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Seven hundred million!

This price instantly turned Huang Xiaolong into the center of attention inside the auction hall, curious gazes from all directions fell on his body.

At this time, a Clam Tribe expert came to Huang Xiaolongs side, moved his head close to his ear and warned sternly, “In private room one is the Blue Scales Fish Tribes Young Master Lan Wanhong.”

Lan Wanhong was the current Blue Scales Fish Tribe Patriarchs seventh son, an outstanding talent with a high grade king rank godhead, and was extremely valued by the Blue Scales Fish Tribe.

Lan Wanhong also had a high reputation among the neighboring sea tribes.

In this Clam Tribe experts eyes, offending Lan Wanhong just for these herbs was unwise.

If he was a real Clam Tribe disciple, he would have tactfully withdrawn from competing with Lan Wanhong, but unfortunately, he was Huang Xiaolong.

Not only was he not a common Clam Tribe disciple, he wasn\'t even a true member of the Clam Tribe.

Inside private room number one, through the crystal walls, Lan Wanhongs expression relaxed seeing that Clam Tribe expert walking over to warn Huang Xiaolong.

He made another offer, “Seven hundred ten million.”

At the same time, Lan Wanhong decided in his heart; he would teach that Clam Tribe punk a lesson he would never forget for making him buy this batch of herbs for seven hundred million.

“Eight hundred million!” Right at this time, Huang Xiaolongs cold and indifferent voice rang in the auction hall once more.

“What!” Lan Wanhong stiffened for a second, then his fury rose to his head.

A blue light gleamed in his pupils as more blue scales started appearing at the corner of his eyes.

Steward Lan Feng who was standing behind Lan Wanhong was glaring in Huang Xiaolongs direction below with a ferocious gaze, “This runt actually dares to compete for this batch of herbs with Young Master Lan Wanhong, hes really tired of living!”

He then turned to Lan Wanhong in an inquiring tone, “Young Master, should I have some tribesmen send us some sea shenbi” Coming out this time, Lan Wanhong only had 1.5 billion on him.

Earlier, he had used eight hundred million on the Nefarious Devil gold core, so if he wanted to compete for this batch of herbs, they could only have someone send more money.

Lan Wanhong answered in a sullen tone, “No need.”

Lan Feng was baffled, “No need” He knew very well how important this batch of herbs was for Young Master Lan Wanhong.

Without those herbs, they wouldnt be able to refine the North Firmament Golden-White Divine Pellet.

If Lan Wanhong missed this batch of herbs, who knows when he would be able to gather them again.

“How much longer do you think that punk will be able to live” Lan Wanhong suddenly asked Lan Feng such a question.

Hearing this, Lan Feng\'s reaction was somewhat slow.

A moment later when he understood what Lan Wanhong implied, a smile spread over his face, “Yes, this subordinate is dull, Young Master is wise as always.”

In the auction hall, the Clam Tribe expert who came over to warn Huang Xiaolong did not expect him to still compete for the batch of herbs after the blunt warning.

This made him think that Huang Xiaolong did not put him in his eyes, causing his expression to become extremely ugly.

“Which family are you from Punk, do you not know that your actions will bring a calamity to your family!” The Clam Tribe expert scrutinized Huang Xiaolong with a piercing gaze.

Faint creases appeared between Huang Xiaolongs brows, but he appeared calm as he glanced at the batch of herbs on the auction stage saying, “If theres nothing else, you may leave.”

The Clam Tribe expert Bang Yonglins eyes narrowed dangerously all of a sudden even though he was grinning, “You, very good.” Without another word, he turned and left.

In the end, at a price of eight hundred million, Huang Xiaolong won the medicinal herbs.

No one expected it to end like this.

However, many of the guests below knew by now who was sitting inside private room one, the Blue Scales Fish Tribes Lan Wanhong.

Hence, there were quite a few sympathetic glances cast in Huang Xiaolongs direction.

However, these sympathetic gazes had no effect on Huang Xiaolong.

Instead, he was filled with joy looking at the crystal ball containing the batch of herbs he had just purchased being sent over by an auction house attendant.

He finally found the herbs he needed!

