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The number intense gazes focused on Huang Xiaolong increased.

They too wanted to know how this Tang Hong knew the Hundred Thousand Divine Beasts Diagram.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Mo Zhibai, a harsh sneer laced with ridicule on his face.

“How can I execute it Practice! As for where I learned it from, I have no obligation to tell you.”

Mo Zhibai turned green with anger, it never crossed his mind thatTang Hong would dare to contradict him in public.

You, insolent! Mo Zhibai\'s furious roar shook the square, “Stomping on order and law, showing contempt toward a superior, get on your knees and admit your crime!”

A piercing gleam of light flickered in the depth of Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

Before the situation deteriorated further, several figures whistled through the air, arriving at the square. 

When Mo Zhibai and the present crowd of disciples saw this group of people, everyone was surprised but were quick to salute in greeting.

This newly arrived group of people was comprised of the Golden Dragon Gates Grand Elders.

When Huang Xiaolong was using the Hundred Thousand Divine Beasts Diagram, dense pill qi soared skyward, alerting them.

As they weren\'t far away from the Sacred Pill Hall square, they wanted to know what was going on, hence heading over.

When the group of Grand Elders arrived, they were just in time to witness the pill condensation of Huang Xiaolongs Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pill, causing their eyes to immediately light up in surprise.

Each of reached out, taking one divine pellet in their palms, carefully observing it in great detail.

“This is a grade three Divine Pill!” One of the Grand Elders, a short and round man, exclaimed in amazement.

In general, the Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pill lied between high and top grade two.

If it was refined by an Ancient God Realm master, the pellet could reach top grade two, but now they were actually holding a grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pill in their palm!

Although grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pill did exist, they were extremely rare.

For instance, the grade three Divine Pill in their palms, if taken out to auction, could fetch a high price of a hundred million shenbi for a single pill.

“Indeed, it is a grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pill!” Another Grand Elder affirmed, exclaiming in delight.

Mo Zhibai and the crowd were shocked beyond words hearing the words of these Grand Elders.

The pellets Huang Xiaolong successfully refined were determined to be grade three  Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pills!

“Mo Zhibai, who refined this grade three Divine Pill” The short and round Grand Elder excitedly asked Mo Zhibai.

Mo Zhibai was extremely unwilling, but his gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong.

Qiao Fei and the other Grand Elders followed Mo Zhibais gaze and saw Huang Xiaolong and the core disciple robe he was wearing, giving them another unexpected surprise.

These grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pills were refined by a core disciple of their sect

Qiao Fei turned to Mo Zhibai again to determine he was not mistaken, “These pills were refined by that core disciple”

“Yes, yes, they were.” Mo Zhibai truly wanted to say these grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pills were refined by him, but in front of so many pairs of eyes, he was at no liberty to lie.

After confirming with Mo Zhibai, Qiao Feis group looked at Huang Xiaolong again.

“What is your name” Qiao Feis fleshy face revealed a jovial smile.

“Tang Hong.” Huang Xiaolong answered.

“Tang Hong.” Qiao Fei repeated the name, the smile on his face widened, “This is my tally.

In the future, if theres anything you need, come find me.” He gave Huang Xiaolong a small tally as he spoke.


The spectating disciples watched this scene with envy pouring out from their eyes.

Qiao Fei was the Grand Elder in charge of the Golden Dragon Gates Penalty Hall.

Amongst the ranks of Grand Elders, whether it was strength or authority, Qiao Fei was definitely one of the top characters.

Being able to gain his appreciation was something all the core disciples dreamed of in their sleep.

A while later, Qiao Feis group left the square, leaving behind an extremely sullen looking Mo Zhibai.

Who would have thought this Tang Hong could actually refine grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pills, gaining Grand Elder Qiao Feis appreciation.

The competition continued. 

An hour after Huang Xiaolong, Tian Juaner successfully completed her refinement, however, her result was high rank grade two Divine Pills, infinitely close to reaching top grade two.

Soon, the rest of the participating disciples also completed their refinement, most of them achieving high grade two as well.

