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Huang Xiaolong smiled sweetly as he looked at the Four Seas Trading House branch supervisor, That\'s right.

Huang Xiaolong\'s straightforward answer stunned the supervisor, You mean you found a Nether Spirit Bead It was merely a perfunctory question as he had never held expectations that Huang Xiaolong would truly be able to find a Nether Spirit Bead.

Instead of answering, a black light flickered in Huang Xiaolong\'s palm as a fist-sized black bead appeared.

The Four Seas Trading House group of people were dazed for a second followed by a surge of ecstasy.

The supervisor\'s hand reached out, wanting to take the Nether Spirit Bead off Huang Xiaolong\'s palm.

However, Huang Xiaolong was quicker.

With a turn of his wrist, the Nether Spirit Bead was sent back in his spatial ring.

 The supervisor was enraged his action: You!

The Nether Spirit Bead, I found it.

What about your piece of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark Huang Xiaolong was aloof, a finger pointed at the big piece of bark at the side.

The supervisor forced a smile on his face, saying, If Brother did not remind me, it would have slipped my mind.” After making an excuse, his hands moved, forming several seals to deactivate the formation around the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark.

Huang Xiaolong was sneering in his heart watching the supervisors performance, ‘It did not slip your mind, you just never planned on giving me the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark in the first place!

A few seconds after deactivating the formation around the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark, the supervisor said to Huang Xiaolong while holding it in his hand, “Brother, lets discuss this in the back hall!” It was busy at the lobby right now, with various sea tribes disciples purchasing items, there were too many eyes watching.

This was also the reason why they hadnt made any move earlier, after all, it would damage the reputation of their Four Seas Trading House.

“Not so fast!” Huang Xiaolong stopped them.

The Four Seas Trading House groups footsteps halted.

“This time, I found a total of four Nether Spirit Beads.

I remember Supervisor Zhang mentioned last time that your Four Seas Trading House has four pieces of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark.” Huang Xiaolong said slowly.

“What!” The group of people opposite Huang Xiaolong exclaimed.

“You, is it true!” Supervisor Zhang could barely stop himself from smiling ear to ear, even his voice was shaking slightly from excitement.

Huang Xiaolong took out all four Nether Spirit Beads and no longer went tit-for-tat with Supervisor Zhang, saying, “I want to see the other three pieces of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark before trading.”

Supervisor Zhang laughed, “Of course, of course!” His eyes signaled his disciple while saying, “Go bring the other three Ancestral Dragon Tree bark pieces here.”

“Yes, Master.” The disciple immediately complied.

A while later, the other three pieces were sent over, stored in a crystal ball.

Through the transparent crystal ball, Huang Xiaolong could see that the other three Ancestral Dragon Tree bark pieces were indeed larger than the first one, which delighted him.

“Brother, this way please.” Holding the other three pieces of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark his hand, Supervisor Zhang gestured.

Huang Xiaolong stepped toward the back hall without pressure.

The two Four Seas Trading House Guardians followed closely behind Huang Xiaolong, blocking his escape path.

Huang Xiaolong pretended not to notice their intention, walking calmly into the back hall with them.

After secretly activating the back halls formation, completely blocking the hall from the outside world, Supervisor Zhang chuckled evilly, “Punk, hand over the four Nether Spirit Beads.”

He wasn\'t in the mood to continue acting.

But Huang Xiaolong extended his palm and demanded as if he did not see through their intentions, “Sure, well exchange now.

The four piecea of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark!”

Hearing Huang Xiaolongs words, the Four Seas Trading House people erupted in laughter.

“Punk, are you an idiot or a fool At this time youre still dreaming about the four Ancestral Dragon Tree bark pieces Did you really think we would give them to you You think four little Nether Spirit Beads can be exchanged for the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark pieces” Supervisor Zhang sneered coldly, adding, “Although the Punishing Heaven City belongs to the Clam Tribe, and youre one of their clan members, they wont be able to find the culprits even if we kill you.”

Contrary to his expectations, Huang Xiaolong did not show panic or fear, instead asking, “That means even if I kill all of you, no one will know”

The Four Seas Trading House group was stumped.

Before they could react, overwhelming pressure flooded the entire hall like a tsunami.

A two-horned divine beast with a glimmering red body and a powerful thick tail appeared before everyone. 

Supervisor Zhang and his disciple, as well as the two Guardians, were gripped by fear looking at the divine beast that appeared out of nowhere.

“Cloud, Cloud Devouring Divine Beast!!” Terrified shrieks rang in the hall.

Moreover, it was a Fifth Order Ancient God Realm beast!

“You, how!” Supervisor Zhang shouted at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

He wanted to ask how could a mere mid-Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm like him subjugate an Ancient God Realm Cloud Devouring Divine Beast.

However, right at this time, another ferocious aura swirled in the hall, even more powerful than the first!

Another Cloud Devouring Divine Beast appeared in front of them. 

Their eyes widened with astonishment, staring at the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts.

Huang Xiaolong decided to end the play pretend, directly ordering the two beasts to attack.

In a flicker, the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts loomed over the Four Seas Trading House group, their giant paws as big as a hill slamming down.

As the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts\' paws slammed down, roiling clouds of fog entangled the four people as if they had fallen into quicksand, unable to break free no matter how they struggled.

 This was one of the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts\' abilities, controlling fog.

It wasn\'t only to attack, but also to bind and even imprison the enemy in a cloud of fog that was like an independent space, cut off from the outside world.

In the split second after they were bound, the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts\' paws slammed down on their bodies.

The floor shook violently in a booming quake, revealing a few human pancakes when the two giant beasts removed their paws.

Supervisor Zhangs disciple completely exploded from the impact, including his godhead.

But Huang Xiaolong did not have the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts kill the two Four Seas Trading House Guardians and the branch supervisor, merely giving them heavy injures.

Standing in front of them, Huang Xiaolong took away the four pieces of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark and their spatial rings, putting them into his Asura Ring before proceeding to scour their memories.

After he searched through all three peoples memories, Huang Xiaolong ordered the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts to finish them off.

Initially, he wanted to find out where the Four Seas Trading House found the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark, but unfortunately he was sorely disappointed.

It was the Four Seas Trading Houses Vice-Chairman Li Dongyang who found these four pieces and he alone knew the location.

Huang Xiaolong could only find some time in the future to get the secret from Li Dongyang.

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong didn\'t forget to take away the three peoples godheads.

Two Fourth Order Ancient God Realm godheads from the Guardians, while the branch supervisors was a Third Order Ancient God Realm godhead.

Two weeks later, Huang Xiaolong appeared on an uninhabited small island about the size of a small city from Earth.

He decided to refine the four Ancestral Dragon Tree bark pieces here in order to breakthrough to Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm before returning to the Barbarian God Set.

At that time, Chen Hao and the Giant Tribe Patriarch should be back from the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

When he finished digging an underground chamber, Huang Xiaolong sat down cross-legged and took out the smallest of the four pieces from his Asura Ring.


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