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Understanding in a glance that Su Jinqiang was targeting Haung Xiaolong to vent his displeasure, the nearby core disciples inwardly gloated at \'Tang Hongs\' impending misfortune as they watched.

A free show was always welcome.

Even Tian Juaner had an expression of schadenfreude while looking ok with anticipation.

Ever since Tang Hong was brutally beaten up by Sun Jinqiang the last time, he looked as if he would piss his pants on the spot every time he saw Sun Jinqiang, fleeing quickly.

She could already see Tang Hong\'s unsightliness in her mind as he tried to escape a moment later.

Although she disliked Sun Jinqiang just as much, it was entertaining to watch Tang Hong and Sun Jinqiang\'s dogfight. 

Right when everyone present was thinking that \'Tang Hong\' would plead for mercy from Sun Jinqiang and flee on the verge of pissing his pants, \'Tang Hong\' looked at Sun Jinqiang as if he was looking at an idiot, I really don\'t remember, but I am curious to see how you\'re going to make me scram.

The atmosphere fell into a brief but strange silence for a moment at Huang Xiaolong\'s reply.

Tian Juaner and the nearby core disciples were stupefied, their gazes dazed as they looked at Huang Xiaolong.

This Tang Hong, had he turned stupid or something Or maybe…

This Tang Hong, is he dying to keep up appearances because Senior Sister Tian is present Is that why he said those words One of the spectating disciples mused.

Ha, that must be it! But he actually has the guts to talk back to Senior Brother Sun merely to keep a bit of face, I say he probably thinks he\'s lived long enough ah; he\'s going to end up real miserable today! Last time, Senior Brother Sun pummeled Tang Hong into a pighead, while this time, I think not even his mother will recognize him by the end of the day!

Several disciples chuckled softly, whereas Tian Juaner was inwardly shaking her head in disdain.

She had the same thoughts that Tang Hong talked back to Sun Jinqiang just to save some face in front of her.

This Tang Hong was really an idiot to the point of being cute.

Sun Jinqiang was stunned for a second, then he snickered maliciously at Huang Xiaolong, “Tang Hong, haven\'t seen you for a while, looks like your guts have grown bigger.

Hehe, when you step out of this library, lets see if you\'re really so brave!” The underlying meaning was that \'Tang Hong\' would better be ready to bear the consequences once he walked out of the library.

Huang Xiaolong glanced coldly at Sun Jinqiang, then ignored him and Tian Juaner as he turned around and picked up another divine battle art manual.

He began reading as if there was no one around.

Watching Huang Xiaolong, Sun Jinqiangs anger erupted, a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

This Tang Hong actually dared smear his face in front of so many people, not to mention doing it right in front of Tian Juaner!

He had already decided, if he didn\'t teach \'Tang Hong\' a painful lesson he could feel down to the bone, his surname wasnt Sun!

Tian Juaner was slightly astonished as she took another look atTang Hong, then shook her head silently before leaving in search of the Dark Dragon Divine Art.

Doing this in front of her, was this Tang Hong trying to leave a good impression of himself in her eyes

But this Tang Hong still did it despite being well aware that she didn\'t have a shred of good feelings towards him.

In fact, she hated him to the core, yet he still acted this way to the point of offending Sun Jinqiang, this was just plain stupid.

Sun Jinqiang hurried after Tian Juaner.

When he passed by Huang Xiaolongs side, he coldly harrumphed.

The other core disciples were also shaking their heads at Huang Xiaolongs stubbornness, each scattered off to find the technique manual they wanted.

“Tang Hong, I think you\'d better run now.” A core disciple whispered in a low voice as he came to Huang Xiaolongs side, “Leave the Golden Dragon Gate for some time.”

Huang Xiaolong replied to that core disciple was, “I cannot.

Tomorrow, I need to take part in the alchemy refining competition to fight for one of the six spots that will be helping the Gate Chief in refining the Lightning War Monarch Pill.”

