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Catching sight of a black-haired young man walking into her cell together with a cow, the Fortune Gate female disciple struggled even more, causing her dress to stretch close to tearing point.

Huang Xiaolong felt his blood quicken at the sight, thus promptly shifted his gaze onto the chains binding her.

He circulated his godforce before his hand grabbed a chain and twisted, attempting to break it, but to his surprise, the thumb-sized thick chain remained as it was!

“Hehe, this iron is famous for its hardness in the Divine World, something called Obsidian Iron.

Even low-level Ancient God Realm masters arent capable of breaking it with their bare hands, much less you.” The little cow snickered, adding, “Unless you use your unique divine fire.”

Huang Xiaolong understood that Xiaoniū was referring to his supreme fire godforce, but with an outsider around, the little cow was deliberately vague.

Immediately, he circulated some fire element godforce from his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead, causing a metallic white flame to streak out from his finger and fall onto the Obsidian Iron chain.

Indeed, as the little cow said, the black chain slowly melted and broke apart under his supreme fire.

The Fortune Gate female disciple was greatly disappointed seeing that Huang Xiaolong couldnt break the chain the first time, but now that his divine fire succeeded in melting one of the chains, hope burned in her eyes again.

Huang Xiaolong first burned the chains binding her legs before working on her hands.

One by one, the black chains restricting the Fortune Gate female disciple fell off.

“Fortune Gate disciple Cheng Susu thanks Young Noble for your saving grace.” The female disciple was filled with emotion as she thanked Huang Xiaolong, curtseying slightly.

Her fair décolletage bedazzled Huang Xiaolong when she bowed.

Huang Xiaolong shifted his gaze away, waving his hand while smiling, “Dont mention it, lets get out of here first.”

However, he had to admit this Cheng Susu was quite a beauty with big beautiful eyes that contained a spirited with a mischievous light, lovely and charming at the same time.

Huang Xiaolongs group of three quickly made their way out of the dungeon cell and approached the nameless old mans chamber.


Since he was already here, he might as well bring the old man out.

After all, a person that could be imprisoned here by the Soul Tribe Young Lord probably had some background.

Repeating the same steps, the little cow breathed out a streak of lightning to break the dungeon cells formation, however, just as Huang Xiaolong and the little cow stepped into the cell, a stench drilled into their noses.

“His mother, it smells worse than cow dung in here.” Xiaoniū protested dramatically.

Huang Xiaolong was once again rendered speechless.

The half dying old man propped his body up to a sitting position with much difficulty when Huang Xiaolong and the little cow appeared in his dungeon cell, but even that simple action had him wheezing heavily.

The old mans blank gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong, who only saw dead eyes.

It was as if Huang Xiaolong could see a hell filled with hills of white bones through the old mans eyes.

The whelming chilling aura coming from the old mans body only appeared for a split second.

In a sitting position, the old man scrutinized the black-haired young man, sounding a little surprised, “You actually broke past all the formations outside and reached this place”

“Say, little guy, youre poisoned by the primordial specter insect venom, right” Out of nowhere, the little cow suddenly uttered such a sentence.

The old mans calm expression revealed shock, “You can tell that the poison in my body comes from the primordial specter insects venom!” Not even the old monsters of this Vientiane Worlds Fortune Gate could tell that the poison in his body came from the primordial specter insect.

Yet the cow in front of him had just said it!

The little cows mouth split into a wide grin, “Merely a primordial specter insect venom, even the universes five most toxic poisons cant escape my eyes.”

The universes five poisons! The old man was beyond shocked, his eyes were wide as he stared at the little cow with disbelief.

“Then… can you cure the poison in my body” The old man cautiously inquired.

There was anxiety, doubt, unease, and rekindled hope in his eyes.

“Naturally.” The little cow announced, tilting its chin up proudly.

Indescribable joy rose to the old mans face.

“But, why should I help you” The little cow questioned in return, a little dissatisfied.

The old man stiffened.

All of a sudden, the overwhelming aura of a death god from the abyss of hell burst out from his body, a pair bloodthirsty red eyes fixed on the little cow.

Barely a second after the old man released his pressure, the little cow reacted swiftly.

Opening its mouth, it spat out a lightning ball that shot straight at the old man, instantly rendering him unconscious.

“Damn, who do you think you are You dare to frighten me, even the Divine World Overlord dares not try to intimidate me!” The little cow snorted.

Huang Xiaolong wanted to hide inside a hole, while Cheng Susu was completely dumbfounded.

However, on second thought, Huang Xiaolong decided to bring the old man out.

He transferred him into the Xumi Temple before he made his way out of the secret underground chamber with the little cow and Cheng Susu.

Just as the last person stepped out from the stone wall door, a voice thundered in the night sky as a figure flew towards them at high speed.

“Who dares to trespass into my residence!” The voice jarred all threes consciousness like a furious thunder, causing a sharp pain to pierce their minds as the sound continued to reverberate inside their heads.

Huang Xiaolong was bleeding from his ears, nostrils, and eyes.

Even the little cow was swaying left and right with blood gushing out from its nose.

“Its Hun Dishan! Hurry, run!” The Fortune Gate female disciple Cheng Susu cried, her delicate face deathly pale, but her condition was slightly better than Huang Xiaolong and the little cow.

The Soul Tribes Young Lord, Hun Dishan! Huang Xiaolongs mind regained some clarity due to Cheng Susus cry.

Although he had found some information about the Soul Tribes Young Lord, it did not include his cultivation strength.

Who would have thought this Hun Dishan had entered the Ancient God Realm! Moreover, he was a mid-Third Order, maybe even late-Third Order Ancient God Realm master.

Even though they were still quite a distance away, Huang Xiaolong distinctively felt that Hun Dishans aura was more powerful than the Nefarious Devil Xie Du\'s!

If it wasnt because of the fact that the distance between them was far enough and that he had supreme godheads, he would have probably burst to his death by just now.

“Run quickly!”

Huang Xiaolong, Xiaoniū, and Cheng Susu no longer dallied and leaped into the air.

However, just as they were about to speed away, a shadow loomed over them from above.

The other side was a three-eyed young man clad in an ink black robe with black flames dancing around him, exuding the full pressure of his cultivation onto Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and Cheng Susu.

The young mans aura was so overwhelming that the three of them felt powerless to resist.

“Whoever trespasses into my residence, die!” Hun Dishan descended, lifting a finger before pointing at Huang Xiaolong and the little cow across space.

Space cracked from the overbearing destructive force of that simple point, as if a space tunnel opened, directly channeling the destructive force onto Huang Xiaolong and the little cow.

In that instant, both Huang Xiaolong and the little cow felt death wrap over them.

Right at this time, nefarious energy roiled and waves of cold qi rushed out in all directions as six large arms appeared.

These six large arms blocked in front of Huang Xiaolongs group, striking the horrifying space tunnel.

An ear-splitting explosion rang in the air.

Xie Du, Xie Tu, and Bing Jiuyi had appeared.

In imminent peril, Huang Xiaolong didn\'t have the luxury of thinking about the three puppets.

In that collision, Xie Du, Xue Tu, and Bing Jinyu were knocked back, while Hun Dishan staggered again and again.

In the same instant the explosion took place, the Soul Tribe experts around Hun Dishans residence released their auras, all flying as fast as possible to this location.

The loud movements had alerted many Soul Tribe experts, including some Ancient God Realm masters.


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