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Facing the millions of sea beasts in front and all around them, Huang Xiaolongs group of two humans and two beasts rushed forth fearlessly, leaving a trail of mutilated beast corpses behind them.

Every time Huang Xiaolongs fists punched out, over a dozen sea beasts would die.

Not far behind, the little cows lightning net and the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beasts black fire swept through the sea beasts like a grim reapers scythe. 

Ao Chis sword attacks grew increasingly powerful with each slash akin to tidal waves, each new wave heavier than its predecessor.

This was the result of the technique given by the little cow, the Goddess of Nine Heavens Sword Art.

Similar to the Goddess of the Nine Heavens Divine Art, both techniques were created by the Chaos Goddess of the Nine Heavens.

However, Huang Xiaolongs group seemed to enrage the colonies of sea beasts even more, causing them to bombard their group with increased ferocity.

The small zone devoid of sea beasts that resulted from Huang Xiaolongs killings was once again filled with frenzied sea beasts in a split second.

Kill! Kill, KILL—!

Huang Xiaolongs fists consecutively punched out several times.

The Great Void Divine Fist, Myriad Steps Godly Fist, Golden Dragon Punch, the Barbarian Gods Great Fist, the Zhenyu Demon King Fist…

Huang Xiaolong put all the fist divine arts he had seen in recent days to good use, perfectly executing each one of them.

Abundant godforce surged from his three supreme godheads, and Huang Xiaolong seemed to be gaining momentum as he fought.

This continued until one point when he felt that his fist moves were still too weak for his taste, thus he took out the Zhenyu Silver Moon Blade that he got from the Zhenyu Sect treasury.

This Zhenyu Silver Moon Blade was a long broad blade weighing over ten tonnes.

The silver moon engraved on its surface immediately attracted attention due to the blood red glow around it.

Gripping the Zhenyu Silver Moon Blade, Huang Xiaolong leaped high into the air.

Channeling his supreme godforce into the blade, the engraved full moon suddenly emitted a bright flash of silver light as a sinister cold atmosphere gathered into violent tempests from hell, spiraling toward the sea beasts.

Huang Xiaolong bellowed, swinging the Zhenyu Silver Moon Blade down with all his might.

Bursts of black blade qi surged forth like tidal waves, drowning swarm after swarm of sea beasts rushing towards Huang Xiaolongs group.

Countless sea beast corpses were flipped high into the air.

Following behind the black blade qi, a flood of blood red light rushed out from the long blades body as a silver moon appeared, malevolent and chilling.

Huang Xiaolong sped onward without stopping, with a stretch of sea beasts tumbling behind him.

On the city walls, experts from various forces were agape watching the figure rushing through the swarm of sea beasts like a demon.

Witnessing this scene shocked them to the core.

‘Is he even human Even a late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm master lacked the courage to dive into the swarm of sea beasts like this ah, once they were surrounded by the seemingly endless horde of beasts there was no way to withdraw to safety anymore, and when their godforce was exhausted there would only be death.

Yet that figure seemed to have an inexhaustible amount of godforce, moreover, why did it look like his momentum was rising still

“Its Huang Xiaolong! The Barbarian God Sects Huang Xiaolong!”

As Huang Xiaolong continued to kill while moving closer to South Huai City, at last, a disciple from the Elephant Genesis Sect recognized him and shouted for all to hear.

The instant that disciples voice rang on the city walls, everyone stirred with anticipation.

The news that Huang Xiaolong of the Barbarian God Sect had a top grade king rank godhead, thus being one of the sects great geniuses, had spread throughout the Green Cloud Island a while back.

Hence, unbeknownst to Huang Xiaolong, he already had quite a reputation.

Not only had the three prominent sects disciples heard of him, the experts of other big and small families and forces on the Green Cloud Island knew his name.

Knowing that the god of killing on the battlefield was Huang Xiaolong, all the Barbarian God Sect disciples in South Huai City became excited.

“Senior Brother Huang Xiaolong, were cheering for you! Kill, kill these sons o b*tches!”

“Senior Brother Huang is mighty!”

Several Barbarian God Sect disciples were shouting in excitement, cheers and laughter rang from their camp.

The Elephant Genesis Sect Elder Li Qingyang did not expect that person on the battlefield to be Huang Xiaolong, moreover, his battle prowess was actually so high.

If he was not mistaken, this Huang Xiaolongs strength was comparable to the regular Eighth Order, perhaps even a Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator

Li Qingyangs expression darkened as he thought of this.

