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Only, at that moment, Lu Zhuo relaxed and ignored Ouyang Yunfei.

Ouyang Yunfei watched him calmly sit where he was without any intention to reprimand Huang Xiaolong, causing his face too become scarily gloomy.

“Good, Lu Zhuo, very good! Ive decided, after the All-Islands Great War ends, Ill slaughter your Barbarian God Sect from top to bottom, not even a stray dog can escape!” A cold, vindictive light gleamed in Ouyang Yunfeis eyes.

He threw the threat in Lu Zhuos face and left with Ouyang Jiang, Ouyang Xun, and the others, heading up to the first floor.

Before leaving, the five Fortune Gate disciples grinned maliciously at Huang Xiaolong. 

After the Ouyang group disappeared up to the first floor, Lu Zhuo anxiously turned to Huang Xiaolong, “Xiaolong, do we need to…”

“No.” Huang Xiaolong lightly shook his head, knowing that Lu Zhuo was worried about Ouyang Yunfei acting against the Barbarian God Sect once the All-Islands Great War ended.

Huang Xiaolong sneered at Ouyang Yunfeis threat, as he wouldn\'t live till then.

Huang Xiaolong raised his wine cup, toasting everyone as if nothing happened.

Lu Zhuo at the side wanted to say a few words, but swallowed them into his stomach in the end.

Two hours later, they left the restaurant, returning to their rented courtyard.

Back in the courtyard, Huang Xiaolong went to his room to cultivate, swallowing one hundred drops of Phoenix blood.

The purple dragon in his godsea gradually released grandmist aura into his body.

As Huang Xiaolongs comprehension of the grandmist aura deepened, he came to grasp the Grandmist Parasite Medium.

Unknowingly, one month came and went.

In this one month, Huang Xiaolong had consumed close to five thousand drops of Blood Phoenixs blood.

Even though he did not breakthrough to the Ancient God Realm, his godforce was much purer than before, more concentrated and more powerful.

Moreover, after this period of tempering by the Phoenix blood and purple grandmist aura, his True Divine Dragon Physique and three supreme godheads were many times studier.

Yao Chi, Lu Zhuo, and the others in the group also had a significant rise in strengths.

Yao Chi had broken through to Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm and consolidated her new cultivation.

The other Barbarian God Sect disciple present, named Zhang Danming, smoothly advanced to late-Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm.

The Great Whale Sect and Elephant Genesis Sect disciples rise in strength was just as fast as Zhang Danming\'s.

Knowing the importance of the All-Islands Great War, Yao Chi did not drag Huang Xiaolong out shopping during this period, even advising him to concentrate on cultivation.

As the day to the All-Islands Great War grew closer, more and more cultivators from various islands arrived at the Fortune City.

Other than cultivators from islands near and far, there were disciples from first and second even third rank forces on the Fortune Mainland itself.

The All-Islands Great War that took place every hundred years was one of the biggest events on Fortune Mainland, garnering tens of billions of spectators.

Though Fortune City was seemingly boundless, with countless inns, all of them were fully occupied during this time.

Three days before the All-Islands Great War, Huang Xiaolong came out from his month-long seclusion, deciding to relax by strolling around the city.

Three more days of cultivation would make no difference.

When Yao Chi heard Huang Xiaolong sat that he would be accompanying her around the city for the next three days, she trembled with glee, causing her voluptuous décolletage to be even more eye-catching.

As Huang Xiaolong was out with Yao Chi, everywhere on the streets were cultivators talking about the All-Islands Great War, more specifically, the outstanding geniuses participating in it.

The most popular were the Dragon Origin Sects Zhou Xu with his Thousand Dragon Physique and the Twin Cities Sects Tan Lin who had the Dawn Radiance Physique.

Other than those two, the Luoshan Island, Anyang Island, and the other six islands top geniuses were often mentioned.

“I heard there are over two hundred Ancient God Realm disciples in this terms All-Islands Great War!”

