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These four strange creatures were huge, each of them reaching a thousand zhang in height and bore some similarities to the Black Baboon, yet all four creatures were different.

The first creature had the tail of a dragon, while the second one had fiery plumes covering its entire body, resembling a phoenix.

The third creature shared a body with two Nether Serpents, and the last one had four arms that resembled the legs of a qilin.

Huang Xiaolong was bewildered, what origin did these four creatures have that someone would use the Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation to seal them here

The four slumbering creatures awakened after sensing a new presence in the hall.

Four pairs of crimson eyes opened and fell on Huang Xiaolong, causing an overwhelming savage aura to instantly shake the earth.

Huang Xiaolong froze on the spot, overwhelmed.

Fortunately, these four creatures weren\'t in peak condition.

Their strength was seemingly restricted by the chains, including their soul force.

Otherwise, in that instant when the four pairs for eyes fell on Huang Xiaolong, he wouldn\'t have been able to withstand the pressure.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong, the four creatures struggled and roared, but the harder they struggled, the brighter the symbols on the chains shined.

As the symbols shone, the four creatures howled in pain and soon quieted down.

Certain that the four creatures couldn\'t break free from the chains, Huang Xiaolong breathed in relief, turning his attention to the surroundings.

However, the hall was empty except for the four stone pillars, the four strange creatures, and an archway at the opposite end of the hall.

The archway probably led to the inner hall.

Without hesitation, Huang Xiaolong walked toward the archway.

Standing in front of it, he couldnt see anything but darkness on the other side.

Neither his divine sense nor the Eye of Hell could see through it.

The unknown made Huang Xiaolong hesitate a little, but he still entered a while later. 

As his body disappeared into the archway, Huang Xiaolong was swallowed by the endless darkness.

The terrifying power of darkness rushed toward him like never-ending high tides, many times more vigorous than the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield\'s devil qi, especially its deadly corrosive power.

Alarmed, Huang Xiaolong swiftly resorted to his Archdevil Supreme Godhead and Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead at the same time; one to devour and the other to purify.

Even so, parts of his True Divine Dragon Physique were still corroded.

His body healed very fast, but the darkness corrosion was even faster.

Huang Xiaolong bent over as his body endured the repeated burning and healing, but the thought of withdrawing did not cross his mind.

Gritting his teeth, he endured excruciating pain again and again.

As time passed, Huang Xiaolong gradually noticed that his cultivation was rising steadily as his Archdevil Supreme Godhead swallowed the surrounding darkness.

This force was, at its core, heaven and earths darkness spiritual energy.


Huang Xiaolong placed one foot in front of the other, moving forward.

However, being hindered by the darkness force, his progress was extremely slow.

Half an hour later, he heard the burbling sounds of a river.

Yes, Huang Xiaolong was sure it was a river.

\'Theres actually a river inside this temple!\'

Huang Xiaolong was amazed.

Following the direction of the sound, he moved closer to the river.

Roughly ten minutes later, Huang Xiaolong saw a hundred zhang wide river that looked like a galaxy.

The water of unknown depth sparkled with glittering starlight, it was a mystery where the river began and where it flowed to.

Huang Xiaolong was bewildered and amazed at the same time.

How did this river come to be Was it moved here by someone using unimaginable might or was it here from the very beginning

As Huang Xiaolong came closer to the riverbank, the spiritual energy floating out from the water was even more shocking.

A while later, he finally reached the riverbank.


Rippling water distorted the scattered sparkling stars below, tranquil yet mysterious.

But this tranquil scene gave Huang Xiaolong an unmistakable sense of apprehension.

However, he soon discovered that there was a difference between the starlight within the river after observing for a while.

Amongst the countless stars inside the river, there was one light that shone brighter than the rest, bewitching anyone that looked at it.

This light was emitted by something on the riverbed.

Huang Xiaolong thought for a moment before trying to suck the item out of the water with his palm, but to his surprise, the suction force from his palm that could lift a great ancient mountain failed to remove that shining thing from the riverbed.

This stoked Huang Xiaolongs curiosity.

Employing godforce from his three supreme godheads, he tried again.

This time, the item at the riverbed rose slowly to the surface and flew into Huang Xiaolongs palm.

Huang Xiaolongs arm sunk in the air when the item dropped onto his palm 

The star sand half the size of his little finger actually had such high density! Even though Huang Xiaolong wondered what thisstar sand actually was, with his experienced eye he naturally knew it was something extraordinary.

He then kept it in his Asura Ring before continuing the search.

Half an hour later, he found six similar grains of star sands.

He wanted to continue searching, but after calculating the time he had spent so far, he had to give up and return the way he came.

A while later, he was back in the outer hall, where the four strange creatures were still chained to the stone pillars.

Their eyes were closed, as if in slumber.

Huang Xiaolong opened his Eye of Hell, searching every inch of the hall to ensure that he did not miss anything.

Being certain there was nothing in the outer hall, Huang Xiaolong couldnt help feeling disappointed.

He had harbored high hopes before entering this Great Abyss of Ghosts, Gods, and Devils Formation, hoping that the sealed item would be the grandmist aura.

Then again, the grandmist aura existed before the Divine World came into being, a mystical existence, how could it be sealed here by someone

Huang Xiaolong exited the temple, stepping out of its boundary.

Soon, he was back at the valley.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong managed to return safely, the little cow was greatly relieved.

It then trotted up to him, asking, “Master, how was it”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, briefly recounting what happened after he went in then took out a grain of star sand.

“This is Chaos Star Sand!” The little cow shrieked.

“Chaos Star Sand” Huang Xiaolong added, “What is it used for”

The little cow laughed, its eyes sparkling, “This is good stuff ah, adding this Chaos Star Sand when forging chaos grade spiritual artifacts can increase the artifacts power by one-tenth, which is only the lowest estimation.

If you auction this grain in your hand, it would be worth over a hundred billion.”

Huang Xiaolong looked disappointed despite the little cows words.

He did not lack money now, what he lacked were precious treasures that could help his cultivation advance at the fastest speed.

“According to your description, those four strange creatures chained below should that Archdevils subordinates, the Four Unlikes.” The little cow continued solemnly, “And that river you came upon could actually birth Chaos Star Sands, it is likely the legendary Galaxy River.”

“The Four Unlikes, Galaxy River.” Huang Xiaolong repeated to himself.

The little cow explained, “The Four Unlikes were renowned characters during the Chaos Era, extremely powerful.

The number of world surfaces destroyed by them is no less than a hundred thousand.

The Galaxy River is a mystical existence born of the universe, and there various kinds of them; some Galaxy Rivers give birth to Chaos Star Sand, while some give birth to spiritual herbs.

Galaxy Rivers also vary in size, from thousands of li wide down to several meters .”


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