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While the Great Whale Sect and Elephant Genesis Sect awaited the fall of the Barbarian God Sect so they could start to divvy up their territories, the group of people still standing on the Barbarian God Sects side were caught between fury and unprecedented fear.

Ju Wufei looked at Lu Zhuo, Gu Ling, and the disciples standing behind them, he estimated the time and grinned, saying, “Alright, five minutes are up.

Since you all would rather die than submit, then I shall fulfill your wish!” Ju Wufei raised both of his palms.

Just as his fingers were about to squeeze several hundred disciples to death, out of nowhere, boundless black flames descended from the sky, engulfing Ju Wufei in the blink of an eye.

Alarmed, Ju Wufeis palms struck forward, dissipating the boundless black flames surrounding him.

It happened so quickly that everyone only reacted a second later, looking in the direction where the flames came from.

Two people appeared in their line of sight.

“Senior Brother Huang Xiaolong! Its Senior Brother Huang Xiaolong!”

The Barbarian God Sect disciples shouted with joy.

The two people were Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi.

For a moment, Lu Zhuo and Gu Lings eyes lit up, but they dimmed almost immediately, shaking their heads in despair.

Initially, they still harbored hope in their hearts.

If Huang Xiaolong survived this time and became stronger in the future, there was a chance he could avenge them, but now, this was akin to diving head first into the net; there was only death waiting at the end.

If Huang Xiaolong died, their last hope would die with him.

“Huang Xiaolong, quickly run!” Lu Zhuo mustered all his strength to bellow these few words, his voice rumbled like thunder.

Hearing Lu Zhuos bellow, the Barbarian God Sect disciples at his side reacted, each of them shouting as loud as they could, “Senior Brother, run quick!”

Ju Wufei chuckled maliciously, “Since he\'s already here, do you really think he has a chance to escape”

The several Giant Tribe Eminent Grand Elders teleported in a flicker, appearing behind Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi, completely blocking their escape path.

Seeing this, Lu Zhuo, Gu Ling, and all the Barbarian God Sect disciples despaired. 

Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi continued to fly forward while riding on the little cow and the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast as if they did not see the Giant Tribe Eminent Grand Elders behind them, until they were three hundred meters away from Ju Wufei, Chen Hao, and Cao Feng.

Chen Hao looked at Huang Xiaolong before shifting his gaze onto Yao Chi, a nasty grin on his face as he taunted, “Huang Xiaolong, here I was thinking you were too afraid to come out, who would have thought you would send yourself to deaths door.

I know you have a Second Order Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil at your side, but do you think you can rescue Lu Zhuo and the others merely relying on him”

Once again looking at Yao Chi, Chen Hao added, “This is your woman, Yao Chi Oh, my mistake, she should be the Cao Family Young Lords woman, while youre just someone picking up broken goods.

Then again, shes got a beautiful face, causing even me to be a little bit tempted.”

Chen Hao went on with a smile on his face, “In fact, I was thinking of going to South Huai City personally to capture this Yao Chi if you hadn\'t shown up today.

We would\'ve held a little competition, and whoever won three rounds and submitted to me could have some fun with this Yao Chi for one hour.

However, since she is here now, my Sky Dragon League brothers can have the first taste.”

The eyes of the Sky Dragon League members shone brightly at Chen Haos words.

“Thank you League Leader!”

“Thank you, Eldest Senior Brother Chen Hao!”

All the Sky Dragon League members rubbed their palms, laughing with excitement.

Cao Feng interjected, looking triumphant, “Huang Xiaolong, back then, I already told you that my husband will squash you to death like an ant when he returns.

However, before that, Ill make you wish you were dead.

The humiliation you gave me, Ill return it a thousand times, ten thousand times!”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed, cold air surging from his body seeing Yao Chis face turn blue before reassuring her, “Yao Chi, dont worry.

Before killing them, I will cut off their tongues first.” Huang Xiaolong had no room for mercy toward Chen Hao.

“Kill us” Chen Hao, Cao Feng, and Sky Dragon League members exploded into laughter.

Even An Zaixuan, Qiu Bihu, and the other Grand Elders who betrayed the Barbarian God Sect shook their heads with a faint helpless smile.

Chen Hao turned to Ju Wufei, requesting for permission, “Godfather, I wish to kill this Huang Xiaolong personally, please allow godson to do so.”

Ju Wufei nodded, saying, “Go.

Theres something strange about this, do not be careless, go all out and end this quickly!”

Huang Xiaolongs calmness from the moment he appeared roused Ju Wufeis suspicion.

However, considering his strength and the present Giant Tribe Eminent Grand Elders, Ju Wufei did not think too much into it.

Amongst the forces of the closest one hundred islands, there was only a handful of Ancient God Realm masters, especially mid-level and above, and they were all old monsters of high esteem.

In Ju Wufeis opinion, it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to invite one of those old monsters to help him.

Though Chen Hao was bemused when Ju Wufei told him to end the battle quickly, he still respectfully complied, “Yes, Godfather!” With that, he flew toward Huang Xiaolong.

People on both sides watched Chen Hao and Huang Xiaolong as they stood opposite each other.

Stopping a few meters from Huang Xiaolong, Chen Haos aura rose to the peak without reserve.

In the blink of an eye, heaven and earth shook, strong winds blew and clouds roiled.

Energy gathered above Chen Haos head, forming a metallic ice cloud representing the unique element of Chen Haos godforce.

“Huang Xiaolong, it didnt occur to you that Ive already broken through to Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, right This is the fruit of my training at the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield all these years.” Chen Haos gaze turned icy as he recounted, “I trained like a madman, desperate to improve my strength.

All the bitter hardship is for today, to kill you in front of the Barbarian God Sect disciples.

I want Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling to open their eyes wide and see who the true greatest genius of the Barbarian God Sect actually is!”

“Huang Xiaolong, accept your death!”

Chen Hao suddenly accelerated forward with his fist aimed at Huang Xiaolong, causing the air in front of his right fist to freeze into golden ice shards.

Penetrating cold air swept out, akin to an unsheathed sword.

The group of Barbarian God Sect disciples behind Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling retreated further in apprehension.

When everyone thought Huang Xiaolong wouldn\'t be able to dodge Chen Haos fist, a powerful force rushed out from his body as he punched out to meet Chen Haos attack, fist to fist.

“Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm!”

“This Huang Xiaolong has actually broken through to Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm!”

An Zaixuan, Qiu Bihu, and the others were flabbergasted.

How long had it been He actually reached Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm! Even Chen Hao was taken aback for a moment, filled with disbelief.

In the next moment, the killing intent in his eyes was laced with madness, his face distorted as his godforce rose further.

\'This Huang Xiaolong must die here!\'

In Chen Haos eyes, even if Huang Xiaolong broke through to Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm, there was still a gap of three orders between them, no matter how extraordinary Huang Xiaolongs battle prowess was, flattening him was nothing difficult.


The world seemingly shook as their fists collided, akin to two flying divine mountains ramming into each other.

The Barbarian God Sect disciples hearts nearly jumped out of their chests when Chen Hao and Huang Xiaolongs attacks collided.

In an instant, Chen Haos expression changed, fear and denial intermingled on his face.

At this point, An Zaixuan, Qiu Bihu, and the experts present noticed that something wasnt right.


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