people in the hall, hence alarming them.

A second later, a figure appeared in their line of sight.

More accurately, it was two figures.

Huang Xiaolong appeared with one hand around Cao Bishis neck, dragging him on the floor as he walked in through the door.

“Huang Xiaolong!”

Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, Huang Junfei, and the others exclaimed, while Cao Yang and Cao Jincheng noticed that Saint Mother Yao Chi also called out, particularly emotional.

Yao Chi was trembling, the tears in her eyes rolling down her cheeks, yet there was a gentleness in them.

A vast difference from the coldness she possessed when she looked at Cao Jincheng.

Cao Jinchengs face sank noticing this.

Watching the emotional Yao Chi, Cao Yang, Cao Munan, and the rest thought of a possibility.

“Master!” Huang Xiaolong called out in surprise.

Seeing Saint Mother Yao Chi, Huang Xiaolong was genuinely surprised.

He hadn\'t expected to see her here.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong call Saint Mother Yao ChiMaster, Cao Yang and the rest were dumbfounded.

“Xiaolong, run, quickly run! Dont mind me!”Saint Mother Yao Chi suddenly screamed anxiously at Huang Xiaolong.


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