Last time, he and his Junior brother Zhao Wuya had instigated the Berserk Lion Sects Wei Chao and the Three Evils to kill Huang Xiaolong for the chaos spiritual herb that he was supposedly in possession of.

However, the results had strayed too far from what they had pictured, Huang Xiaolong was still alive while it was his Junior brother Zhao Wuya who died instead.

What he couldnt understand was, how come the Berserk Lion Sects Wei Chao and the Three Evils returned unharmed

For this matter, Li Qingyang had once sought out Wei Chao, but he returned seething with anger.

 Not only had Wei Chao refused to see him he also had him thrown out from the Berserk Lion Sect branch.

Li Qingyangs austere gaze followed the demonic figure slaughtering through the dense swarm of sea beasts, a vindictive light flickering in his eyes.

After killing waves of sea beasts, Huang Xiaolongs group finally made it to the bottom of the city walls.

“Deactivate the barrier, let Senior Brother Huang Xiaolong in!” The Barbarian God Sect disciples shouted.

Outside the city walls\' perimeter was a protective barrier erected by the Barbarian God Sect, Elephant Genesis Sect, and the Great Whale Sect\'s present masters.

Due to the intense attacks from the sea beasts, the protective barrier was activated, hence, in order to let Huang Xiaolong into the city, the protective barrier had to be temporarily lowered.

“Wait!” Li Qingyangs sullen voice rang in the air, “I once heard that among the many sea tribes, there\'s a tribe called Illusionary Fish Tribe.

This tribes people can change their features to look like anyone they wish, who can guarantee that this Huang Xiaolong isn\'t an Illusionary Fish Tribe member in disguise Once we lower the protective barrier, the sea beast tide will flood in all at once; at that time, South Huai Citys hundreds of thousands of innocent lives will be trampled, who can bear this responsibility!”

The upper echelon from the Great Whale Sect as well as other forces exchanged silent glances.

However, the Barbarian God Sects Branch Elder Guo Xuan was outraged, his eyes spat fire as he glared fiercely at Li Qingyang, “Your mothers farts, that\'s bull**! Are you saying the several thousands of sea beasts killed just now was merely the sea tribe putting on a show Li Qingyang, dont think I dont know what kind of sinister plot those of you in the Elephant Genesis Sect are devising.

You want to use killing the sea tribe as an excuse to kill our Barbarian God Sect disciple Ill say it to your face right now, if any mishap happens to Huang Xiaolong, your entire Elephant Genesis Sect will be buried with him!”

Li Qingyang sneered at Guo Xuans words, “What big words, our entire Elephant Genesis Sect to be buried with him Guo Xuan, unless your Sect Ancestor comes here and guarantees that hes the genuine Huang Xiaolong, the protective barrier shall remain as is!”

Guo Xuans face tightened; the three sects Ancestors had just left South Huai City yesterday to enter the Endless Sea and it would take at least ten days to half a month until they return.

During that time, Huang Xiaolong would be long dead and buried twice over.

“You, hand over the barrier token.” Guo Xuan could barely keep the fury raging in his heart under control.

In order to lower the protective barrier, the three sects tokens were required.

Li Qingyang snorted in disdain, paying no heed to Guo Xuans demand.

No longer able to hold back his fury, Guo Xuan unsheathed the long sword in his hand.

All of a sudden, tension brewed between the Barbarian God Sect disciples and the Elephant Genesis Sect disciples, on the verge of breaking into an all-out fight.

The rest watched nervously, no one expected things would develop to this point, while the Great Whale Sect Elder seemed to be enjoying the show.

At the bottom of the city walls, the little cow rose to the air with Huang Xiaolong on its back.

Streaks of lightning glimmered around its golden horns and struck on the protective barrier, opening an enormous hole.

Huang Xiaolong, Yao Chi, and the two beasts flew in easily.

Everyone on the other side of the protective barrier was dumbfounded by the sudden change.

Li Qingyang was the first to recover from his shock.

He quickly pointed at Huang Xiaolong and shouted, “This punk is definitely an Illusionary Fish Tribe member in disguise! All Elephant Genesis Sect disciples hear my order, kill this person, he mustnt enter the city!” He then lunged at Huang Xiaolong after issuing this order with his sword drawn.

Sword light flew out akin to a venomous dragon, arriving at Huang Xiaolongs throat in the blink of an eye.


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