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Chapter 110: Kaiser Lion Transformation  

Yang An called out his Roaring Sky God Lion out; sensing the astounded, shocked, and awed faces of the crowd, he displayed a demeanor of the upper class as he stood with both hands clasped behind him and chest puffed up.

Yang An looked proudly at Huang Xiaolong: “Don’t say I did not give you a chance-- call out your martial spirit!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head slightly with an indifferent face: “Even if I do not call out my martial spirit, I can defeat you just the same!”

“What!” The people watching gasped in bewilderment with voices that were loud enough to reach the sky.

They felt Huang Xiaolong was too boastful; even an early Tenth Order expert is not Yang An’s opponent after he called out the Roaring Sky God Lion martial spirit!

Moreover, the majority of them felt Yang An was unprepared in the earlier exchange because Huang Xiaolong launched a sneak attack.

It was only due to this that Huang Xiaolong was able to fight to a draw with Yang An!

The anger in Yang An broke out hearing this, and the Roaring Sky God Lion let out a thunderous roar and a coruscating light flashed as Yang An soul transformed in the blink of an eye.

After the soul transformation, Yang An’s physical body enlarged by a third, and his dark hair turned a brilliant golden hue – exactly the picture of an enraged lion.

The moment Yang An soul transformed, he dashed towards Huang Xiaolong but the way he moved was wobbly and unsteady, like someone drunk.

Even so, with every step he took, the dazzling light from his body would grow a circle bigger, and at the same time, the surrounding air howled fiercely.

“Step of the Kaiser Lion!”

This was Yang An martial spirit’s innate ability.

The Step of the Kaiser Lion: every step induced the power of space that results in an increase of gravity, and each step adds to the overlapping heavy gravity.

Lastly, when colliding, the opponent would like an entire mountain crashed on top of them.

When Yang An took the fifteenth step, the powerful gravity force caused the crowd to retreat in panic whereas the shops and building on the same street shook, cracked, and crumbled into rubble to the ground.


Some distance away, Fei Rong watched with a taut face.

He had just broken through the Tenth Order, but facing Yang An’s martial spirit ability, he would fall at a disadvantage.


At this point, Yang An reached outside a three-meter perimeter from Huang Xiaolong; he took another step forward but it was a kick in disguise, targeting Huang Xiaolong’s chest!

And standing there, Huang Xiaolong acted as if Yang An’s action was too fast for him to follow or to react; he simply stood there.

Just when everyone thought Huang Xiaolong would fly off from Yang An’s gravitational impact, Huang Xiaolong who stood still until now, suddenly struck out with precision.

“Collapse Fist!”

Battle qi surged and energies overlapped one another as they rolled forward like a tide of giant waves.

“Boom!” A deafening explosion resounded.

Yang An was pushed back one step, but Huang Xiaolong staggered six steps back.

Time seemed to freeze in that moment.

Countless eyes widened in shock staring at Huang Xiaolong – he actually took the hit head on!

Yang An’s full force attack was received by Huang Xiaolong without calling out his martial spirit!

Although Huang Xiaolong retreated five steps more than Yang An, it must be emphasized that Huang Xiaolong did not call out his martial spirit and he did not use his martial spirit’s ability.


There was an ugly expression on Yang An’s face, and he was extremely gloomy.

Continuing his attack, Yang An lifted up his right hand and made a movement that looked weird in everyone’s eyes.

His right hand slowly moved, drawing a circle in the air, and when the ends connected, his entire right arm sleeve blasted into fragments, revealing a muscular arm that is enveloped in a bright golden light; bulging green veins ran down his arms looked like golden earthworms, yet a despotic aura was coming from it.

“God King Lone Arm Punch!”

Yang An’s right arm swung out, blasting towards Huang Xiaolong.

When Yang An’s right hand was attacking, the rest of his body did not move an inch; a gigantic fist punch pierced the air so fast that even Fei Rong, a Tenth Order expert, could not follow the trajectory.

Huang Xiaolong watched as the big fist print came at him, and the Blades of Asura were already in his hands.

His sharp blades slashed out.

