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The cultivation of the core disciple he was going to impersonate had to be around Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm, just like him.

This way, there was less risk of being exposed.

Due to Guan Citys close proximity to Golden Dragon City, the Golden Dragon Gate disciples commonly frequented Guan City, thus many core disciples were present, finding an early Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm wasn\'t difficult.

Five days later, Huang Xiaolong finally locked onto an early Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm core disciple.

This person\'s name was Tang Hong and his godhead grade wasn\'t low, a high grade rank ten godhead.

However, his personality was arrogant to the extreme and sinister as well.

Huang Xiaolong first encountered this Tang Hong at a shop, where he noticed Huang Xiaolongs extravagance with money, spending several million purchasing a batch of medicinal herbs and divine pellets and the notion of killing Huang Xiaolong was birthed in Tang Hongs mind.

There was only one ending to his attempting to kill and rob Huang Xiaolong.

After killing him, Huang Xiaolong altered his physical features to Tang Hongs and removed his identity token.


However, he did not expect to find piles and piles of shenbi higher than a mountain when he opened and peeked inside Tang Hongs spatial ring.

There was at least a billion inside!

Other than shenbi, there were a few ten-million-years-old herbs and a batch of divine stones.

It was a batch of grade three divine stones.

Based on the current market condition, grade one and two divine stones were common, while divine stones from grade three onwards were exceptionally scarce.

A grade three divine stone could be used to activate a divine formation, to cultivate, and even support a small scale auxiliary divine formation.

This core disciple named Tang Hong actually possessed such a staggering amount of wealth, greatly exceeding Huang Xiaolongs estimation.

It was almost on par with a Barbarian God Sect Elders wealth.

Then again, an unexpected windfall put Huang Xiaolong in a good mood.

In his current situation, he naturally didn\'t mind some extra allowance.

Although he was capable of condensing divine stones, the highest grade he could condense at his current level was just mid-grade two divine stones.

Having taken over Tang Hongs identity, Huang Xiaolong would be able to enter and leave the Golden Dragon Gate with ease, but he didn\'t feel at ease leaving the little cow alone in Guan City, so he decided to bring it into the Golden Dragon Gate as well.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong wouldn\'t brazenly do so right in front of everyone.

Instead, he had the little cow stay inside the Godly Mt.

Xumis space like the two Green Ice Hail Devils.

Leaving Guan City, Huang Xiaolong swaggered into the Golden Dragon Gate\'s headquarters.

Before killing Tang Hong, Huang Xiaolong scoured his memories.

From there, he discovered that the Golden Dragon Gates Spiritual Herb Cliff was located behind the headquarters\' main temple.

However, the Spiritual Herb Cliff was a land specifically built for planting herbs by the Golden Dragon Gate, considered as a restricted area.

Even though Tang Hong was a core disciple, he was far from being allowed to enter that place as he pleased.

But this point didn\'t bother Huang Xiaolong.

Stepping into the Golden Dragon Gate headquarters, the first thing he did was to confirm whether the Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus was really at the Spiritual Herb Cliff or not.

As long as that was confirmed, the rest was easy.

Half a month later.

Inside Tang Hongs cultivation dwelling, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged inside the Xumi Temple, a grade four spiritual vein hovering in front of him.

It was one of the spiritual veins he had obtained from the Primordial Celestial Shrine.

Ever since he broke through to Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm, Huang Xiaolong would seize the time to cultivate by absorbing the spiritual energy from a grade four spiritual vein.

In recent days, he felt his cultivation inching closer to peak early Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm.

In a month, his strength would truly reach peak early Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm.

The night passed quietly in cultivation.

Huang Xiaolong slowly opened his eyes, then exited the Xumi Temple.

From there, he stepped out from Tang Hongs cultivation dwelling, arriving at the Grand Dragon Hall.

This hall was the place where the Golden Dragon Gate disciples came to receive tasks, and also one of the places disciples liked to gather around.

In this half a month, Huang Xiaolong would take a stroll around the Grand Dragon Hall, hoping to hear some useful information from the gathering disciples conversations.

When Huang Xiaolong reached the Grand Dragon Hall, there was already a large crowd of core disciples in the vicinity.

Tang Hong had always been someone arrogant, condescending, and sinister despite his high talent.

Within the Golden Dragon Gate, he didn\'t have people that he could call friends; which was why no one greeted Huang Xiaolong when he appeared at the Grand Dragon Hall.

Huang Xiaolong, on the other hand, enjoyed the calmness.

“Lamont two months have passed, yet there is still no news of the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.”

“An Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil, how can we even dream of locking such a master down.

I think that persons most likely a hundred thousand li away from Dralion Island.”

From time to time, similar conversations entered Huang Xiaolongs ears.

For the past two weeks, the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast was the topic most talked about.

As for that Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast, since it was snatched away by Huang Xiaolong, under Bing Jiuyi and the little cows suppression, it finally surrendered.

At the moment, it was inside the Xumi Temple together with Bing Jiuyi and the little cow.

If these conversing disciples knew that the Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil and Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast were was right under their eyes, what would they think

All of a sudden, the crowd of disciples became excited.

“Senior Sister Hu Dan is here!”

Huang Xiaolong turned, following the direction of everyones gaze.

A beauty came into sight, with oval-shaped face, bright-spirited eyes, tall and slender.

The Berserk Lion Sect had the Three Swords, while the Golden Dragon Gates had their Twin Dragons.

This Hu Dan was precisely one of the Golden Twin Dragons.

Not only was Hu Dan beautiful, she also possessed a top grade king rank godhead, lauded as the Golden Dragon Gates most monstrous genius since the founding of the sect.

Above all that, her cultivation had reached peak mid-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, granting her the position of chief disciple!

With Hu Dans excellent qualifications, she was naturally a goddess in the majority of Golden Dragon Gate male disciples eyes, thus it was understandable that the crowd would be so excited in her presence.

But Huang Xiaolong was dubious as to why this Hu Dan would come to the Grand Dragon Hall.

With her status and identity, there was no need to take on any tasks.

The person who was at the center of attention, Hu Dan, walked into the inner hall of Grand Dragon Hall.

However, soon, no more than ten minutes later, she stepped out from the inner hall and left the Grand Dragon Hall before everyones gazes.

While the gathered disciples were guessing Hu Dans purpose in coming to the Grand Dragon Hall, an Elder named Zhang Peng stepped out, announcing to all, “Just now, Hu Dan came over to issue a new task request.

Our Gate Chief is intending to refine the Lightning War Monarch Pill and will be selecting six core disciples with godheads of lightning and fire element to assist them.”

The moment Elder Zhang Pengs announcement finished, the core disciples were beyond excited.

Zhang Peng added, “However, the selected disciples are required to possess a certain level of alchemy refining skills.

Those selected, regardless of the final outcome, will be rewarded with a billion shenbi.”

A billion shenbi! The disciples excitement rose further still.

Huang Xiaolongs interest was piqued, the Golden Dragon Gate Chief actually planned to refine the Lightning War Monarch Pill According to what he knew, an important ingredient in refining this pill was the Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus!

In other words, the Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus wasn\'t on the Spiritual Herb Cliff but in the Gate Chiefs hands.

Joining the Gate Chiefs pill concocting this time around was a chance for Huang Xiaolong.

The Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus was the most important ingredient in refining the Lightning War Monarch Pill and would be added into the pill cauldron at the very end.

At that time, Huang Xiaolong would try to catch the Gate Chief off guard by having the Green Ice Hail Devil Bing Jiuyi snatch the chaos spiritual herb away. 


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