“Over two hundred! So many In the past.

there are very few Ancient God Realm disciples, less than a hundred, but this time the number actually exceeded two hundred!”

“Thats why this terms All-Islands Great War is much more interesting and intense compared to previous ones, an early First Order Ancient God Realm won\'t necessarily enter the top ten.

On top of that, there are more than a thousand peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm disciples! Thus, those of late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivation and below barely have any chance of entering the top one thousand!”

Similar conversations entered Huang Xiaolongs ears throughout the day.

In truth, he was a little surprised that there were over two hundred Ancient God Realm disciples in this times competition, not to mention more than a thousand peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm disciples!

Although surprised, Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed by the figures.

He calmly walked down the street with Yao Chi, strolling idly.

The Divine Fortune Palace wasn\'t located within the city but in the Fortune Mountain Range a hundred thousand li from the city.

At the back of the Fortune Mountain Range was an obscured independent space, a divine kingdom forged by previous generations of Fortune Gate ancestors, created with unimaginable force.

This vast kingdom was as large as one thousand Green Cloud Islands, possessing such abundant spiritual energy that it condensed into white mist.

This was a place where all Fortune Gate disciples dreamed of cultivating.

However, only Grand Elders and above, as well as emperor rank disciples, could enter and cultivate in this Fortune Divine Kingdom.

The location with the richest spiritual energy was the center, in a place called Mountain of Myriad Spirits.

This mountain was saturated with godforce from generations of Ancestor God Realm masters; every piece of rock and stone on the mountain contained shocking amounts of godforce and spiritual energy.

In other words, this Mountain of Myriad Spirits could be said to be a giant pile of high grade spiritual stones.

On the mountain were various chaos spiritual herbs planted in special Five Elements Spiritual Soil suitable for chaos spiritual herbs, collected by generations of ancestors from various places in the Divine World.

On top of that, sealed under the mountain was a grade six spiritual vein!

On the slope of the Mountain of Myriad Spirits was a small palace, inside of which a beautiful young woman was sitting cross-legged, cultivating.

This young woman was Li Lu.

Some time later, Li Lu opened her eyes and stood up.

She then walked to the balcony, looking at the faraway distance.

Recently, her heart had been unable to calm down, especially when a proud and domineering figure appeared in her mind.

“Has Xiaolong ascended to the Divine World” Li Lu muttered to herself, “Three days later is the All-Islands Great War, will he participate”

“Junior Sister Li Lu, what are you thinking about that youre lost in thought” A bright sonorous voice sounded.

Li Lu turned around and saw a tall young man with an extraordinary aura walking in the air towards her.

This young man was Wang Wei, the Fortune Gate\'s chief disciple.

Li Lu slightly nodded, greeting, “Eldest Senior Brother Wang Wei.”

Stopping in front of Li Lu, Wang Wei wore a gentle smile, “Junior Sister Li Lu is truly befitting of a low-emperor rank godhead, youve already advanced to Second Order Ancient God Realm in such a short time.”

Li Lu inwardly shook her head; she understood that her cultivation rose so fast mainly due to her two Masters willingly spending their godforce to open her entire bodys god-meridians before giving her a portion of their godforce.

“I want to make a trip out of the divine kingdom.” Li Lu suddenly said.

“Go out” Wang Wei dazed for a second then laughed, “Going out is also a good idea, a change of scenery.

Then I shall accompany Junior Sister out for a trip.”

Li Lu shook her head saying, “No need, Eldest Senior Brother Wang Wei, I want to take a walk alone.” Her intention going out was not for fun.

Wang Wei did not insist, “Alright then.”

Li Lu excused herself from Wang Wei, in a flicker, she was already far away.

Wang Wei looked until Li Lus figure completely disappeared.

Still looking in the direction Li Lu left, Wang Wei felt a sense of loss.

In these decades, this Junior Sister Li Lu had always been nonchalant toward him.

From time to time, Wang Wei felt as if there was already someone in her heart…


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