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This person was the Dragon Origin Sects Chief Looking at the middle-aged man of majestic bearing akin to the vast sky, Huang Xiaolong deduced in his mind.

Another thought sprung into his mind; this Dragon Origin Sect Chief should be… He then turned to the little cow for confirmation.

The little cow nodded, saying, “You guessed right, that kids an Ancestor God Realm master!”

Ancestor God Realm master! The realm above the Ancient God Realm!

The Ancient God Realm was the supreme force on Green Cloud Island, but on the Fortune Mainland, Ancient God Realm cultivators could only be considered a small force.

On the Fortune Mainland, only Ancestor God Realm masters were recognized as people standing at the top of the power hierarchy.

Ancestor God Realm masters were said to be the ancestors of gods, their godforce threading through heaven and earth.

Moreover, once one broke through to the Ancestor God Realm, they would be able to perform Greater Space Teleportation, on top of that, condense an avatar!

For example, an Ancient God Realm cultivator traveling from the Green Cloud Island to the Fortune Mainland could only rely on transmission arrays, but an Ancestor God Realm master could reach the Fortune Mainland through multiple Great Space Teleportations, furthermore, their teleportation speed was much faster than the transmission array Huang Xiaolong had used.

Condensing avatar was even more of an enigma to others below the Ancestor God Realm.

Having an avatar was akin to having a spare life, after all, the avatar could also can increase its strength through cultivation just like the main body, even enhancing itself to surpass the main body!

Everyone on that street had a reverent expression looking at the Dragon Origin Sects group.

“Thats Sect Chief Chen Ding of the Dragon Origin Sect! So strong! I heard that Sect Chief Chen Ding has broken through to the Ancestor God Realm thirty thousand years ago, Im curious how strong he has he is now!” 

“The young man behind Sect Chief Chen Ding… he should be the current top genius among the Dragon Origin Islands younger generation, Zhou Xu.

There was a rumor saying that he possesses the Thousand Dragon Physique, giving him the strength of an ancient dragon, not to mention his outstanding talent.

He is already a Second Order Ancient God Realm master!”

“The Thousand Dragon Physique! It is said that only the Dragon Origin Sects First Ancestor had the Thousand Dragon Physique, right I didnt expect him to have the same unique physique! Zhou Xu broke through to Second Order Ancient God Realm some years back, what would his cultivation be now! Looks like the All-Islands Great War\'s first place will belong to none other than Zhou Xu! Seems like no one can break the Dragon Origin Islands first place record yet!”

“Theres no guarantee to that.

From what Ive heard, the Twin Cities Island also has a monstrous genius rivaling Zhou Xu, named Tan Lin.

He also has one of the unique physiques, the Dawn Radiance Physique that is no weaker than the Thousand Dragons Physique.

On top of that, Tan Lin was already a peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm many years ago, it is estimated that his current strength is comparable to Zhou Xus as well!”

“Theres also Luoshan Islands Tao Ming, An Yang Islands Guo Yuanhui, Heavenly Dan Islands Luo Yunjie, and the rest of the ten islands top geniuses, all of them are almost strong as Zhou Xu and Tan Lin.

I say, this terms All-Islands Great War definitely will be more interesting than the last one!”

The pedestrians whispered amongst themselves.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze fell onto the young man behind the Dragon Origin Sect Chief. ‘This is the strongest genius disciple of the Dragon Origin Island, Zhou Xu

‘Thousand Dragons Physique, Second Order Ancient God Realm Interesting.\' an uncanny expression appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In the last few terms of the All-Islands Great War, there were only First Order Ancient God Realm disciples, the strongest was only peak late-First Order.

Who would have thought there would be a Second Order Ancient God Realm cultivators in the competition this time!

Not to mention the fact that Zhou Xu might be not the only Second Order Ancient God Realm participant, Tan Lin could be one as well.

On the other side, as if sensing Huang Xiaolongs gaze on him, Zhou Xu glanced over.

