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The little cows eyes narrowed solemnly, for it sensed that the person entering the formation was quite powerful, at least a Seventh Order Ancient God Realm master.

“Lets go out and see.” Huang Xiaolong said as he put away the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts.

He and the little cow then walked out of the hall, arriving at the previous square.

Looking out, they saw three Ancient God Realm old men attacking desperately as they rushed forward.

This time, the Pill Blending Grand Formation was activated.

Waves of terrifying flames rolled into swirling pillars of fire that swept towards the three old men.

What astounded Huang Xiaolong and the little cow was that, when the Pill Blending Grand Formations swirling pillars of fire touched the three old men, their golden robes would release ripples of golden light that actually blocked the flames!

The little cows eyes lit up, exclaiming, “Those robes are made from Chaos Fire Metallic Stone, no wonder they can block the Pill Blending Grand Formations fire attack!

The Chaos Fire Metallic Stone was the most powerful protection against other fire attacks in the world.

It now dawned on Huang Xiaolong why these three old men dared to rush into the Pill Blending Grand Formation!

However, he shook his head with a depreciating smile.

Even though these three old men were indeed powerful, at least Seventh Order Ancient God Realm, they wanted to break the Pill Blending Grand Formation relying merely on their strength and the Chaos Fire Metallic Stone robes

These three old men had severely underestimated the Pill Blending Grand Formation.

In other words, these three old men knew nothing about this formation, thinking this was just a slightly more powerful ancient fire element formation.

Indeed, it was just as Huang Xiaolong thought.

One of the old men laughed loudly when he saw that the Chaos Fire Metallic Stone robe on his body blocked the formations attack.

“Haha, this time, with this Chaos Fire Metallic Stone battle robe, we will definitely break this ancient fire element formation!”

“Thats right, we just need to break this ancient Fire Halo Pillar formation.

The treasures inside must be amazing, everything is ours! Fourth Bro and Fifth Bros sacrifice will have been worth it!” Another laughed.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow exchanged a glance, snickering inwardly.

These three old men actually mistook the Pill Blending Grand Formation for the Fire Halo Pillar Formation.

From these peoples conversation, it seems they had previously tried to enter this forest and two two of their companions had died.

Then again, the Fire Halo Pillar Formation had many similarities to the Pill Blending Grand Formation, thus it wasn\'t strange that this group of people mistook one formation for the other.

At this time, from ground of the primeval forest, a fire dragon suddenly drilled out, curling the three old men with its body.

This was the Pill Blending Grand Formations earth fire.

The earth fires attack was more powerful than heaven fire.

Although the three old men had the protection of their robes, they all retreated miserably a while later.

On top of that, with each attack, both heaven fire and earth fire grew more powerful, forcing three old men further back.

“This is not the ancient Fire Halo Pillar Formation!” One of them shouted in panic.

His two other companions also realized this fact at that point.

Soon, the was completely activated as the last component, heart fire emerged.

Among the three types of flame, the heart fire was the formation\'s most powerful attack.

Moreover, it was a formless fire that emerged inside a persons body.

Following this, the weakest one of the three wailed tragically as deep red flames burst out from his chest where his heart was, not even the Chaos Fire Metallic Stone robe could protect him from the heart fire.

The deep red flames of the heart fire spread quickly on that old mans torso in a few seconds, causing the deep red flames to burn on the upper half of his body almost instantly.

“Third Bro!” The other two cried out, their faces tightened with tension.

The two of them were having a hard time suppressing the rising fire in their heart.

Right at this time, a plan flashed in Huang Xiaolongs mind as he spoke, “I can save you all.”

These three old mens strength was quite high.

If he could rein them in, they would definitely be good subordinates.

The three old men were inside the Pill Blending Grand Formation and unable to see Huang Xiaolong, they could only hear his voice.

Hearing that Huang Xiaolong could save them, hope and joy rose to their faces.

“Brother, as long as you rescue us, whatever you want, we\'ll give it to you.

All the divine artifacts in our spatial rings and these Chaos Fire Metallic Stone robes we\'re wearing, well give them all to you!” The eldest brother, Chen Yifei promised loudly.

“Exactly, exactly, all the treasures we have on us can be given to you!” Second Brother Chen Yiguang shouted anxiously.

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly, did these old men think he was a three-year-old kid Just a few beautiful empty promises and he would be tempted ‘You will give me everything you have In reality, once he saved them from the formation, they would turn around and bite him.

Not to mention the number of chaos spiritual pills in the hall; if these three people saw them, their greed would definitely show its face.

Against three Seventh Order Ancient God Realm masters, the one dying would definitely be him.

“If you want me to save you three, then make a blood oath right now, submit to me.” Huang Xiaolong stated.

Inside the grand formation, the three old men frowned deeply.

Just now, promising so easily, their intention truly was to let the other party help them out of that damn formation first.

As for giving that person all the treasures they had depended on the situation.

If the other side was stronger than the three of them, they had no other option but to take out everything they had, however, if that person was weaker than them…!

It never crossed their minds the other party would see through their intentions and have them make a blood oath first.

The three of them hesitated.

During the time they hesitated, the third brother, Chen Yichengs heart fire had reached his legs, causing him to howl in great pain.

“I agree!” Third Brother Chen Yicheng shouted between shrill screams and made a blood oath.

At this time, deep red flames appeared on Chen Yifei and Chen Yiguangs chest.

This meant their heart fire coulf no longer be suppressed and began to spread over their torso.

Both quickly made a blood oath.

Getting the result he wanted, Huang Xiaolong looked at the little cow to help the three old men out from the grand formation.

However, the heart fire spread at a rapid pace; when the little cow rescued them, Chen Yicheng barely had half a life left whereas Chen Yiguang and Chen Yifei were heavily injured.

A strong burnt smell and smoke were curling out from the three peoples bodies.

More importantly, the three old mens expressions were extremely ugly when they saw Huang Xiaolong after being rescued by the little cow.

With their eyesight, they immediately saw through his peak mid-Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm cultivation at a single glance. 

They, three Seventh Order Ancient God Realm masters, had to listen to a mere Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm juniors instructions

In the next second, the three of them suddenly smelled the fragrance filled with spiritual energy coming from the palace building behind him.

The three old men were excited and not in the mind to salute to Huang Xiaolong.

Instead, they walked past Huang Xiaolong in a hurry, rushing into the palace.

Seeing this, a cold light flickered past the little cows eyes.

Huang Xiaolong raised his hand to calm the little cow down.

Huang Xiaolong and Xiaoniū walked toward the Phoenix God Palace with a calm expression.

Upon reaching the second hall, the three Chen Brothers were staring at the chaos spiritual pills inlaid on the crystal walls with undisguised greed and excitement.

Chen Yifei laughed loudly, mad with joy, “So many chaos spiritual pills, there are so many chaos spiritual pills! Everything belongs to us three brothers!”

Chen Yihuang and Chen Yicheng were laughing with immense joy.

“All belongs to you You have just sworn a blood oath, arent you afraid of the rebound” Huang Xiaolong walked in, his face calm as he questioned.

Chen Yifeui chuckled with a sinister gleam in his eyes looking at Huang Xiaolong, “Even if we suffer a rebound from violating our blood oath, the worst that could happen is our strength dropping, but with so many chaos spiritual pills here, its more than enough for us to recover.”

“Kid, did you really think us three great Seventh Order Ancient God Realm masters would submit to a mere Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm junior Youre an idiot!”


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