Mo Zhibai announced the selected six core disciples for the task, with Huang Xiaolong among them.

Qiao Fei and several other Grand Elders already knew that Huang Xiaolong had refined grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pills, so despite being a hundred thousand times unwilling, Mo Zhibai found no valid excuse to disqualify Huang Xiaolong.

After the final result was announced, Tian Juaner haughtily approached Huang Xiaolong, demanding rather than requesting, “Tang Hong, I want all your grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pills, name your price.”

According to common competition rules, the divine pellets were individual property.

In Tian Juaners eyes, Tang Hong was her fervent admirer.

Now that she had spoken personally, he should be beyond ecstatic and proceed to give all his grade three Divine Pills to her in a heartbeat, free of charge.

He should feel honored that she was even asking something from him.

However, there was no feeling of ecstasy on Tang Hongs face as Tian Juaner imagined, but an unfamiliar aloofness as he stated: “Ten billion.”

Ten billion!

The instant the figure came out of Huang Xiaolongs mouth, Tian Juaner and the nearby disciples were stunned.

Tian Juaners eyes widened in disbelief, her voice turned shrill and sharp, “What did you say Ten billion!”

The batch of grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pills that Huang Xiaolong refined had a dozen or so pellets.

Even if they were all taken to an auction house, it still wouldn\'t fetch anywhere close to ten billion.

 Yet Huang Xiaolong actually wanted ten billion from her!

“If you dont have money, dont block my path.” Huang Xiaolong stated, not even giving Tian Juaner another look as he turned and left.

Tian Juaner reacted a moment later, stomping her feet in anger, “You, Tang Hong, just you wait!” Her chest rose and fell, her entire body shaking with anger.

When Huang Xiaolong returned to Tang Hongs cultivation dwelling, Liu Qingyang was sitting in the main hall of his mansion with a gloomy expression.

That disciple named Tang Hong actually knew the Hundred Thousand Divine Beasts Pill Refining Diagram.

On top of that, he could refine grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pills.

“Grandfather, you must get someone to kill that kid.” In the seat below, Sun Jinqiang insisted through gritted teeth, “I want to cut off his lower part, turn it into mincemeat and feed it to the dogs!”

Although his arms had healed properly without any adverse effects, his lower part… He was unlikely to touch a woman again for the rest of his life! Every time he thought of this, fury and hatred ate at his heart.

Liu Qingyang spoke solemnly, “Hes included in the quota of six disciples, not to mention the fact that hes versed in the Hundred Thousand Divine Beasts Pill Refining Diagram and is capable of refining grade three Divine Pills.

More likely than not, this news has already reached the Gate Chiefs ears.

If we make a move now and somehow cause the Gate Chiefs Lightning War Monarch Pill refinement to fail due to one person missing, even I wont be able to escape heavy punishment.

Therefore, we must wait until the Gate Chief finishes with the Lightning War Monarch Pill before making our move.”

Sin Jinqiang was unwilling, but he understood the gravity of the matter, agreeing hatefully, “Fine, let that kid live for another month!”

Back in Tang Hongs cultivation dwelling, Huang Xiaolong closed off the hot discussions taking place outside.

As usual, he took out the grade four spiritual vein and focused on his cultivation.

Perhaps the Golden Dragon Gate Chief would send someone to investigate him when the news of him knowing the Hundred Thousand Divine Beasts Pill Refining Diagram reached his ears, but Huang Xiaolong was unconcerned.

Regardless of how they investigated, they wouldn\'t be able to find anything.

The next morning, Huang Xiaolong ended his cultivation.

Just as he was about to head to the library again to read more divine battle arts and techniques, he received a message from the Three Evils and Wei Chaos communication talismans.

They could confirm with ninety percent certainty that the Ancestral Dragon Fruit was indeed in the depths of the Blood Phoenix Forest! The problem was, they had yet to determine a specific location.

Even so, the message put Huang Xiaolong in a good mood.

This was great news! Since they were ninety percent certain the Ancestral Dragon Fruit was within the Blood Phoenix Forest, finding it was only a matter of time.




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