When he saw Huang Xiaolong late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivation, Zhou Xu was surprised at first, then inwardly felt relief.

Slightly shaking his head, Zhou Xu chided himself for being too nervous.

However, Yao Chi who was standing beside Huang Xiaolong made him take a second glance.

He had seen his fair share of beauties, but compared to this woman, the others were slightly worse.

“Big brother Zhou Xu is interested in that woman” At this point, a young man walking next to Zhou Xu asked through voice transmission with laughter in his voice.

This young man was one of the fifteen Dragon Origin Sect disciples participating in the All-Islands Great War.

Although his talent was far from Zhou Xus, he was still an elite, far stronger than some other islands top geniuses.

His name was Liu Lei.

Zhou Xu shook his head, not saying a word.

Before the many gazes, the Dragon Origin Sects group disappeared from view on the other end of the street.

After the Dragon Origin Sect group was out of sight, the silent street exploded in an uproar.

Almost everyone was talking with happiness and excitement about the upcoming All-Islands Great Wars monstrous geniuses.

Huang Xiaolong, however, had no interest in listening to these repetitive topics and went ahead.

Although there were numerous cultivators from every direction coming here to participate in the All-Islands Great War, causing many inns to be full, Huang Xiaolongs group was able to find accommodations quickly.

The courtyard may have been small but there were several rooms, enough to accommodate their group.

They only planned to stay here for two days, so Huang Xiaolong wasn\'t picky about it.

A short while later after finding a place to stay, Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi rode on the little cow to the streets, leaving Lu Zhuo and the others to arrange for themselves.

Like most women, Yao Chi too liked to buy things.

One round over the city, and Huang Xiaolongs spatial ring was several hundred million shenbi emptier.

He could only smile wryly behind Yao Chi.

Of course, this much was only a drop in the pool for Huang Xiaolong wealth, so he didnt mind spending these several hundred million.

Following this, after returning to his room, Huang Xiaolong took out a hundred drops of Phoenix blood and swallowed them together before starting to cultivate.

One hundred drops of Phoenix blood was akin to a thick flow of magma flowing through Huang Xiaolongs body, causing his temperature to soar at a rapid pace.

He then swiftly circulated his godforce, refining the energy contained within those drops of blood.

While Huang Xiaolong absorbed the energy from the Blood Phoenixs blood, grandmist aura was flowing out from the purple dragon in his godsea, merging into his three supreme godheads and True Divine Dragon Physique.

By the time Huang Xiaolong stopped, the sky was beginning to brighten.

Seeing this, he stood up and exited his room.

Consuming the Phoenix blood and the purple grandmist aura while cultivating had raised Huang Xiaolongs cultivation speed so much that he was now close to stepping into peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm.

He believed that by the time he reached the Fortune Gate, his cultivation would be peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm.

After the All-Islands Great War ended, he would refine the Ancestral Dragon Fruit to break through into the Ancient God Realm!

When Huang Xiaolong stepped out from his room, he saw Yao Chi walking towards him.

Huang Xiaolong made a bitter expression, stressing, “I want to cultivate today.”

Yao Chi pouted her cherry lips, delicate but overbearing, “No, today youre mine.” Without another word, she dragged Huang Xiaolong out by his arm, beginning another day of shopping adventures.

Only now had it dawned on Huang Xiaolong that staying in the Huo Provincial City might have been a mistake…

Two days finally passed and Huang Xiaolongs group continued to the Fortune Gate.

Since there was a transmission array at the Huo Provincial City, Huang Xiaolong opted to use it in order to save time, directly arriving at the Tiger Forest City.

Heading to the Fortune Gate from the Tiger Forest City would save them half the time and effort, but the price for transferring was astounding—a hundred million for each person!

Even a rich man like Huang Xiaolong felt like the price was shocking.

Thus it was understandable that most Ancient God Realm cultivators would rather fly than use the transmission array.

Even the Barbarian God Sects Ancestor couldn\'t afford to splurge like this.


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