Countless rays of blade lights flew out, turning into two violent wind cyclones that emitted wails and cries from hell.

The two cyclones slammed into the fist print coming from Yang An, crushing the adversary into dust.

After slashing out the Tempest of Hell, Huang Xiaolong leaped up, and in mid-air, the Blades of Asura slashed down at Yang An again.

This time, countless blades lights turned into a thunderstorm, and the rumbling terrified Yang An as he retreated in fear.

However, what terrified him the most was the droplets of rain that came from the numerous blade lights actually followed him! Yang An stepped back again and again; at the same time he was retreating, a long sword appeared in his hand and he swung a cut.


An immense sword image slashed into the blades of rain, and in the eyes of the spectating crowd, Yang An’s sword attack splintered the moment it entered the rain of blades’ area.

Yang An continued to move backward, swinging his longsword out with every step he takes, and after more than a dozen sword strikes, the storm of blades finally halted.

Seeing this result, Yang An was about to breath out in relief when the corner of his eye caught sight of Huang Xiaolong spinning rapidly up in midair.

One after another lightning struck the ground, turning into miniature flood dragons that swallowed the area, and an aura of destruction spread through the streets.

Yang An watched in horror at the legion of flood dragons swarming his way.

He quickly waved his sword, but the lightning flood dragons swiftly engulfed him, even using Yang An’s sword light as a conduit to reach him faster.

Unable to dodge in time, Yang An was zapped by the lightning flood dragons and his body shuddered, wobbling back out of balance.

A patch of a black burn appeared on his chest where the lightning damage was most intense.

In a daze, another lightning flood dragon struck Yang An.

Horrified, Yang An tried to dodge and succeeded, but he was blindsided by two attacks from different angles.

Struck twice, Yang An couldn’t help letting out a painful scream.


However, the attacks came nonstop; in that brief moment, several lightning flood dragons found their mark, and Yang An was blasted off, crashing into buildings on the street.

Those buildings were flattened into ruins.

“Eldest Young Master!”

“Big Brother!”

Zhu Yi and the rest of Yang Mansion’s experts were jarred and wanted to hurry to Yang An’s side when a palm print surged at them with enough energy to topple mountains and flipped the seas, blocking Zhu Yi and other experts’ path.

Zhu Yi turned to look and found it was Fei Hou.

“Fei Hou, you!” Zhu Yi was exasperated.

“This is a battle between the two of them; no one is allowed to interfere!” Fei Hou scoffed.

Zhu Yi nearly broke out in anger due to anxiousness, but he understood very well if Fei Hou bends to hinder them, even with their combined strength, they still could not break Fei Hou’s defense.


At this time, Huang Xiaolong feet landed on the street gently whereas Yang An struggled slowly to stand up.

Watching Yang An, Huang Xiaolong has to admit, Yang An who possessed a top grade twelve martial spirit, indeed has a strong defense.

Under the circumstances, experts possessing grade ten martial spirits could hardly stand up again after being hit by his State of Abundant Lightning.


Successfully standing up, Yang An howled at the top of his lungs, and his eyes were a scary blood-red as he glared menacingly at Huang Xiaolong.

The hatred and killing intent in his eyes were so thick that the crowd behind Huang Xiaolong shivered.

Yang An, the Yuwai Kingdom’s number one monstrous genius, was actually defeated without resistance by a young man that was a  minimum of five years younger than him! Moreover, in these circumstances where the opponent did not call out their martial spirit, for Yang An, this was his biggest shame!

The gazes of the people around felt like thorns that pierced cruelly into his flesh one by one!

“Die! Die! Die!” The desire to kill took over Yang An’s heart.

Long golden fur grew on his body that was similar to a golden lion’s hair.

“Kaiser Lion Transformation!”

This was his martial spirit, Roaring Sky God Lion’s, second awakened ability after he broke through the Seventh Order and it went through a second evolution.

After initiating Kaiser Lion Transformation, Yang An’s body grew larger again, nearly doubling his current size.

His skin glittered in the sunlight as if his skin was coated with a layer of golden paint; eyes the color of a reddish gold and an aura more terrifying than before swept out from his body.


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