That core disciple looked at Huang Xiaolong as if he was looking at a fool,has this Tang Hong really turned stupid Things had reached this level, yet this fella was still in the mood to think about tomorrows alchemy refining competition.

That core disciple still wanted to say a few words of persuasion, but as his mouth opened and closed, no words would come.

In the end, he left, shaking his head.

He wasnt that familiar with this Tang Hong, what was he thinking, sticking his nose into the matter.

Huang Xiaolong continued going through the divine battle art manuals one after another, learning and comprehending.

Unknowingly, the sky outside darkened.

Huang Xiaolong put down the manual named Dragon God Flipping Over, deciding it was time to leave.

Not long after stepping out from the library, he could be seen flying back to Tang Hongs cultivation dwelling when, all of a sudden, a figure flickered before him, hindering his path.

As expected, it was Sun Jinqiang.

Other than Sun Jinqiang, there were a scattered few core disciples in the area, hiding in plain sight waiting to watch a good show.

Sun Jinqiang scrutinized Huang Xiaolong with an expression slightly twisted with anger, “Tang Hong, Im giving you one more chance.

Obediently kneel to me, kowtow a hundred times, and call Grandfather a hundred times, then break one arm.

Ill forgive what happened at the library today, or else you know the consequences!”

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent, “Im returning this chance to you.

Get on your knees, kowtow one thousand times, shoutIm shameless one thousand times, then break your own two arms and Ill forgive what happened at the library today.”


Those core disciples lying in wait were rendered silly by Huang Xiaolongs words.

Earlier at the library, they believedTang Hong was just putting up a brave front because of Tian Juaners presence, but who can tell them what was happening now Was thisTang Hong really tired of living

Sun Jinqiang was looking at Huang Xiaolong with disbelief.

“Hehe, since its like that, Ill first cripple yourroot so that you can forget about being a real man in your lifetime!” Sun Jinqiang laughed sinisterly.

If he couldn\'t be a real man, Tang Hongs intentions toward Tian Juaner would die completely.

In the next moment, a long sword appeared in Sun Jinqiangs hand, slashing at Huang Xiaolongs lower body.

“Roaming Dragon Sword!”

The long sword rushed out like a dragon, arriving in an instant with its gleaming blade.

Sun Jinqiang watched his long sword slash through Huang Xiaolongs lower body with a grim smile on his face.

However, in the next moment, his smile froze, for Huang Xiaolongs figure gradually dissipated.

\'This… An afterimage!\'

Just now, what he pierced through was Huang Xiaolongs afterimage.

Following this, Huang Xiaolongs afterimage re-condensed, appearing in front of an alarmed Sun Jinqiang who was about to attack again.

Huang Xiaolongs hand reached out, snapping the long sword in half.

With a turn of \'Tang Hongs\' wrist, the other broken part of Sun Jinqiangs long sword pierced into his own lower part.

The blood-curdling scream coming from Sun Jinqiang reverberated in the air.

The turn of events happened so fast that the core disciples in the distance were rubbing their eyes after witnessing the scene.

“Im going to kill you!” Sun Jinqiang bellowed in rage, his other arm shot out with the intention to kill Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong sneered as his right fist punched out.

As their attacks met, the sound of breaking bones traveled to the ears of the spectating core disciples. 

This sound actually came from Sun Jinqiangs body as his other arm was twisted at an odd angle, causing bones to pierce out from his flesh.

Following this, Huang Xiaolong sent Sun Jinqiang smashing to the ground with a kick.

“Remember, the next time you see me, run away as far as you can.” Huang Xiaolong reminded, looking at Sun Jinqiang without any emotions, and left.

While this was happening, Tian Juaner was going through the Dark Dragon Divine Art she loaned from the library.

A female disciple suddenly ran into the room from outside, panting as she spoke, “Senior Sister Tian, that Tang Hong, he...”

“I know, he must have been beaten miserably by Sun Jinqiang, whats so strange about that Youre making a mountain out of a molehill.” Tian Juaner smiled matter-of-factly.


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