This brought him a step closer to gathering all the ingredients necessary for the Reverse Incarnation Pill.

Huang Xiaolong put away the crystal ball into his Asura Ring.

The subsequent auction item was a giant hammer that once belonged to a previous generation Giant Tribe Patriarch and was named Descending Lightning Hammer, forged from the Divine Worlds lightning element iron.

It was almost a chaos grade spiritual weapon.

The starting price for the Descending Lightning Hammer was two billion.

Even though this hammer was a rare weapon, Huang Xiaolong wasnt interested at all.

However, this Clam Tribe auction house had roused his curiosity, they could even get their hands on the divine artifact used by a previous generation Giant Tribe Patriarch.

At last, the Descending Lightning Hammer was bought by the guest in private room two at a high price of ten billion.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help thinking about his Devil Restraining Tablet.

If a weapon like the Descending Lightning Hammer could fetch ten billion, then wouldnt his Devil Restraining Tablet be worth at least a hundred billion

If it was a top grade chaos weapon and above, the price could go up to a trillion.

A few more items went up for sale before the auction ended.

Leaving the auction house, Huang Xiaolong already discovered there was someone tailing him.

Feigning ignorance, Huang Xiaolong returned to his yard at the inn. 

A day later, he left the Punishing Heaven City, deciding to check out the situation at the Soul Tribe.

In fact, the Soul Tribes settlement wasnt too far from the Punishing Heaven City.

If Bing Jiuyi, Xie Tu, and Xue Du took turns teleporting, Huang Xiaolong could arrive there in a month or less.

He still had over two years of time until Chen Hao and the Giant Tribe Patriarch returned from the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, which was ample time.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong exited the Punishing Heaven City, several blurred shadows sped past and blocked his path.

These people were none other than the Blue Scales Fish Tribe Lan Wanhong and his steward Lan Feng, as well as the Clam Tribe expert Bang Yonglin.

All three had the strength of Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm and above, especially Lan Fang, a peak late-Tenth Order expert that was close to stepping into the Ancient God Realm.

His strength was higher than any one of the Berserk Lion Sects Three Evils.

Lan Wanhong was blunt and direct.

Without spouting any nonsense he extended his palm out and demanded coldly, “Hand over that crystal ball.”

Huang Xiaolong nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders, “And if I dont”

An evil chuckle came from Bang Yonglin, his gaze fixed on Huang Xiaolong, “Punk, that fact that you can take out several hundred million to buy those herbs shows that you might have a big background, but even our Clam Tribes Young Lord wont dare to compete with Young Master for that batch of herbs.

Since youre one our Clam Tribe members, this matter could be considered resolved if hand them over and break your arms.”

Huang Xiaolong summoned Bing Jiuyi out without a word.

In an instant, chilling cold qi spread, freezing the surrounding water into layers of green ice.

Lan Wanhong, Lan Feng, and Bang Yonglin were dumbfounded.

With their judgment, in a single glance, they knew that the Green Ice Hail Devil behind Huang Xiaolong was an Ancient God Realm master.

A Clam Tribe disciple actually had an Ancient God Realm master as a bodyguard This… Who could tell them what in the world was happening

“Senior, I am…” Lan Wanhong pushed down the waves of shock in his heart.

Just as he wanted to explain, a force from Bing Jiuyis palms pulled all three of them in front of him.

Extreme cold qi invaded their bodies, instantly reducing them to ice statutes.

Huang Xiaolong didnt even bother devouring their godforce and blood essence, directly ordering Bing Jiuyi to kill them.

Bing Jiuyi exerted force in his palms and the three ice statues exploded into little fragments.

Huang Xiaolong familiarly collected the three peoples spatial rings.

With a flick of his finger, supreme fire element godforce shot out, causing the pieces of ice to melt.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong and Bing Jiuyi disappeared from the scene.

Just as Huang Xiaolong and Bing Jiuyi disappeared from the scene, several experts clad in the Four Seas Trading House robes arrived in a hurry.

“Hm Why is the cold qi around here so thick” One of them voiced out.

“Why bother with some cold qi, the most important thing is to not lose that kid.”

The group hastened after Huang Xiaolong.


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