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When Huang Xiaolongs group arrived at the square on the second day, there were more Fortune Gate disciples standing around the battle stages compared to the day before; of course, there was a sea of spectators crowding outside the square as well.

The second days stage battle was much more important than the first day, hence, the number of spectators more than doubled.

Similar to yesterday, Huang Xiaolong displayed his registration token and walked in, whereas Yao Chi, Lu Zhuo, and the others waited outside, as did various sects experts.

After a few steps, Huang Xiaolong saw the Twin Cities Sects Tan Lin, Yang Liming, as well as Ouyang Yunfei and the rest.

Tan Lin and Yang Limings eyes were filled with piercing coldness seeing Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong ignored this group of people.

Turning his head away, he looked in another direction, but did not find the Golden Dragon Gates Hu Dan.

Seemingly, she had yet to arrive.

Almost all the disciples on the square were furtively looking at Huang Xiaolong, whispering with their companions.

After the battle yesterday, his reputation had risen significantly, and almost all of the participants in the top one thousand had come to know there was a Barbarian God Sect disciple named Huang Xiaolong.

There were participants from close to a hundred thousand islands present, from numerous families and sects.

Before this terms All-Islands Great War, not many knew of the Green Cloud Island, and even less had knowledge of the Barbarian God Sect.

Now, however, the Barbarian God Sects reputation rang louder than the Ouyang Clan\'s.

“That Huang Xiaolong, do you think he could enter the top one hundred in the second days battle”

“Not even the Twin Cities Sects Xiong Dong is his match, he sent him flying into the air with one slap.

Judging from this Huang Xiaolongs strength, he could definitely enter the top one hundred! How his battle prowess can be so high even though hes just a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm is a little inexplicable!”

“The crux of the matter is, he offended the Twin Cities Sect, and that means he wont end well, what a pity!”

Some disciples low whispers entered Huang Xiaolongs ears, but despite what he heard, his expression was calm, no ripples of emotions could be seen.

“Elder Brother Huang.” At this time, someone called out to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong turned around.

It was the Golden Dragon Gates Hu Dan, walking towards him with a radiant smile.

Huang Xiaolong returned a faint smile, half-jokingly said, “My three hundred billion bet makes me a thorn in the Dragon Origin Sects eye, and on top of that, I offended the Twin Cities Sect.

Everyone is avoiding me, but you still dare to greet me Are you not afraid of the Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect”

Hu Dans red lips curved into a smile, “What\'s there to be afraid of Are they going to tear me into eight pieces and eat me Even if they really do that, its alright.

After all, you saved my life, so my life is now yours.

Take it as me returning it to you.”

Hu Dans smile was pure and bright. 

Then she added, “But I have no hope of entering todays top one hundred ranking battle.” She went on shaking her head, her smile dimmed, “If I lose, Ill come to Elder Brother Huangs stage and cheer for you.” 

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help laughing at her words, “Its fine as long as youve done your best.

After entering the Fortune Gate, your progress won\'t necessarily be any slower than the top one hundred disciples.”

Hu Dan nodded hardly.

In the distance, Tan Lin watched Hu Dan and Huang Xiaolong talking and laughing.

Looking at Hu Dans bright, pure smile, he commented, “That girl is not bad.”

Ouyang Yunfei smiled flatteringly, “That girls name is Hu Dan, a disciple of the Golden Dragon Gate on Dralion Island.

It seems like Huang Xiaolong saved her one time in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, but how can he be compared to Senior Brother Tan Lin.

If Senior Brother Tan Lin is interested in her, you only need to say one word and she will obediently crawl over to Senior Brother Tan Lins feet!”

Tan Lin chuckled, “Ouyang Yunfei, although I detest brown-nosing little villains, I like what youve just said!”

Ouyang Yunfei smiled widened, “In truth, Huang Xiaolong has a woman named Yao Chi that is much more alluring than Hu Dan.” He pointed at Yao Chi who was standing among the crowd of spectators.

Tan Lin nodded, “That Yao Chi, she is indeed a peerless beauty, but Ive heard that Dragon Origin Sects Zhou Xu is interested in her, I wonder if its true.”

“Zhou Xu!” Ouyang Yunfei exclaimed in surprise.

Yang Liming who was standing beside Tan Lin interjected, “We heard it from some of the Dragon Origin Sect disciples, there should be some truth in it.

Most likely this Yao Chi possesses a unique physique, and she is still a virgin.

Dual cultivating with her after she breaks through to the Ancient God Realm will bring heaps of benefits.

It is normal for Zhou Xu to be interested in her.”

Tan Lin snickered, “Because of Huang Xiaolongs three hundred billion bet that Zhou Xu wont win the first place, the Dragon Origin Sect disciples will act against him even if we dont do anything.”

Right at this time, Elder Gong Fei was seen flying to the square from the distance, but he wasn\'t alone, being accompanied by three other Fortune Gate Elders.

It seems like todays stage battle would be presided by four Elders.

Gong Feis group of four descended on the main stage.

After sweeping the situation on the square, the four Elders took turns explaining the rules of the second days battles that would be conducted simultaneously on one hundred stages.

It was more or less similar to yesterdays rules.

One hundred battle stages, ten participants on every battle stage, and the last person standing one each stage would enter the top one hundred.

On the previous day, five disciples battled on the same stage, but today was slightly different.

Ten disciples would draw a lot, then they would go on stage two by two until the last winner.

When Huang Xiaolong drew a lot, he got stage number fifty-two.

Arriving at the stage, he immediately spotted two disciples from the top ten islands!

One of the two was from the Spirit Lake Cult!

Spirit Lake Cult disciples were no strangers to Huang Xiaolong, in fact, he knew them quite well.

Among the Spirit Lake Cults fifteen participating disciples, nine of them died in his hands.

The remaining six Spirit Lake Cult disciples were quite talented and powerful, successfully entering the top one thousand.

The other disciple hailed from the Dragon Origin Sect!

Huang Xiaolongs gaze fell onto the Dragon Origin Sect disciple.

This person was powerful, ranked sixteenth in the preliminary round, named Hu Qi!

Among the Dragon Origin Sects fifteen disciples, there were three who had a big reputation.

One was the preliminary round\'s first place holder Zhou Xu, the ninth ranked Chen Kai, and the third was none other than the disciple standing in front of him, Hu Qi!

No one expected Huang Xiaolong to be on the same stage as Hu Qi on the second day.

Huang Xiaolong sneered.

There was no need to ask, it must be that Gong Feis underhanded actions.

On the first and second day of stage battles, disciples within the top one hundred shouldnt appear on the same stage.

However, yesterday he was on the same stage as Xiong Dong, while today it was an even stronger Hu Qi!

Did Gong Fei, the Dragon Origin Sect, and Twin Cities Sect assume this could stop him from entering the top one hundred

Seeing Huang Xiaolong walked over, Hu Qi flashed him a radiant smile.

His teeth were particularly white, but Huang Xiaolong noticed that Hu Qus teeth were jagged and sharp, reflecting a cold light, akin to an ancient fierce beasts teeth.

Thi Hu Qi, did he also have a unique physique

Every stage had a Fortune Gate core disciple as a judge.

In charge of Huang Xiaolongs stage number fifty-two was a disciple named Di Fei.



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